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1 March, 2017

Royal and aristocratic satanic British society (ritual tortures and murders to Lucifer)

Without question the biggest political scandal Britain has ever faced. A secret network of the highest office holders in the land.

Past and CURRENT MPs, Cabinet Ministers, Judges, Diplomats and one of the country’s top Spies.

The most sadistic child sexual abuse imaginable has been committed on hundreds of victims some as young as 8.

Children have been killed to protect this network of predators.

25 June, 2012

New World Order: A Scheme to Save Humanity or to Enslave it?

The Sovereign Independent issue 5

The Sovereign Independent issue 5

Download for free The Sovereign Independent issue 5

Inside this issue:
How Edmund de Rothschild managed to let 179 governments pay him for grasping up to 30% of the Earth
– Obama finally signs National Defence Authorisation Act into law… Matial Law!
– Communist and Freemasonic infiltration of the Catholic Church
– The impending illegal wars on Iran and Syria
– What the ‘National Defence Authorization Act’ means for you
– Suicide matters
– Dangers of X-ray airport scanners
– Transmitting Smart Meters pose a serious threat to public health
– ‘Quietus’ in Holland – Mobile death squads
Is ‘Global Warming’ a conspiracy?
– The great Carbon Credit deception
– Microwaved water – see what it does to plants
– The ban of vitamins
– Atrocity at the Savannah River Site nuclear site, South Carolina, USA
– Household Charges and Water Charges: no contract – No liability!
– Banned in France: The Legacy of the 13 satanic bloodlines
– Immunisation programmes and antivirus programmes
– Get out of debt free