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29 January, 2014

The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler / La Solution Final à Adolf Hitler (Jim Condit Jr.)

The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler, by Jim Condit Jr. / La Solution Final à Adolf Hitler, par Jim Condit Jr.

Where to get it / Où l’obtenir

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Jim Condit Jr. mentions:
Hitler’s Policy is a Jewish Policy, by P. R. Masson & Borge Jensen
IBM and the Holocaust, by Edwin Black
Hitler’s Jewish Soldier, by Bryan Mark Rigg
Open Secret, by Israel Shahak
Journal of Palestine Studies  The Secret Contacts: Zionist-Nazi Relations, 1933-1942, by Klaus Polkehn
The Transfer Agreement, The untold story of the secret agreement between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine
Documents and testimony on jewish war criminals, by Moshe Shonfeld
Hitler’s Youth, by Franz Jetzinger [Hitler was a Rothschild]
Bevor Hitler Kam, by Dietrich Bronder
Hitler’s Vienna A Dictator’s apprenticeship, by Brigitte Hamann
Star Wars, by Nord William Davis Jr.
The last of the Hitlers, by David Gardner
Adolf Hitler founder of Israel, Israel in war with Jews, by Hennecke Kardel

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