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16 November, 2014

Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio!

Do you stand on the land or on the sea? Why did the man surrender his citizenship to the court? Think ‘birth certificate’ anyone? The Crown? The Holy See? …

source: Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio! (SHARE!!!!!!!!) by Felipe Alexander


Origin of Audio: (1:30 – 8:52)
Magistrate asked for ID



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The Law: 1 Sovereigns, time to stand up! Reclaim your rights

Santos Bonacci – Law and Language

Reclaiming Dominion

Santos Bonacci At His Best!



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Your Rights, Trusts, and how to enforce them.

Courtroom Procedure & Jurisdiction – Full Length Presentation



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Living in a Fictional World



Admiralty Law and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Admiralty Law: Word Controlled Humans & The Law of Money



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DAVE (SensiDave82’s) WEBSITE:

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Incredible Interview with Santos Bonacci

The Peoples Trust 1776 – Anonymous announcement call to arms! (LISTEN TO THIS!!)



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The Bible Is All About The Mind

Who Started Religion



Season of Treason

The Birth Certificate


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Santos Bonacci At His Best!


13 December, 2013

You Are A Slave – 15 minutes to wake up (with MARY ELIZABETH: CROFT)


Published on 22 Jul 2012

THE MONEY TRICK: Religious Bankers set up a financial system whereby they could take care of their “Elect” or “Saved” or “Privileged Ones” in a form of hidden socialism via the Global Fractional Reserve Banking System. Ever since money stopped being backed by gold and started being purely digital or created out of thin air so-to-speak the Religious Bankers had the ability to do literal “magic” and could “create” literally anything that could be paid for by money. This enabled such “Religious Bankers” to have literally unlimited power, to be as God in the Trinity, i.e. Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and therefore “Omniscient” via artificial means. This is what was meant by the metaphorical “Gold Ring” in the Lord of the Rings movie series, unlimited power which always ends up being misused regardless of the original intention of the bearer of the Gold Ring. Haven’t you ever wondered why the Bible says that it is a sin to charge interest on a debt but that all banks charge interest anyway? Does this not sound like fraud and corruption to you? “Bailing out banks?!” Banks never had any real money in the first place so how can they be bailed out?! Perhaps this will all make more sense if you research the Calvinist aspect of the Catholic Church where they believe that if a person is a “believer” then they can not break any laws and are permitted to literally do anything that they feel inspired to do including commit genocide of an entire nation or culture, pollute natural resources, charge interest on loans, etc.

The ONLY “real” law is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Everything else that we think of as laws are NOT “laws” but are really only statutes, codes, rules, regulations, ordinances, bylaws, constitutions, legislations, and have nothing to do with most people. Statutory Laws ONLY apply to “commercial” situations. If you were not operating in commerce then legal statutes do not apply to you. Statutes are like Corporate Bylaws or laws that govern the corporation. You have probably heard of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which is the only real “law” that is adjudicated by most courts whose only real job is to take as much money from you as possible. The more ignorant that you are of this situation then the more money they can get from you.

“Every problem on this planet is caused by the infliction of COMMERCE by the banks via the so-called legal system onto the people. The United States Government is just a slick corporation, a foreign private belligerent corporation, which happened to be crafty enough to call itself The United States Government but has nothing to do with what we think of as the country called The united States of America nor is it a government, it is simply a corporation. People actually think that they are going to march to the polls and elect a President of this corporation. No corporation in the history of commerce has ever had an election for their CEO or President. They’re all appointed!” — Mary Elizabeth: Croft

Mary Elizabeth: Croft wrote the book, “How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash Confiscatory Agency Known To Man” available as a PDF file at:

Mary Croft’s website:


The Two Accounting Systems

1099 OID

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26 October, 2013

Do You Consent?

Your CONSENT shapes your life and world. Without your inherent power of consent, you are a slave. If you abandon your Right of Consent you will become a slave to those who would exploit you. All life defends its free will, because failure to do so is suicidal. The maintenance of your Rights is your Responsibility. Yet, most people opposed to onerous government policies, give their consent to those policies anyway. Why? Let’s examine “the system” …
Maxim in Law: He who fails to assert his rights has none.

Read on: Do You Consent?

24 October, 2013

Dean Clifford on your rights, the trust, courts, Law and more

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22 October, 2013

Pay your bills with your signature (sign of nature) – Accepted for Value (A4V), Setoff, Discharge

Published on 25 Mar 2012

commerce changed in the 20th centry from money being gold and silver coin to a promise to preform, promise to pay from the creditor’s (people) to the debtor’s (corporations/governements) thats why i didn’t even have to a4v the irs when i called and asked for help with the a4v process she said they would send a bill and they never did and somehow the bill is settled and i didn’t do anything except what you see on my irs phone call so its like they jus erased my debt instead of sending me the bill.. and thats cool but now i need bill collectors to start behaving in the same manner.

everytime i call them i play the name and claim to not have birthdate or last name im never CHRISTOPHER FLEMING all your calls are recorder for debt collectors and contracts are verbal, written, expressed, implied so your actually contracting and playing offer and acceptance over the phone and no1 ever told you.

well maybe some of you know who study this sovereign stuff

do all your own research dont belive me or anyone talking about a4v’s who knows who is an agent and who isn’t i dont trust any of em even spencer sad to say because i know they run major co-intel-pro to try and muddy the water thats why i always like calling the government myself and jus playing dumb/smart ass/ enquiring mind.. people ask me how i do it on the phone how i got the irs to tell me how to a4v or accuse it of being a hoax and try and say it wasn’t really the irs it was my friend is like the most idiotic easily debunked shit but anything to keep people… whom have eyes and ears from looking and listenig to anything anyone who isn’t a useful idiot or controlled oposition stuge like fred and nina with there ETF who claim they have discharge 700000 dollars in debt using closed bank accounts… id rather spend 4 days writting up and documenting my efforts with the irs then write a check agaist a closed bank account in my name i think its a psyop and they are waiting to suck as manny sovereigns in with that as they can and then bust everyone at once its stupid

nina says oh the definitio of “closed bank account” in blacks law dictionary 3rd edition is a account that remains open for discharge of debt… they say the only one authorized to close a bank account is the man or woman whom opened it so it always remains open they get old checks and remit payments with them i jus sounds hella shady and im do not promote it, even tho i have been asked to more then 50 times i think its dangerous and stupid i stick with what i know and what i can prove…

got a mortgage call the “lender” (debtor in possestion) tell them your broke and would like to alter the contract instead of making monthly payments you’d like to go moe the grass in front the bank 2 times a month, send it register mail return recipt… let them tell you no then hit them with this…

cite your reasons for not accepting my promise to pay valuble consideration?

or lets have a meeting id like to see the original instument of indebtness, with my wet ink signature so i may validate the debt and present for discharge through my treasury account. PROVIDE THE DATE TIME AND ADDRESS OF MEETING PLACE WITHIN 10DAYS OR DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN I BELIVE THIS DEBT HAS BEEN SATISFIED ALREADY AND I DO NOT BELIVE THAT ANY EVIDECE TO THE CONTRARY EXIST.


SIGN DATE maybe a fingerprint for good messure and Office of the executor heading on the doc and you should be all good thanks for reading / watching i love you guy

Finally finished it, this is honestly the hardest 315 dollars ive ever worked for my life 2 1/2 years of research and development i know this will work. i prolly wont even have to enforce this jus because the documentation is soo good. it would have helped had i sent registered mail but im poor wood from the hood so i work with what i got the stamps should be 1$ if your discharging expensive shit the CID prioritize these things by the denomination of the stamps.. the other thing i wanted but couldn’t get was to have the post office cancel the stamps, insert them in the envelope seal it then stamp the envelope too and mail it but im having trouble reaching the post mater and jack at the diamond bar post office is a retard, and the supervisor is a total bitch to me but its cool they are next on my list. i hope this helps everyone

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Law vs. Statutes – Liberty vs. Slavery?
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20 October, 2013

How to do a Accepted for Value (A4V) from the IRS. How to pay bills with just your signature.

Uploaded on 1 Feb 2012

updated if you dont have my contact info or you haven’t seen my other more recent video’s please dont just call me im soo busy right now i cant just hold your hand thru this stuff… do some research on your own and meet me half way. thanks good luck
Barron’s Finance & Investment Dictionary: Bad debt
Banks and Corporations: open account balance or loan receivable that has proven uncollectible and is written off. Traditionally, companies and financial institutions have maintained a Reserve for uncollectible accounts, charging the reserve for actual bad debts and making annual, tax deductible charges to income to replenish or increase the reserve. Companies and large banks ($500 million or more in assets) must generally use the direct charge-off method for tax purposes, although bad debt reserves continue to appear on balance sheets for reporting purposes. Small banks and thrift institutions continue using the reserve method for tax purposes, although with strict limitations.
The relationship of bad debt write-offs and recoveries to accounts receivable can reveal how liberal or conservative a firm’s credit and charge-off policies are.
Individuals: Individuals lending money may deduct bad debts on their tax return when the debtor does not repay the loan. Bad business debts are fully deductible from gross income on Schedule C for selfemployed individuals. Nonbusiness bad debts can be deducted as short-term capital losses on Schedule D. These short-term losses can offset capital gains plus $3,000 of other income. Any excess bad debt losses can be carried forward into future tax years. In order to determine whether a bad debt deduction is legitimate:

1. the debt must be legally valid
2. A debtor-creditor relationship must be formalized at the time the debt arose
3. the funds providing the loan must have previously been reported as income or part of the individual’s capital and
4. the individual must prove that the debt became worthless in that tax year.
sirhc3 aol com –
original post:LISTEN TO 16:25 SHE QUIZES ME. they jus want to know who you are and what you know…
i love the IRS Criminal Investigations Department! ;) thank you very much source, much love glp and rken.

YouTube account:

Other link(s):
Law vs. Statutes – Liberty vs. Slavery?
Can you, slave, UN-CONSENT from all Contracts that BIND?

1 October, 2013

Third Party Debt Termination

This information could help you if you are in trouble or want to educate yourself:

Third Party Debt Termination

Published on 27 Feb 2013

You can find more information about our Debt Termination Package at:

There, you will find how to receive your Debt Termination Package, which includes:

 Full, easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the letters in the package;
 Your 1st letter: Notice of Claimant’s Offer to Perform Upon Validation of Debt. With this, you are asking for the debt collector to give you proof that he has a contract with you. (He does not, and consequently will not be able to supply you with proof.)
 Your 2nd letter: Notice of Fault in Dishonor. With this, you are reminding the debt collector that you have asked him to prove his contract with you and that he has not responded within the deadline you provided. This second letter is another opportunity for him to prove that he has a claim.
 Your 3rd letter: Notice of Default in Dishonor. With this, you are reminding the debt collector that you have given him 2 opportunities to prove that he stands in honor in his claim and that he has not responded. This third letter notifies the debt collector that you are discharging his claim.

I host a free weekly conference call at:

 Thursday from 7 — 8 pm EST

During this time you can call in with your specific questions. We cover solutions, procedures and technologies to accelerate your path to freedom.

We have already done a few calls covering the Debt Termination Package and these audio files are available to members as mp3 downloads. 

Membership to is $120/year ($10/month, which is the cost of a few cups of coffee). We are offering our brothers and sisters the information we have learned, but, in this time of transition, we still need to pay the electricity bill to make sure we’re still up and running!



I also host a show called “In The Spirit of Things” on the ‘I Am Free Will’ channel on Blog Talk Radio:

 Tuesday from 7 — 9 pm EST;
 Wednesday from 7 — 9 pm EST; and
 Saturday from 7 — 9 pm EST

Here is a link to our most recent show, with myself (peter), and co-host Michelle, showing the direction of flow to reach the masses. It is our spirits that inform us to address the control systems in the energy of peace and love. There is no fight and this is what we know makes us unique amongst those who are paradoxically seeking freedom through war. We invite our listeners to be aware that they have a choice and that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand:

The work we are doing is life changing and one of my listeners has made a slam-dunk on the powers that were, all while standing in peace. John is a returning guest on my show and he had a court hearing today. This is sure to go viral! We are elated for his victory!

I am posting this on our YouTube Channel which can be found here:

Thank you.


Learn more:

30 September, 2013

Dean Clifford teaching about maritime admiralty’s statutes versus the Law



Dean doesn’t pay Income or property Taxes, he doesn’t drive with a license, insurance or with government plates. His beliefs stem from that 95% of what Government is doing is absolute
rubbish and he does not consent to be governed by any of their bureaucrats.


This must sound crazy to some, but after spending much time reading, researching and stints in court he came to the realisation of what his rights are and what is lawful.


His journey with unraveling the legal system and finding freedom started over a decade ago when the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) came after him for not filing taxes in which they demanded him to pay over 3 times his annual earnings. This just wasn’t acceptable with him and so he set out to find out how they and Governments manage to force their policy onto the people with impunity.

What he discovered was mind blowing. The peoples position in a society has been turned upside down where they have been made the trustees which are made answerable to Government and Corporations and the notion that in a democracy, people have a say did not appear to be the case.

From then on, he has managed to correct his status and undo almost every deceitful contract that he was originally tricked into. The CRA is still unable to prosecute him to this very day.

Back in 2011, he started to deliver some seminars about his discoveries and his lawful remedy in which someone recorded and released on YouTube. It was a 6 part series called Your Rights, Trusts and How to Enforce them. These videos became an internet sensation all over the world.

From then on, he continues to conduct interviews on various radio shows, seminars and consultations.

They know they don’t want to raise any controversy in what they are doing which could insight more people to wake up to the injustices of the system of the corporate governments today.

Also to add, he works for a living and actually provides a service to society by educating others as well as running his contracting business.

27 September, 2013

Can you, slave, UN-CONSENT from all Contracts that BIND?

Quantum Leap TV Presents… The TRUTH Hour with Johnny Guzman… Tonight Our Special Guest is Pete Eugene… Peter will explain how to terminate all presumptions by coming forward as the live man or woman thru simple administrative process that all can do to break the chains, by simply UN-CONSENTING… Like getting off the voter rolls to start… You Can See Us Live here on Facebook and at / For all of our previous programs go to our YouTube Channel: QL Television..

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14 March, 2013

How to deal with Notices like TV licence, parking tickets, speeding tickets…

Always remember: A Notice in Law is not a Bill. You do not have to pay a NOTICE. Just return it to sender. Simple.

Ever received a notice from a bye-law so called “State” body (in fact a for-profit corporation)? Or a private company (eg. parking ticket)? …Demanding “The Occupier(s)” or the “whom it may concern”  to pay fees for whatever reason because of any private rule, statute or act.

You don’t want to pay but until now you always paid!
You are in FEAR. You are in fear of UNCERTAINTY because the system, the matrix, has taught you how to be a good little tax payer, a sort of a slave. The draconian people at the top echelons of the Society/system/matrix suck your money – that’s your energy (ie. sweat and stress from work for which you were paid – income tax deducted of course!). They may drink the blood of your children as well but that are other stories…

Simply return it, with a sticker on the addressee area stating
“NO CONTRACT RETURN TO SENDER” and another one elsewhere on the envelope or document itself (maybe a better way to state you are free these crooks):

A notice returned under lawful 'NCRTS' (NO CONTRACT - RETURN TO SENDER)

A for-profit notice claiming payment is due under Broadcasting Act 2009 returned under lawful ‘NCRTS’ (NO CONTRACT – RETURN TO SENDER)

– My advice is to make a copy (both sides if both are printed) of the letter and the envelope, should it hold substantial information, so you can refer to them in case of need. Keep them in a dedicated folder.  You may scan them and back them up on an optical disc as well
-Make yourself a rubber stamp with the below block of text and stamp it on each page of the document sent to you. Put it back into the envelope.
– Adhesive tape it all to make sure no-one will temper with it on its way back to the crooks’ office.
– Send it back. Note I would recommend you either video record when you slide it in the postbox or that you sent it as signed for mail BUT BE AWARE NOT TO DIVULGE YOUR NAME on the form (keep using their terminology, eg. “The Occupier”).


a good idea is to make a rubberstamp with that block of text if you are regularly dealing with notices

If any kind of these self-appointed ‘inspectors’ come to your DWELLING’S DOOR, always remember, IGNORE THEM. DO NOT GRANT them RECOGNITION and thus the opportunity to annoy you further. Which means DO NOT EVEN TALK TO THEM THROUGH THE DOOR – just IGNORE them.

Why and how this works?
As long as you do not fall for the lies of these fake authorities (YOU grant authority to them or NOT – YOUR CHOICE) and partake into their circus then YOU are REFUSING to CONTRACT therefore they cannot force you to pay FEES.

For plenty of exceptionally important information refer to these website and forums, most of the law apply to current (or “former”) lands governed by the British crown. Learn more about Law vs Legality (statutes, acts & all the crap made to enslave us):

Listening to this entire podcast is a good start:

Update: same goes with eFlow / Sanef ITS Operations Ireland (SANEF being Société des Autoroutes du Nord et de l’Est de la France).

11 March, 2013

Law vs. Statutes – Liberty vs. Slavery?

Update: maybe instead of Liberty should have I used Freedom, words have deep meanings.

Being a freeman on the land is something that most of you have probably never heard of, but you should have. A freeman on the land is someone in a common law jurisdiction who lawfully refuses giving consent to be governed, therefore no statutory obligations or restrictions apply to that man or woman. No statute or act of government applies to a freeman on the land. By not consenting to be governed a freeman on the land is no longer eligible for the benefits of being a governed member of society, things like employment insurance, vehicle insurance and registration, welfare, government health insurance, and any other government system do not apply to a freeman on the land, but the benefits are easy to see.

Source: Important Freeman On The Land Definitions And Information


Do you know your rights?

  • You are Born Equal and Free (and Equality Before the Law is Paramount)
  • You have the Right to Life, Freedom and Security
  • You have the Right to Trial by Jury of Peers
  • You have the Right to Bodily Integrity
  • You have the Right to Travel Freely
  • You have the Right to Freedom of Expression
  • You have the Right to Freedom of Assembly
  • You have the Right to Freedom of Association
  • You have the Right to Religious Liberty
  • You have the Rights of the Family
  • You have the Right to Inviobility of your Dwelling or Home
  • You have the Right to Privacy

Here are some important definitions:


  • A corporation treated as having the rights and obligations of a person.
  • Counties and cities can be treated as a person in the same manner as a corporation. However, corporations, counties and cities cannot have the emotions of humans such as malice, and therefore are not liable for punitive damages unless there is a statute authorizing the award of punitive damages.


  • A Society is a number of persons united together by mutual consent.
  • Societies are either incorporated and known to the law or un-incorporated, of which the law does not generally take notice.
  • A civil society is usually understood as a state, a nation or a political body.
  • In civil law society means a partnership.


  • A law enacted by the legislative branch of a government
  • An act of a corporation or its founder intended as a permanent rule
  • An international instrument setting up an agency and regulating its scope or authority


  • Act in the law:
    An Act that is intended to create, transfer, or extinguish a right and that is effective in law for that purpose; the exercise of a legal power.
  • Act of the law:
    The creation, extinction, or transfer of a right by the operation of the law itself, without any consent on the part of the persons involved.


  • A freeman possesses and enjoys all civil and political rights under a free government
  • Not a slave.

You may notice that the definition of the word “person” means a corporation. When you go to court you are acting as an agent representing that corporation which was created with a similar name to your own near the time of your birth. The only way that a statute or piece of legislation can affect you is if you agree to represent that person or corporation. Have you ever noticed that whenever you receive something from the government, the bank, the credit companies, insurance companies, or any other legal entity they spell your name with ALL CAPITAL LETTERS? That name is not you, it is the name of your person. This is one of the most important things to come to terms with when trying to take back your freedoms. Remember that you are not a person, you have a person.

Source: Important Freeman On The Land Definitions And Information

Learn more:

Black’s Law Dictionnary

EnergyGrid Magazine Law & Freeman Movement

RP4409 — Minister of Propaganda

Tir na Soar – Land of the Free, Archive for Law & Sovereignty

The Lawful Bank

Kill the Bank Maritime Law – Guide to Admiralty Law