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5 February, 2017

Satanism – Interview With an Ex-Satanic High Priestess

8 December, 2016

Common Core : A l’école de Satan (bientôt en France) – English / Français

Common Core: Satan’s school / Common Core : A l’école de Satan

What they want is make your children biological robots and rape them.

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2 September, 2016

The Roman Catholic church (Babylon) in Switzerland

7 July, 2016

Why does freemasonry openly support pope Francis

One world religion.

1 December, 2014

CERN or Cernunnos “horned god of the underworld”

Two little but yet interesting pieces in regard to European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN for European Council for Nuclear Research): the name of the CERN blog Angels&Demons the science behind the story and their 666 logo.

Deux petites choses interessantes concernant l’Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN, pour Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) : le nom de leur blog Anges&Demons la science derriere l’histoire et leur logo 666.

CERN logo (666), Satan is behind science

CERN Cernunnos "horned god of the underworld"

CERN Cernunnos "horned god of the underworld"

CERN Cernunnos "horned god of the underworld"

CERN Cernunnos "horned god of the underworld"

CERN Cernunnos "horned god of the underworld"

CERN Cernunnos "horned god of the underworld"

29 April, 2013

Pourquoi Rabbi Jacob vota pour Obama alias Soetoro

Barack Obama, real name Barry Soetoro (indonesian citizen) yarmul fited on top of the head at Jerusalem's Wailing Wall in occupied Palestine.

Barry “Barack Barack” Soetoro n’est-il pas “chretien” (d’apres les ‘medias’ officiels) ou “musulman” (d’apres les faux ‘merdias alternatifs’ – Alex Jones & Cie ?) ?

Qui sont ces etres ?

Source :

Mais qui sont ceux qui servent le createur, non le destructeur comme les etres cites plus haut, qui sont les israelites effaces de l’Histoire?

Un debut de reponse :

22 December, 2011

There’s a little bit of Israel in all of us. Come find the Israel in you. ISRAEL

You shall live in peace through the ages only if you love you neighbour.

I almost puke my guts when I saw this ad.

Israel was founded by Illuminati to bring havoc into Middle East. Ashkenazi Jews (often Yiddish speaking people), which have no “racial” or blood bonds to what was used to be called the Jewish people in ancient times, constitute an overwhelming majority of the people of Jewish creed. As they are white their leaders have made sure brownish Sephardi Jews or black Beta Israel Jews are treated the worst (exterminated as many as possible).

Ultimately it is thought the Illuminati plan is to sacrifice Israel/Jewish people on the altar of Satan (the religion on the Illuminati). Don’t you wonder why people like big TV Evangelists and the Bush family, that are known Satanist worshipers (rapists, child rapists, mind controllers, high rank drug dealers, etc) are received like the kings of Babylon by Israel leaders?
Beware Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc, as these rigorous confessions are led by heads whom relate to the obscure forces of the univers. No wonder why these religions tell you what should be your spirituality, how women should be badly treated, how you should always fear God, etc.
You won’t find any luck with New Age movement, the Mormons, Sientology and other sects either. Stay away from Freemasonry too. As doing otherwise will only make you a slave of negative forces.
If you investigate you will find this reality.

Now, knowing it’s up to you not to follow religious leaders who want your misforture, but your money, listen to the higher and positive vibrations of spirituality. It’s not bad evolving in a religion but do not follow blindly scriptures and words; rather respect and love people, and pass the message on.

Read more about Israel barbaric acts sponsored by the US, the UK, France, etc:

Have a taste of zionism:

7 May, 2011

Bilderberger Group, Freemasonry, Occultism, Pedophilia, Child Trafficking & Ted Gunderson [LitZ~Bundle]

“Bilderberger Group, Freemasonry, Occultism, Pedophilia, Child Trafficking & Ted Gunderson [LitZ~Bundle]” is an archive available on the BitTorrent network that contains very important documents in regards to the horrendous acts perpetrated by satanists.

Satanists are mostly found in the higher positions of society so they can lead us and hide their perversity.

They torture, rapt, dismember, drink blood, burn and crucify alive babies, toddlers, children, teenagers and sometimes adults too.

They organise prostitution and pornography rings.

The so called “Affaire Dutroux” in Belgium revealed that the local branch of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the Royal family of Belgium, is involved in the same kind of rituals.

ted gunderson, child trafficking, torture, satanism, pedophilia

Bilderberger Group, Freemasonry, Occultism, Pedophilia, Child Trafficking & Ted Gunderson [LitZ~Bundle]


26 April, 2011

Ted Gunderson – Occultism and the CIA, International Trafficking in Children

For those who need to wake up or want to get a better understanding in what is going on with Freemasonry-Illuminati-Satanism-Kabbala and their related activity in or, put more clearly, their running of Drug cartel-Kidnapping-Slavery-Prostitution-Porn industry-Child abuse-Pedophilia rings you must watch Ted Gunderson’s, former FBI head and private investigator, Occultism and the CIA, International Trafficking in Children video part of the torrent archive called Bilderberger Group, Freemasonry, Occultism, Pedophilia, Child Trafficking & Ted Gunderson [LitZ~Bundle].

You may want to use an easy but yet powerful BitTorrent client such as qBittorrent, which includes an integrated search engine (second tab).
Download it from the link above, under Binary packages section in order to choose the version matching your computer operating system.

23 April, 2011

Politique, Satanisme, Pedophilie… / Politics, Satanism, Pedophilia

Pour bien comprendre le monde dans lequel nous vivons (le monde “occidental”, “judeo-chretien”, “l’ouest”, trouvez-lui le nom qui vous plaira) il faut passer par une phase de deprogrammation.

Tout au long de notre vie dans les pays occidentaux et leurs satellites (une partie de l’Afrique, Japon, Coree, etc) nous subissons un lavage de cerveau constant de plusieurs manieres :
– abrutissement par l’Education Nationale : creation de masses de personnes qui ne connaissent rien a rien, ou plutot qui ont des idees pre-fabriques – les meilleurs deviennent les regurgitateurs de la parole officielle (medecins, avocats, enseignants, journalistes… politiciens…)
– abrutissement par les medias devenu presents partout (televiseur dans les chambres des enfants :/) : vacuite de la vie moderne avec les emissions debiles (argent-sexe-violence), la presence du sexe partout, la destruction des valeurs familliales, des religions et de la spiritualite, l’encouragement a la pensee simpliste (“guerres de civilisations/religions”, “etes-vous de droite ou de gauche ?”, “le prix de l’essence monte a cause des ‘operations militaires'”…)
– abrutissement dans le travail (ou chomage) : taches repetitive et procedures debiles (pour s’assurer que vous executerai n’importe quel ordre), pression des employeurs/stress (souvent les multinationales, aux mains des banquiers ai-je besoin de vous le dire ?),
– systeme medical et industrie agro-alimentaire : la vaccination meilleur moyen de d’acceder au corps des gens et de leur injecter regulierement des maladies patogenes, du mercure, de l’aluminium en petite quantite, faire bouffer de la merde aux gens (les OGM ont ete crees pour entrainer de nouvelles maladies, etc)
– repression : vivre dans la peur d’etre abuse (tabassages, tortures et viols, meutres et assassinats) par les “forces de l’ordre”, ou forces de LOrdre (?), vols, enlevements, etc.

Posez-vous ces questions :

Quesqu’etre humain ? Vivre dans un HLM, faire ses courses au supermarche, aller au McDrive, prendre des medicament chimique de synthese, regarder sa tele, avoir un telephone portable, fumer, boire de l’alcool comme moyen destresser/s’amuser, hair son voisin car la tele ou un ploli ticien vous dit qu’il est different ?

– Pensez-vous que quelque chose ai change entre 1011, 1811, 1911 et 2011  dans la maniere dont l’elite regarde le peuple ? Payez la dime ou l’impot sur le revenu peu importe, mais payez !

– …


…a suivre…

Hitler ete un agent de l’Empire Britanique, partie 1 sur 6 (en anglais)

Hitler Was a British Agent part 1 of 6

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