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12 May, 2018

Transinvestigation – Samuel Eto’o

Footballer Samuel Eto’o et “son” epoux-“femme”.
Soccer player Samuel Eto’o and her male wife.

13 December, 2017

The Popery and Jesuitism Reference Library (torrent file)

How to download this 16.48GB worth of PDF books library?

  1. run a BitTorrent client.
    Be cautious of Proprietary and Freeware clients which track and spy on you, as opposed to Open Source ones that are more likely to be cleaner.
    You can download some BitTorrent clients that do not require install from
  2. Copy-paste the magnet hash (a code that will be understood by the client and enable the downloading of this huge library) 62710b5bf2105d2709ab4e23c91df4f71221342f into your BitTorrent client as follow

    or, magnet link with trackers magnet:?xt=urn:btih:62710b5bf2105d2709ab4e23c91df4f71221342f&dn=The%20Popery%20and%20Jesuitism%20Reference%20Library&

The Popery and Jesuitism Reference Library content list (click here if you prefer a list in PDF format):

Disc 1\911 Knights of Malta.pdf
Disc 1\A Brief Report of the Debates in the Anti-masonic Con.-1830.pdf
Disc 1\A Candid History of the Jesuits-Joseph McCabe-1913.pdf
Disc 1\A Catalogue of Notable Middle Templars-John Hutchinson-1902.pdf
Disc 1\A Catalogue of the Collection of Tracts for and Against Popery-Chetham Library-Thomas Jones-1851.pdf
Disc 1\A Charge Delivered to the Clergy at Exeter-Henry Phillpotts-1842.pdf
Disc 1\A Church History-Christopher Wordsworth-1883.pdf
Disc 1\A Confutation of Popery in III Parts-Thomas Bennet-1728.pdf
Disc 1\A Critical Dictionary of English Literature-American & British Authors-Samuel Austin Alibone.pdf
Disc 1\A General History of Freemasonry in Europe-Emanuel Rebold-Joseph Fletcher Brennan-1869.pdf
Disc 1\A Glimpse of the Great Secret Society-Louis-Rene de Caradeuc de La Chalotais-1872.pdf
Disc 1\A History of England From the Conclusion of The Great War in 1815-Spencer Walpole–1912.pdf
Disc 1\A History of Monachism and Nunhood-The Papal Garrison-1871.pdf
Disc 1\A History of Popery-Samuel Miller-1834.pdf
Disc 1\A History of Spain-Charles Edward Chapman and Rafael Altamira-1918.pdf
Disc 1\A History of the Ancient Chapel of Birch-John Booker-1859.pdf
Disc 1\A History of the Christian Church-Middle Age-Charles Hardwick-1877.pdf
Disc 1\A History of the Councils of the Church-Charles Joseph Hefele-William Robinson -1883.pdf
Disc 1\A History of the Gunpowder Plot-Phillip Sydney-1901.pdf
Disc 1\A History of the Gunpowder Plot-Phillip Sydney-1904 Edition.pdf
Disc 1\A History of the Inquisition of Spain-H. Charles Lea-1907.pdf
Disc 1\A History of the Jesuits-John Poynder-Charles Robert Dallas-1816.pdf
Disc 1\A Letter From a Blacksmith to the Elders of the Church of Scotland-John Whitherspoon-1828.pdf
Disc 1\A Letter to the Electors, Upon the Catholic Question-Sydney Smith-1826.pdf
Disc 1\A Narrative of the Mission to Orissa-Amos Sutton- Free Will Baptists-1833.pdf
Disc 1\A Nun Makes Terrible Disclosure-Marie Monk-1836.pdf
Disc 1\A Partial List of the Books in Its Library Relating to Ohio-1893.pdf
Disc 1\A Plain View of the Claims of the Orthodox Catholic-J. Joseph Overbeck-1881.pdf
Disc 1\A Plea for the West-Lyman Beecher 1835.pdf
Disc 1\A Practical Treatise of the Laws Relating to the Clergy-Archibald John Stephens-1848.pdf
Disc 1\A Preservative Against Popery-Edmund Gibson-John Cumming-1848.pdf
Disc 1\A Protestant Dictionary-Charles Henry Hamilton Wright-1904.pdf
Disc 1\A Recantation Sermon Against the Errors-William Aylmer-1713.pdf
Disc 1\A Ritual of Freemasonry-Avery Allyn-1853.pdf
Disc 1\A Select Library of Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers-Phillip Schaff-Henry Wace-1908.pdf
Disc 1\A Select Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene-Phillip Schaff-Henry Wace-1905.pdf
Disc 1\A Short Critical Review of the Political Life of Oliver Cromwell-John Bancks-1760.pdf
Disc 1\A Short History of Christianity-Salomon Peinach-Florence Simmonds-1922.pdf
Disc 1\A Short History of the Catholic Church-Herman Wedewer-Joseph McSorley-1916.pdf
Disc 1\A Synopsis of the Moral Theology of the Church of Rome-Alfonso Maria de’Ligouri-1836.pdf
Disc 1\A System of Christian Doctrine-Isak August Dorner-1882.pdf
Disc 1\A Treatise of the Corruptions of Scripture-Thomas James-John Edmund Cox 1843.pdf
Disc 1\A Treatise on Church Government-Robert Barclay-1830.pdf
Disc 1\A Treatise on Man-William Hooper-1810.pdf
Disc 1\A Year Among the English Jesuits-Andrew Steinmetz-1846.pdf
Disc 1\Alberto.pdf
Disc 1\American Church Review-1873.pdf
Disc 1\American Journal of Education(Jesuit Schools) 1855-1882.pdf
Disc 1\American Tracts-Channing-1827.pdf
Disc 1\Americans Warned of Jesuitism-John Claudius Pitrat-1855.pdf
Disc 1\An Account of the Destruction of the Jesuits in France-Jean Le Rond d’Alembert-1776.pdf
Disc 1\An Answer to a Popish Book-Lewis Atterbury-Cornelius Nary-1871.pdf
Disc 1\An Ecclesiastical History Ancient & Modern-John Lawrence Mosheim-1824.pdf
Disc 1\An Encyclopdia of Freemasonry and Its Kindred Sciences-Albert Gatalin Mackey-1879.pdf
Disc 1\An Essay on Apostolical Succession-Thomas Powell-1846.pdf
Disc 1\An Essay on Crimes and Punishments-Casare Beccaria Voltaire-1872.pdf
Disc 1\An Historical and Critical Account of the Life of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector-William Harris-1762.pdf
Disc 1\Ancient Christianity and the Doctrines of the Oxford Tracts For the Times-Issac Taylor-1844.pdf
Disc 1\Ancient Faiths and Modern-Thomas Inman-2004.pdf
Disc 1\Anti Popery Unreasonable or Unscriptural-John Rogers 1841.pdf
Disc 1\Anti Popery-Antonio Gavin-1833.pdf
Disc 1\Antidote to the Poison of Popery-Jacob Jones Janeway 1856.pdf
Disc 1\Appletons Annual Cyclopaedia and Registry of Important Events-1901.pdf
Disc 1\Appleton’s Cyclopedia of American Biography-James Grant Wilson-John Fiske-1888.pdf
Disc 1\Archbishop Ussher’s Answer to a Jesuit-James Ussher-1888.pdf
Disc 1\Arminianism-Another Gospel by William MacLean-1965.pdf
Disc 1\Authentic Memoirs Concerning the Portuguese Inquisition-Archibald Bowers-1761.pdf
Disc 1\Autobiography Correspondence-Lyman Beecher-1865.pdf
Disc 1\Beecher and His Accusers-Francis P. Williamson-1874.pdf
Disc 1\Behind the Dictators -L.H. Lehman-1942.pdf
Disc 1\Biblical Repository and Classical Review—ABR-1841.pdf
Disc 1\Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine-1844.pdf
Disc 1\Catholic Bibles Expose’.pdf
Disc 1\Catholic Controversy-A Reply to Dr Littledale-Ignatius Ryder-Richard Frederick Littledale-1881.pdf
Disc 1\Cavour and Garibaldi-1861.pdf
Disc 1\Celebrated Jesuits-Rev.William Harris Rule-1852.pdf
Disc 1\Christian Dogmatics-Hans Martensen-William Urwick-1898.pdf
Disc 1\Christian Dogmatics-Johanass Jacobus Oosterzee-1874.pdf
Disc 1\Christianity Compared With Popery-J. Eggleston-1848.pdf
Disc 1\Church History-John Heinrich Kurtz-John Macpherson-1890.pdf
Disc 1\Church of England Quarterly Review-1852.pdf
Disc 1\Collected Essays and Reviews of Thomas G. Law-1904.pdf
Disc 1\Collection of Controversial Discourses by Hickes and a Popish Priest-George Hickes-1727.pdf
Disc 1\Collection of Judgments of the Judicial Comm of the Privy Council-George Charles Brodrick-1865.pdf
Disc 1\Collection of State Trials ForTreason-Thomas Bayly Howell-1816.pdf
Disc 1\Columbian Cyclopedia-1879.pdf
Disc 1\Commentary on the Holy Scriptures-Johann Peter Lange-Phillip Schaff-1871.pdf
Disc 1\Commentary Upon the Whole Epistle of Ephesians-Paul Bayne-1896.pdf
Disc 1\Complete Works of Rev. Thomas Smyth D.D.-1908.pdf
Disc 1\Concerning Jesuits-Edited by John Gerard-1902.pdf
Disc 1\Convent Revealed-Peterson.pdf
Disc 1\Correspondence of J. H. Newman With J. Keble-1839 to 1845-1917.pdf
Disc 1\Correspondence on Infallability Between Gen. Alexander Kireeff & Jesuit-1896.pdf
Disc 1\Crimes of Our Times by L. R. Shelton-1923-2003.pdf
Disc 1\Critical Review of Theological Philosophy-Stewart Dingwall Fordyce Salmomd-1894.pdf
Disc 1\Curiosities of Literature-Rufus W. Griswold-1857.pdf
Disc 1\Cyclopaedia of Biblical Theological Literature-John McClintok-1889.pdf
Disc 1\Dark Deeds of the Papacy-Dawson Massy-1851.pdf
Disc 1\Dealings With the Inquisition of Papal Rome-Achille-1851.pdf
Disc 1\Dealings With the Inquisition-Giacinto Achilli-1851-Ver. 2.pdf
Disc 1\Delineation of Roman Catholicism-Charles Elliott-1851.pdf
Disc 1\Dialogues on Popery-Jacob Stanley-1836.pdf
Disc 1\Diary of Thomas Burton, Esq-Member in the Parliaments of Oliver and Richard Cromwell-1828.pdf
Disc 1\Dictionary-Christian Biography-Lit-Sects-Doctrines-William George Smith-Henry Wace-1877.pdf
Disc 1\Discourses and Dissertations on the Scriptural Doctrines of Atonement-Magee-1825.pdf
Disc 1\Discourses Reviews and Miscellanies-William Channing-1830.pdf
Disc 1\Disscusions on Church Priniciples Popish,Eratian,Presbytarian-William Cunningham-James Buchanan-1863.pdf
Disc 1\Doctrine of the Jesuits-Paul-Jean Pierre Bert-Gury-Pierre Rousselot-1880.pdf
Disc 1\Dodd’s Church History of England-1859.pdf
Disc 1\Double Cross.pdf
Disc 1\Ecclesiastical Reminiscences of the United States-Edward Waylen-1846.pdf
Disc 1\Ecclesiastical Republicanism-Thomas Smyth 1843.pdf
Disc 1\Encyclopedia of Philosophy.pdf
Disc 1\Engineer Corps of Hell-Chiniquy.pdf
Disc 1\Essay on Apostolical Succession-Thomas Powell-1840.pdf
Disc 1\Essays Lectures Upon Topics in Revealed Theology-Nathaniel William Taylor-1859.pdf
Disc 1\European Civilization-Protestantism vs. Catholicity-Jaime Luciano Balmes-1859.pdf
Disc 1\Evangelical Christendom-Vol. 5-Evangelical Alliance-1851.pdf
Disc 1\Familiar Letters to Bishop Fitzpatrick-John Bernard Fitzpatrick-1854.pdf
Disc 1\Five Problems of State and Religion-W.C. Wood-1877.pdf
Disc 1\Footprints of the Jesuits-Chapter 10-PARAGUAY-R.W. Thompson-1894.pdf
Disc 1\Footprints of The Jesuits-R.W. Thompson-1894.pdf
Disc 1\Foreign Conspiracy ofJesuit Terrorists-Samuel B. Miorse-1835.pdf
Disc 1\Fourteen Years a Jesuit-Paul Hoensbroech-1911.pdf
Disc 1\Glen Tilloch-John Pratt-1845.pdf
Disc 1\God in the Bible, With Preludes and Other Addresses on Leading Reforms-Joseph Cook-1889.pdf
Disc 1\Good Words-Norman and Donald Macleod-1886.pdf
Disc 1\Hapsburg Restoration by Vatican.pdf
Disc 1\Harpers Magazine The Building of America-1869.pdf
Disc 1\Her Majesty’s Tower-William Heoworth Dixon-1869.pdf
Disc 1\Hidden Works of Darkness Or the Doings of the Jesuits-W. Osburn-1846.pdf
Disc 1\Historic Notebook-Ebenezer Cobham Brewer-1892.pdf
Disc 1\Historical Scenes From the Old Jesuit Missions-William Ingram Kip-1875.pdf
Disc 1\Historical Sketch of the Conflicts Between Jesuits and Seculars-Thomas Graves Law-Cristopher Bragshaw-1889.pdf
Disc 1\Historical_Memoirs of the English Irish Catholics-Charles Butler-1822.pdf
Disc 1\History of Auricular Confession-Indulgences in Latin Church-Henry Charles Lea-1896.pdf
Disc 1\History of Christian Doctrine-Henry Clay Sheldon-1886.pdf
Disc 1\History of England From Wolsey to Spanish Armada-James Anthony Froude-1875.pdf
Disc 1\History of England- To the Death of Elizabeth-James Anthony Froude-1881.pdf
Disc 1\History of England-Frederick York Powell-Thomas Frederick Tout-1908.pdf
Disc 1\History of France-Jules Michelet-1847.pdf
Disc 1\History of France-Jules Michelet-G.H. Smith-1845.pdf
Disc 1\History of German Struggle for Liberty-Poultney Bigelow-1905.pdf
Disc 1\History of Protestantism-J. A. Wylie-1878.pdf
Disc 1\History of Romanism- Rev. John Dowling-1845.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Assassins-Trans. by O.C. Woods-Joseph Hammer-1835.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Christian Church-George Park Fisher-1887.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Church of England-Rev. A.H. Hore-1898.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Church-Its First Estate to Out Times-Jodocus Adolph Birkhauser-1898.pdf
Disc 1\History of the French Revolution-C.L. James-1902.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Inquisition-William Harris Rule-1874.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Jesuits in England 1580-1773-Taunton-1901.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Jesuits Plans, Designs-Giovanni Nicolini-1854.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Jesuits-Andrew Steinmetz-1848.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, from the Earliest Times Until the Present Day-Simon Dubnow-Israel Friedlaender-1916.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Policy of the Church of Rome in Ireland-William Phelan-John Jebbs-James Lord-1854.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Reformation of the 16th Century-Merle D’Aubigne-1858.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Romeward Movement in Church of England-Walter Walsh-1900.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Scottish Nation-Vol.1-Wylie-1886.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Scottish Nation-Vol.2-Wylie-1886.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Scottish Nation-Vol.3-Wylie-1886.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Society of Jesus in North America-Thomas Aloysius Hughs-1908.pdf
Disc 1\History of the Thirty Years’ War-Schiller-.pdf
Disc 1\History of the United Netherlands-John Lothrop Motley-1861.pdf
Disc 1\Household Guest-1880.pdf
Disc 1\Identity of the Festivals of Rome & Babylon.pdf
Disc 1\Illustrations of Popery-J.P. Calender-1838.pdf
Disc 1\Independent Council-Roma of Serbia.pdf
Disc 1\Index to the British Catalogue of Books-Samson Low-1853.pdf
Disc 1\Institutes of the Christian Religion-John Calvin-1921 Ed..pdf
Disc 1\Interview of Eric Jon Phelps by Rick Martin.pdf
Disc 1\Ireland Under the Tudors-Richard Bagwell-1885.pdf
Disc 1\Irish Wits and Worthies-William Fitzpatrick-1873.pdf
Disc 1\Isis-Unveiled-Hellana Petrova Blavatsky-1891.pdf
Disc 1\Jesuit Juggling and Frauds-Richard Baxter-1835.pdf
Disc 1\Jesuit Relations and Allied Document-Reuben Gold Thwaites-1899.pdf
Disc 1\Jesuits and Jesuitism-Jules Michelet-1846.pdf
Disc 1\Jesuits in the History of India-.pdf
Disc 1\Joseph II and His Court-Historical Novel-Luis Muhlbach-Adelaide Chaudron-1867.pdf
Disc 1\Lavoro Receipt Copy of Serbian Loot at Vatican Bank-1945.pdf
Disc 1\Lawlessness, Sacerdotalism, and Ritualism, Discussed in Six Letters-Malcolm MacColl-1875.pdf
Disc 1\Lectures on Popery-The Mystery of Babylon-John Sympson Sergrove-1823.pdf
Disc 1\Letters in the Roman Catholic Controversy-William Brownlee-1834.pdf
Disc 1\Letters Speeches and Tracts on Irish Affairs-Edmund Burke-Mathew Arnold-1881.pdf
Disc 1\Letters to a Prebendary-John Milner-1810.pdf
Disc 1\Letters to His Holiness Pope Pius X-William Sullivan-1911.pdf
Disc 1\Life of Edward Bouverie Pusey-Henry Parry Liddon-1893.pdf
Disc 1\Literary and Theological Review of Plea For the West-Leonard Woods-Charles D. Pigeon-1835.pdf
Disc 1\Loyola and the Educational System of the Jesuits-Thomas Hughs-1892.pdf
Disc 1\Lutheran Theological Quarterly-1911.pdf
Disc 1\Macphail’s Edinburgh Ecclesiastical Journal and Literary Review-1851.pdf
Disc 1\Manual of Universal Church History-1892.pdf
Disc 1\Maria Monk-Mysteries of a Convent.pdf
Disc 1\Massacres of the South-Alexandre Dumas.pdf
Disc 1\Master Key to Popery-Anthony Antonio Gavin-1812.pdf
Disc 1\Memoirs of Queen Anne-Gibson-Boyer 1729.pdf
Disc 1\Memoirs of the Court Aristocracy and Diplomacy-Vehes-Demmler-1856.pdf
Disc 1\Memoirs of the Life and Times of Daniel De Foe-Walter Wilson-1830.pdf
Disc 1\Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. A.M. Toplady-Toplady-William Winters-1872.pdf
Disc 1\Memorials of the Life and Works of Thomas Fuller-Tozer Russell-1844.pdf
Disc 1\More Awful Disclosures-Dialogue Between a Schismatic Armenian-Romish-Priest and an Orthodox Catholic-1849.pdf
Disc 1\Mornings Among the Jesuits at Rome-Rev. Hobart Seymore-1850.pdf
Disc 1\Mother T’s Millions-Wullenweber-1998.pdf
Disc 1\My Battle for Life-David George Goyder-1857.pdf
Disc 1\No Friend Of Democracy-Edith Moore-1941.pdf
Disc 1\Observations on a Work by Mr Bickerstet-William Brudnll Barter-1836.pdf
Disc 1\Old Yorkshire-William Smith-1889.pdf
Disc 1\Oliver Cromwell Hhis Life Times Battlefields-Edwin Paxton Hood-1874.pdf
Disc 1\On Some Popular Errors Concerning Polititics & Religion-Lord Montagu-1874.pdf
Disc 1\Outlines_of_Church_History-Rudolf Sohm-May Sinclair-1909.pdf
Disc 1\Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.pdf
Disc 1\Papists Protesting Against Protestants-John Gother-Heny Hills-1686.pdf
Disc 1\Pascal and the Port Royalists-William Clark-1902.pdf
Disc 1\Pascal-John & Principal Tulloch-1879.pdf
Disc 1\Personal Reminiscences of Lyman Beecher- James White-1882.pdf
Disc 1\Plain Reasons Against Joining the Church of Rome-Richard Frederick Littledale-1886.pdf
Disc 1\Poor Mans Preservative-Joseph Blanco White-1825.pdf
Disc 1\Pope Or President-R.L.Delisser-1859.pdf
Disc 1\Popery and Infidelity-Douglas of Cavers-1853.pdf
Disc 1\Popery and the Popish Question-George Croly 1825.pdf
Disc 1\Popery and the United States-Rufus Wheelwright Clark 1841.pdf
Disc 1\Popery as it Was and as it Is-William Hogan-1854.pdf
Disc 1\Popery Exposed-Petruccelli Della Gattina 1895.pdf
Disc 1\Popery in Alliance with Heathenism-John Poynder 1835.pdf
Disc 1\Popery in Power-Joseph Turnley-1850.pdf
Disc 1\Popery Not Founded on Scripture, The Texts Which Papists Cite Out of the Bible-Thomas Tenison-1688.pdf
Disc 1\Popery Stripped of Its Garb-James M. Horner-1836.pdf
Disc 1\Popery, Its Character and Its Crimes-William Elfe Tayler-1847.pdf
Disc 1\Popery, Puseyism, Jesuitism-Descantis-1905.pdf
Disc 1\Popes and Jesuits of the Present Century-Edward Henry Michelsen-1860.pdf
Disc 1\Popish Infallibility Letters to Viscount Feilding on His Secession From the Church of England-Charles Hastings Collette-1850.pdf
Disc 1\Popish Legends, Or, Bible Truths-Cathrine Sinclair-1852.pdf
Disc 1\Priests Women and Families-Jules Michelet-Charles Cocks-Joseph Crookes-1845.pdf
Disc 1\Principles of the Jesuits-Challis Paroissien-1860.pdf
Disc 1\Progress and Supression of the Reformation in Spain-Thomas M’Crie-1829.pdf
Disc 1\Protestant Jesuitism-Calvin Colton-1836.pdf
Disc 1\Protestant Union-Milton-Burgess-1826.pdf
Disc 1\Public Opinion and Record of Educated,Talented Perpetrators-Charles William Gregory-1856.pdf
Disc 1\Public Opinion Concerning the World Press-Rodrigo Borgia-1902.pdf
Disc 2\Queer Blood-Allan Cantwell-1993.pdf
Disc 2\Reasons for Abjuring Allegiance to See of Rome-Peirce Connerly-1852.pdf
Disc 2\Religion and Educationin America-John Dunmore Lang 1840.pdf
Disc 2\Report of the Debates-Kentucky State Convention-Richard Sutton-1849.pdf
Disc 2\Review-Irish Civil Wars-John Curry-Charles O’Conner-1778.pdf
Disc 2\Revival of Popery Its Intolerant Character-William Blair 1819.pdf
Disc 2\Ritualism and New Testament Christianity-Verner White-1867.pdf
Disc 2\Roman Forgeries and Falsifications-Richard Gibbings-1849.pdf
Disc 2\Romanism As It Is-Samuel Weed Barnum-1882.pdf
Disc 2\Romanism as a World Power-Luther S. Kauffman-1922.pdf
Disc 2\Romanism in England Exposed-Charles Hastings Collette-1851.pdf
Disc 2\Romanism in the Light of History-Randolph McKim 1914.pdf
Disc 2\Romanism, As It Rules in Ireland-Mortimer O’Sullivan-Robert James M’Ghee-1840.pdf
Disc 2\Rome and The Assassination of Lincoln.pdf
Disc 2\Rome Christian and Papal-Luigi de Sanctis-1856.pdf
Disc 2\Rome in America-Justin D. Fulton-1884.pdf
Disc 2\Sabbath Laws and Sabbath Duties-Robert Cox-1853.pdf
Disc 2\Secret History of the Jesuits-Edmund Paris-.pdf
Disc 2\Secret Instructions of the Jesuits-1612.pdf
Disc 2\Secret Instructions of the Jesuits-William M’Gavin-1831.pdf
Disc 2\Secret Instructions-W.C. Brownlee-1857.pdf
Disc 2\Secret Plan of the Order-Abbate Leon-1898.pdf
Disc 2\Secrets of the Convent and Confessional-Julia Wright-Daniel March-1876.pdf
Disc 2\Select Works-Wycliffe Society-1846.pdf
Disc 2\Sermons by Henry Melvill and C.P. M’Ilvaine-1850.pdf
Disc 2\Sermons on Christian Doctrine-Frederick William Robertson-1907.pdf
Disc 2\Shelburne Essays-Paul Elmer More-1909.pdf
Disc 2\Six Years in the Monasteries of Italy-Two Years in Mediterranean Islands-S.I. Mahoney-1845.pdf
Disc 2\Sketches of Protestantism in Italy Past and Present-Robert Baird-1845.pdf
Disc 2\Sketches of Scottish Church History-Thomas M’Crie-1846.pdf
Disc 2\Startling Facts for Native Americans Called Knownothings-E. Hutchinson-1855.pdf
Disc 2\Story of the Puritans-Clarence Candace-Erroll Hulse-2000.pdf
Disc 2\Sunday Legislation-Abram Lewis-1902.pdf
Disc 2\Systematic Theology-Charles Hodge-1873.pdf
Disc 2\Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine-William Tait-Christian Isobell Johnstone-1841.pdf
Disc 2\Temple Bar Magazine-George Sala-Edmund Yates-1861.pdf
Disc 2\Testimonies to the Divine Authority and Inspiration of Scripture-Alexander McCaul and James Stephen-1862.pdf
Disc 2\Textbook of Popery Concerning the Council of Trent by John Mockett Cramp-1831.pdf
Disc 2\Textbook on Popery Concerning the Council of Trent-John Mockett Cramp-1839 Edition.pdf
Disc 2\The Academy-1873.pdf
Disc 2\The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe-Foxe-George Townsend-1844.pdf
Disc 2\The American Biblical Repository-1841.pdf
Disc 2\The American Catholic Quarterly Review-1882.pdf
Disc 2\The Anti-Jacobin Review-1807.pdf
Disc 2\The Bible Doctrine of Man-John Laidlaw-1879.pdf
Disc 2\The Bibliotheca Sacra and American Biblical Repository-1852.pdf
Disc 2\The Bibliotheca Sacra-Xenia Theological Seminary-1912.pdf
Disc 2\The Black Pope-M.F. Cusack-1896.pdf
Disc 2\The Bulwark Or Reformation Journal-1883.pdf
Disc 2\The Bulwark-Or Reformation Journal-Scottish Ref Society-1848.pdf
Disc 2\The Burning of the Bibles-John Dowling -W.C.Browlee-1843.pdf
Disc 2\The Catholic Encyclopedia-Charles Georg Herbermann-1913.pdf
Disc 2\The Catholic Encyclopedia-Charles George Herbmann-1911.pdf
Disc 2\The Christian Baptist-Alexander Campbell-1826.pdf
Disc 2\The Christian Examiner and Church of Ireland Magazine-1834.pdf
Disc 2\The Christian Examiner-1859.pdf
Disc 2\The Christian Guardian-Church of England Mag.-1846.pdf
Disc 2\The Church of England Quarterly Review-1858.pdf
Disc 2\The Church Quarterly Review-1888.pdf
Disc 2\The Church Quarterly Review-1889.pdf
Disc 2\The Church Review-Henry Mason Baum-1851.pdf
Disc 2\The Churchman, a Magazine in Defence of the Church and Constitution-1838.pdf
Disc 2\The Churchman’s Biblical and Ecclesiastical-1864.pdf
Disc 2\The Collected Writings of James Henley Thornwell-1871.pdf
Disc 2\The Complete Works of Richard Sibbes-1862.pdf
Disc 2\The Confessional Or An Exposition of Auricular Confessions-Joseph Frederick Berg-1841.pdf
Disc 2\The Confessions of St. Augustine-Edward Bouverie Pusey-1840.pdf
Disc 2\The Congregationalism of the Last 300 Years-Henry Martyn-1880.pdf
Disc 2\The Crisis-J. Waynes Laurens-1865.pdf
Disc 2\The Decline of Historic Bible Protestantism-Ronald Cooke-1986.pdf
Disc 2\The Doctrine of Justification-James Buchanan-1867.pdf
Disc 2\The Doctrine of Purgatory and the Practice of Praying for Dead- William John Hall-1843.pdf
Disc 2\The Doctrines and Practices of the Church of Rome Truly Represented-Edward Stillingfleet-William Cunningham-1837.pdf
Disc 2\The Dublin University Magazine-1868.pdf
Disc 2\The Duty and the Liberty of a Christian-Rev. Andrew Gray 1843.pdf
Disc 2\The Ecclesiastical History of M.L’abbe’ Fleury-Claude Fleury-John Henry-1842.pdf
Disc 2\The Eclectic Review-Jesuit Confessionals-1848.pdf
Disc 2\The Edinburgh Review-Smith-1855.pdf
Disc 2\The Edinburgh Review-Sydney Smith-1872.pdf
Disc 2\The Encyclopedia Americana-1919.pdf
Disc 2\The English Review-1847.pdf
Disc 2\The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle-1851.pdf
Disc 2\The Evangelical Repository and United Presbyterian Review-1871.pdf
Disc 2\The Family History Book-Charles Benedict Davenport-1912.pdf
Disc 2\The Fight With Rome-Justin Dewey Fulton-1889.pdf
Disc 2\The Force.pdf
Disc 2\The Foreign Church Chronicle and Review-Anglo Continental Society-1890.pdf
Disc 2\The Forlorn Case of Popery or The Romanist Decieved-John Connell 1826.pdf
Disc 2\The Freethinker-1881.pdf
Disc 2\The French Revolution–A History-Thomas Carlyle-1867.pdf
Disc 2\The French Revolution-Thomas Carlyle-1914.pdf
Disc 2\The Future Life-Joseph Sasia-1918.pdf
Disc 2\The General Biographical Dictionary-Alexander Chalmers-1816.pdf
Disc 2\The Gentleman’s Magazine-1846.pdf
Disc 2\The Godfathers.pdf
Disc 2\The Gospel Magazine and Theological Review-1871.pdf
Disc 2\The Great Mystery of the Whore-George Fox-1831.pdf
Disc 2\The Gunpowder Treason-London-1679.pdf
Disc 2\The Hapsburg Monarchy-Henry Wickam Steed-1913.pdf
Disc 2\The History and Proceedings of the House of Lords From the Restoration-Ebenezer Timberlake-1697.pdf
Disc 2\The History of France-Eyre Evans Crowe-1866.pdf
Disc 2\The History of Mother Seton’s Daughters-Mary Agnes McCann-1917.pdf
Disc 2\The History of Paraguay-Charles Ames Washburn-1871.pdf
Disc 2\The History of the Assassins-Joseph Hammer Purgstall-Oswald Charles Wood-18.pdf
Disc 2\The History of the Council of Constance-James Lenfant-Stephen Whatley-1730.pdf
Disc 2\The History of the Jews-Gotthard Deutsch-1921.pdf
Disc 2\The History of the Papacy in the 19th Century-Fredrik Kristan Nielson-Arthur James Mason-1906.pdf
Disc 2\The History of the Reign of Emperor Charles V-William Robertson-1840.pdf
Disc 2\The Infallibility of the Church-George Salmon-1890.pdf
Disc 2\The Irish Monthly-Matthew Russell-1874.pdf
Disc 2\The Jacobitism Perjury and Popery-John Toland-Daniel Defoe-1710.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits 1534-1921-Thomas Joseph Campbell-1921.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits in Great Britian-Walter Walsh-1903.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits Proved to be Heretics-Dennett-1829.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits Their Foundation and History-Barbara Frances-1879.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits Their Moral Maxims and Plots-J.A. Wylie-1881.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits Their Principles and Acts-Edward Dalton-1843.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits, Their Rise and Progress, Doctrines, and Morality-T.H. Usborne-1851.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits, Thier Origin, Order, Morality & Practices-Alexander Duff-1852.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits-Barbara Courson-1879.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits-Jules Michelet-1848.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits-Jules Michelet-Edgar Quinet-Charles Edwards Lester-1848.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits-Robert William Overbury-1846.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits-Their Open and Secret Proceedings–Theodore Griesinger-Andrew James Scott-1903.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits-Theodore Griesinger-1903-Ver.2.pdf
Disc 2\The Jesuits-William Cornwallis Cartwright-1876.pdf
Disc 2\The Knowledge of God and Its Historical Developement-Henry Melvill Gwatkin-1908_.pdf
Disc 2\The Lectures Complete of Father Gavazzi-Alessandro Gavazzi-Giovanni Battista Nicolini-1854.pdf
Disc 2\The Liberty of Prophesying-Hensley Henson-1909.pdf
Disc 2\The Life of John Calvin-Thomas Dyer-1855.pdf
Disc 2\The Life of John Calvin-ver.2.pdf
Disc 2\The Life of the Rev Joseph White (Popish Protestants)-Joseph Blanco White-John Hamilton Thorn-1845.pdf
Disc 2\The Life of William Chillingworth-Pierre Desmaizeaux-1863.pdf
Disc 2\The Local Preachers’ Magazine and Christian Family Record-Wesleyan Methodist-1871.pdf
Disc 2\The Lost and Hostile Gospels-Sabine Gould-1874.pdf
Disc 2\The Marquis of Pombal-John Athelstane Smith Carnota-1871.pdf
Disc 2\The Messenger-Ligouri-1902.pdf
Disc 2\The Millennial Harbinger-Charles Loos,Alexander Campbell-1844.pdf
Disc 2\The Monarchy of the Middle Classes in France-Henery-Lytton-Bulwer-Dalling-1836.pdf
Disc 2\The Monthly Mirror Reflecting Men and Manners-1810.pdf
Disc 2\The Mysteries of Romanism-Charles Sparry-1847.pdf
Disc 2\The New Conspiracy Against the Jesuits, Detected and Briefly Exposed-Robert Charles Dallas-1815.pdf
Disc 2\The New Schaff Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge-1910.pdf
Disc 2\The North British Review-1845.pdf
Disc 2\The Open Court-Paul Carus-1902.pdf
Disc 2\The Papacy is the Antichrist-J.A. Wylie-1888.pdf
Disc 2\The Parliamentary History of England From the Earliest Period to 1803-Britian-1810.pdf
Disc 2\The Passing of Spain and the Ascendency of America-Jerome Bruce Crabtree-1898.pdf
Disc 2\The Penny Protestant Operative-Protestant Association-1843.pdf
Disc 2\The Pope’s Cabinet Unlocked, by the Author of ‘Gerald’-Gorges Lowthar-1849.pdf
Disc 2\The Popes of Rome-Ronald Cooke-1999.pdf
Disc 2\The Principles of Holy Christian Religion-Richard Sherlock-1841.pdf
Disc 2\The Prophet.pdf
Disc 2\The Protestant’s Armory-by Protestant-1839.pdf
Disc 2\The Protestant-William M’Gavin-1833.pdf
Disc 2\The Pulpit Commentary-H.D.M. Spence-1887.pdf
Disc 2\The Puritan in Holland England and America-Vol. 2-Douglas Campbell-1893.pdf
Disc 2\The Purple and Scarlet Woman and Her Relatives-Albert King-1900.pdf
Disc 2\The Quarterly Journal of Prophecy-1850.pdf
Disc 2\The Religion of Ancient Britain-George Smith-1844.pdf
Disc 2\The Reliques of Father Prout-Francis Sylvester Mahony-1873.pdf
Disc 2\The Revival of Popery, Its Intolerant Character Political Tendency and Unceasing Usurpations-William Blair-1819.pdf
Disc 2\The Rise of the Dutch Republic-John Lothrop Motley-1901.pdf
Disc 2\The Rise of the Dutch Republic-John Lothrop Motley-1909.pdf
Disc 2\The Road to Lige-The Path of Crime-Gustave Somville-1916.pdf
Disc 2\The Roman Catholic Church Challenged-Ceasar Augustus Yarbough-1920.pdf
Disc 2\The Romish and Prelatical Rite of Confirmation Examined-Thomas Smyth-1845.pdf
Disc 2\The Rule of Faith-Sermon-Henry Edward Manning-1838.pdf
Disc 2\The School Girl in France-Rachel M’Crindell 1845.pdf
Disc 2\The Scottish Review-William Metcalfe,Ruaraidh Erskine-1892.pdf
Disc 2\The Secret Societies of the European Revolution-Thomas Frost-1876.pdf
Disc 2\The Shortest Way to End Disputes about Religion-Robert Manning-1855.pdf
Disc 2\The Soul in the Unseen World-Reginald Ernest Hutton-1902.pdf
Disc 2\The Spanish Armada A D 1588-Thomas Lathbury-1811.pdf
Disc 2\The Spirit of Popery An Exposurer of it’s Origin Character and Results-Spirit-1840.pdf
Disc 2\The Spiritual Magazine-1874.pdf
Disc 2\The Standard of the Spirit Lifted Up-Thomas Bell 1780.pdf
Disc 2\The State of Popery and Jesuitism in England From the Reformation to 1829-Thomas Lathbury-1838.pdf
Disc 2\The Story of Rome-Norwood Young-Nelly Erichsen-1901.pdf
Disc 2\The Students’ Cabinet Library of Useful Tracts-1839.pdf
Disc 2\The Theological and Miscellaneous Works of the Rev. William Jones-1826.pdf
Disc 2\The Theological Monthly-1889.pdf
Disc 2\The Travels of Several Learned Missioners of the Society of Jesus-By Jesuit Antonio Diereville-Antonio de Orellana-1714.pdf
Disc 2\The Truthseeker in Philosphy Literature and Religion- F.R. Lees-1849.pdf
Disc 2\The Two Babylons-Alexander Hislop-1885.pdf
Disc 2\The United States Catholic Magazine-1848.pdf
Disc 2\The Universalist Quarterly-Jesuit Textbooks-1884.pdf
Disc 2\The Variations of Popery-Samuel Edgar-1855.pdf
Disc 2\The Vatican Jesuit Global Conspiracy-Dr. Ronald Cooke-1985.pdf
Disc 2\The Vatican’s Last Crime-Joseph McCabe.pdf
Disc 2\The Wandering Jew-Eugene Sue-1903.pdf
Disc 2\The Wandering Jew-Moncure Daniel Conway-1881.pdf
Disc 2\The Western Messenger-William Henry Channing-1836.pdf
Disc 2\The Works Memoirs & Notes-John Sage(Bishop of Scotland)-1846.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of Augustus Toplady-1825.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of John Owen-Goold-1851.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of John Whitgift-Ayre-Parker Society-1853.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of Jonathan Swift-1768.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of the Most Reverend Father in God-John Barmhall-1845.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of the Right Reverend John England-Messmer-1908.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of William Channing-1849.pdf
Disc 2\The Works of Wmilliam Ellery Channing-1835.pdf
Disc 2\Thirty Years in Hell-Ex-Priest Fresenborg 2006.pdf
Disc 2\Thirty Years’ War-Schiller.pdf
Disc 2\Thoughts on Popery-William Nevins-1863.pdf
Disc 2\Tract 40 on Certain Passages in the XXXIX Articles-John Henry Newman-Edward Pusey-John Keble-1865.pdf
Disc 2\Tractarianism and Popery-John Cumming-1843.pdf
Disc 2\Tracts for theTimes-Froude-Newman-Pusey-1840.pdf
Disc 2\Treason and Plot-Martin Andrew Sharp Hume-1901.pdf
Disc 2\Truth Triumphant Through the Spiritual Warfare, Christian Labours-Robert Barclay-George Keith-1831.pdf
Disc 2\Views in Theology-Lyman Beecher-1836.pdf
Disc 2\Waldensians on Antichrist-Rand Winburn-1618.pdf
Disc 2\Washinton in The Lap of Rome-Justin D. Fulton-1888.pdf
Disc 2\Why Priests Should Wed-Justin D. Fulton-1888.pdf
Disc 2\Wide Awake Romanism and It’s Aims and Tendencies-L. W. Granger-1854.pdf
Disc 2\William George Ward and the Oxford Movement-George Ward-1889.pdf
Disc 2\Works on Episcopacy-John Bowden-John Cooke-Benjamin Onderdonk-1831.pdf
Disc 2\Writings of John Quincy Adams-W.C. Ford-1916.pdf
Disc 3\A Collection of the Reports of Cases, the Statutes, and Ecclesiastical Laws, Relating to Tithes-Francis King Eagle-1826.pdf
Disc 3\A Commentary on the New Code of Canon Law-Charles Agustine Bachofen-1920.pdf
Disc 3\A Compendium of the Systems of Divine Truth-Jacob Catlin-1818.pdf
Disc 3\A Complete Collection of the Protests of Parliament-1875.pdf
Disc 3\A Complete History of the United States-Frederick Butler-1821.pdf
Disc 3\A Dean of Glocester-Estwick-Tucker-Pre 1801 Imprint Collection-Letter to the Reverend Josiah Tucker-1776.pdf
Disc 3\A Dictionary of Religion and Ethics-Shailer Mathews-1912.pdf
Disc 3\A Discourse Against Transubstantiation-John Tillotson-1685.pdf
Disc 3\A Dogmatical and Practical Treatise on Indulgences-Jean Baptiste Bouvier-1839.pdf
Disc 3\A Finding-List of History, Politics, Biography, Geography, Travel and Anthropology, in the Young Men’s Library at Buffalo-1896.pdf
Disc 3\A Guide From the Church of Rome to the Church of Christ-Rev Dr Urwick-1836.pdf
Disc 3\A History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences in the Latin Church-Henry Charles Lea-1896.pdf
Disc 3\A History of Egypt in the Middle Ages-Stanley Lane Poole-1901.pdf
Disc 3\A History of Italian Unity-Bolton King-1912.pdf
Disc 3\A History of Japan-James Murdoch-Isoh Yamagata-1903.pdf
Disc 3\A History of Preaching from the Apostolic Fathers to the Great Reformers-Edwin Charles Dargan-1905.pdf
Disc 3\A History of the Free Churches of England From 1688-1851-Herbert Skeats-1868.pdf
Disc 3\A History of the Papacy-Leupold Ranke-J.A. Merle d’Aubigne-1851.pdf
Disc 3\A History of the Philippines-David Prescott Barrows–1914.pdf
Disc 3\A History of the Reformation in Germany-Vol. One-Thomas Martin Lindsay-1906.pdf
Disc 3\A History of the Reformation-Vol. Two-Thomas Martin Lindsay-1907.pdf
Disc 3\A Legacy to Great Britain-James Billet-1865.pdf
Disc 3\A Letter to John Wesley(concerning Augustus Toplady)-Richard Hill-1780.pdf
Disc 3\A Lexicon of Freemasonry-Albert Gallatin Mackey-1859.pdf
Disc 3\A Library of Freemasonry-Robert Freke Gould-1906.pdf
Disc 3\A Manual of the History of Dogmas-Bernard John Otten-1918.pdf
Disc 3\A Paraphrase With Notes and a Preface Upon the Sixth Chapter of St John-William Clagett-1686.pdf
Disc 3\A Plain Representation of Transubstantiation as it is Receiveded in the Church of Rome-Henry Pendlebury-1687.pdf
Disc 3\A Practical Guide to Indulgences-Marcel Bernad-Daniel Murray-1898.pdf
Disc 3\A Presbyterian Clergyman Looking for the Chruch-John Burton-1858.pdf
Disc 3\A Short History of the Inquisition-Truth Seeker Co.-1913.pdf
Disc 3\A Short History of the Philippines-Prescott Ford Jernegan-1905.pdf
Disc 3\A Summary of Modern History-Jules Michelet-Mary Simpson-1875.pdf
Disc 3\A Summary-Historical and Political Progress of British Settlements-William Douglass-1760.pdf
Disc 3\A Synopsis of the Moral Theology of the Church of Rome-Alfonso Maria de’Ligouri-1836.pdf
Disc 3\A Tractate on Language-Gordon Willoughby-James Gyll-1860.pdf
Disc 3\A Vindication of the Church of England, From Charges Brought Against Her in The Christian’s Penny Magazine-George Sandford-1847.pdf
Disc 3\Against the Reformers-Alphonsus De Liguori.pdf
Disc 3\Aletheia-Charles Constantine Pise-1843.pdf
Disc 3\An Account of the Life and Writings of Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons and Martyr-James Beaven-1841.pdf
Disc 3\An Epitome of the Case of Irish Corporations-John Dallas Edge-Citizens of Dublin-1839.pdf
Disc 3\An Essay on the Spirit and Influence of the Reformation of Luther-Charles de Villers-James Mill-1805.pdf
Disc 3\An Exhortation to Peace and Unity-John Bunyan-1845.pdf
Disc 3\An Historical Presentation of Augustinism and Pelagianism-Gustav Friedrich Wiggers-1840.pdf
Disc 3\An Historical Sketch of the Portuguese Settlements in China-Andrew Ljungstedt-1836.pdf
Disc 3\An Impartial History of Ireland From the English Invaison-Dennis Taaffe-1811.pdf
Disc 3\An Inquiry Into the Principal Points of Difference Between the Two Churches-David O. Croly-1835.pdf
Disc 3\An Open Letter on Translating -Martin Luther-1530.pdf
Disc 3\Anecdotes and Examples Illustrating the Catholic Catechism-Francis Spirago-1904.pdf
Disc 3\Anti-Methodist Publications Issued During the 18th Century-Richard Green-1902.pdf
Disc 3\Apocalyptic Sketches-Or Lectures on the Book of Revelation-John Cumming-1851.pdf
Disc 3\Arminianism vs Hyper-Calvinism 3 Letters to S. Cozens-Phillip Pugh-1860.pdf
Disc 3\Atheism Among the People-Alphonse de Lamartine-1850.pdf
Disc 3\Aurelian or Rome in the Third Century-William Ware-1838.pdf
Disc 3\Babylon the Great-A Dissection and Demonstration of Men-Robert Mudie-1828.pdf
Disc 3\Baroque Architecture-Martin Shaw Briggs-1914.pdf
Disc 3\Before Armageddon-Albion Fox Ballenger-1918.pdf
Disc 3\Bibliography of the Philippine Islands-James Alexander Robertson-1908.pdf
Disc 3\Birthright in Land-William Olgilvie-1891.pdf
Disc 3\Bohemia and the Czechs-Will Seymore Monroe-1910.pdf
Disc 3\Bohemia Under Hapsburg Misrule-Thomas Capek-1915.pdf
Disc 3\Cagliostro-The Splendour and Misery of a Master of Magic-William Hayes Trowbridge-1910.pdf
Disc 3\Calvinism and Arminianism Compared in Their Principles and Tendency-Laurence Womock-1824.pdf
Disc 3\Cambridge Sermons-Joseph Barber Lightfoot-1890.pdf
Disc 3\Canons of the Lateran Council 1215.pdf
Disc 3\Catalogue of Works in Refutation of Methodism-Curtis H. Cavender-H.C. Decanver-1846.pdf
Disc 3\Catholic Champion-Guild of St. Ignaitius-Aurther Ritchie-1896.pdf
Disc 3\Catholic Eschatology and Universalism-An Essay on the Doctrine of Future Retribution-Frank Nutcombe Oxenham-1876.pdf
Disc 3\Catholic Italy- Its Institutions and Sanctuaries-Charles Isidore Hermans-1860.pdf
Disc 3\Catholics and the American Revolution-Martin Ignatius Joseph Griffin-1907.pdf
Disc 3\Catholics in the Witness Box-L.K. Kentish Rankin-1936.pdf
Disc 3\Celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Evacuation of Boston-1876.pdf
Disc 3\Chambers’ Papers for the People-1872.pdf
Disc 3\Chambers’s Papers for the People-1855.pdf
Disc 3\Charles and Josiah, Or Friendly Conversations Between a Churchman and a Quaker-Jonathan Pim-1862.pdf
Disc 3\Christian Brotherhoods-Frederick Deland Leete-1912.pdf
Disc 3\Christian Science and the Catholic Faith-Augustine Matthias Bellwald-1922.pdf
Disc 3\Christmas-Its Origin and Asssociations-Dawson-1902.pdf
Disc 3\Christ’s Discourse at Capernaum-George Farber-Patrick Wiseman-1840.pdf
Disc 3\Christ’s Vision of the Kingdom of Heaven-James Frazer Stirling-1913.pdf
Disc 3\Church and State in France-Frederick Caesar de Sumichrast-1907.pdf
Disc 3\Confessions of a French Catholic Priest-Samuel Finley Breese Morse-1837.pdf
Disc 3\Constitutiones Societatis Iesu Anno 1558-by Jesuits-1838.pdf
Disc 3\Covenants Sermons and Documents of the Covenanted-Edited by James Kerr-1895.pdf
Disc 3\Despotism-Or the Last Days of the American Republic-Reuben Vose-1856.pdf
Disc 3\Discourses Concerning the Truth of the Christian Religion and Remarks on Ecclesiastical History-John Jortin-Rogers Jortin-1805.pdf
Disc 3\Early Methodists Under Persecution-Josiah Henry Barr-1916.pdf
Disc 3\England and the English-Edward Lytrton-1836.pdf
Disc 3\Essays in Puritanism-Andrew Macphail-1905.pdf
Disc 3\Evenings with the Romanists-Michael Seymore-Stephen Tying-1856.pdf
Disc 3\Familiar Instructions on the Sacraments-William Stone-1881.pdf
Disc 3\Father Gavazzi’s Lectures in New York-Alessandro Gavazzi-Giuseppe Maria Campanella-1853.pdf
Disc 3\Florence Templar-Mary Theresa Vidal-1856.pdf
Disc 3\Foreign Missions of the Protestant Churches-Stephen Livingstone Baldwin-1900.pdf
Disc 3\Forty Years in the Church of Christ-Chiniquy-1899.pdf
Disc 3\Foxe’s Book of Martyrs With Notes by Rev. J. Milner.-John Foxe-1848.pdf
Disc 3\Fraser’s Magazine for Town and Country-1834.pdf
Disc 3\French Civilization-Albert Leon Guerard-1921.pdf
Disc 3\Garibaldi at Home-Charles Rhoderick McGrigor-1866.pdf
Disc 3\General History of the Christian Religion and Church-Translated by J. Torrey-Johann Neander-1855.pdf
Disc 3\Gleanings in Genesis-Arthur Walkington Pink-1922.pdf
Disc 3\Glimpses of Bohemia, Past and Present-James MacDonald-1882.pdf
Disc 3\God and Sin in the Appetites-Jacob Hartmann-1894.pdf
Disc 3\God in the Bible With Preludes and Other Addresses on Leading Reforms-Joseph Cook-1889.pdf
Disc 3\Greory XI and Wycliffe Condemnation and Reply-1384-Paul Halsall March-1998.pdf
Disc 3\Guatimala-A Twelve Month’s Residence-Henry Dunn-1828.pdf
Disc 3\Guide to the Materials for American History in Roman and Other Italian Archives-Carl Fish-1911.pdf
Disc 3\Handbook of the Christian Religion for the Use of Advanced Students and the Educated Laity-Wilhelm Wilmers-James Conway-1891.pdf
Disc 3\Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates-Thomas Curson Hansard-1848.pdf
Disc 3\Harmonia Apostolica-Two Dissertations on Justification by Works Doctrine in St. James-George Bull-1844.pdf
Disc 3\Historical Essays by Members of the Owen College-Manchester-Thomas Tout-James Tait-1907.pdf
Disc 3\Historical Notices of Events Occurring Chiefly in the Reign of Charles I-Nehemiah Wallington-1869.pdf
Disc 3\Historical Records and Studies-U.S. Catholic Historical Society-1921.pdf
Disc 3\History of France From the Invasion of the Franks Under Clovis, to the Accession of Louis Philippe-Emile de Bonnechose-1856.pdf
Disc 3\History of Linn County Iowa-Luther Albertus Brewer-1911.pdf
Disc 3\History of the Church-Ecclesiastical History-Joseph Chantrel-1883.pdf
Disc 3\History of the Council of Trent-Felix Bungener-1855.pdf
Disc 3\History of the Eighteenth Century and of the Nineteenth Till the Overthrow of the French Empire-Friedrich Christoph Schlosser-David Davison-1845.pdf
Disc 3\History of the French Revolution-1789-1814-F.A.M. Mignet-1915.pdf
Disc 3\History of the Knights Templars of Canada-John Ross-1890.pdf
Disc 3\History of the Middle Ages-Francois Gazeau-1887.pdf
Disc 3\History of the Reformed Religion in France-Edward Smedley-1834.pdf
Disc 3\Hungary in Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Times-Armin Vambery-1887s.pdf
Disc 3\Hungary-Armin Vambery-Louis Heilprin-1898.pdf
Disc 3\Hymns and Sacred Poems by Agustus M. Toplady-1860.pdf
Disc 3\Hypnotism and Spiritism-Giuseppe Lapponi-Phillip Gibbs-1907.pdf
Disc 3\Ignatius Loyola and the Early Jesuits-Stewart Rose-1870.pdf
Disc 3\Indulgences as a Social Factor in the Middle Ages-Dr. Nikolaus Paulus-1922.pdf
Disc 3\Infant Baptism a Part and Pillar of Popery-John Gill-George Barton Ide-1851.pdf
Disc 3\Inquiry Into the Doctrines of the Anglo-Saxon Church-Henry Soames-1830.pdf
Disc 3\Italy and the Italian Islands-William Spalding-1845.pdf
Disc 3\Japan in History Folklore and Art-William Elliot Griffis-1892.pdf
Disc 3\Jesuit Education-Robert Schwickerath-1903.pdf
Disc 3\Jesuits Estates Answer to Monteal Star-Jones-1888.pdf
Disc 3\John Thadeus Delane-Editor of The Times-Arthur Irwin Dasent-1908.pdf
Disc 3\Journal of Sacred Literature-1859.pdf
Disc 3\Lancashire Puritan Non Conformity-Robert Halley-1872.pdf
Disc 3\Lectures on Missions and Evangelism-Andrew Somerville-1874.pdf
Disc 3\Lectures on the Book of Revelation-John Brown-1866.pdf
Disc 3\Lectures on the Principal Doctrines and Practices of the Catholic Church-Nicholas Wiseman-1836.pdf
Disc 3\Letters and Instructions of Ignatius Loyola-Rev. Alban Goodier-1914.pdf
Disc 3\Letters Describing Romanism in Its Origin Character and End-W. Drysdale-James M. King-Rev. E.C. Fabre-1887.pdf
Disc 3\Letters on the Moral and Religious State of South America-James Thompson-1827.pdf
Disc 3\Letters to Charles Butler on the Theological Parts of His Book of the Roman Catholic Church-Henry Phillpotts-Charles Butler-1826.pdf
Disc 3\Letters to the Protestants of Scotland-George Sinclair-1852.pdf
Disc 3\Li Hung Chang’s Scrapbook-Hongzhang Li-Hung Chang Li-1913.pdf
Disc 3\Lives of Cardinal Alberoni-The Duke of Ripperda and Marquis of Pombal-George Moore-1814.pdf
Disc 3\Louis Napoleon the Destined Monarch of The World and Personal Anti-Christ-Michael Paget Baxter-1863.pdf
Disc 3\Magicon-Wonderful Prophecies Concerning Popery and It’s Impending Overthrow-M. Paulus-1869.pdf
Disc 3\Maria Stuart-Friedrich Schiller-Heinrich Heskamp-1893.pdf
Disc 3\Marriage Affinity Question or Marriage With Sister of Deceaced Wife-James Gibson-1854.pdf
Disc 3\Martin’s History of France-Heneri Martin-1866.pdf
Disc 3\Memoir of William Knibb Missionary in Jamaica-John Howard Hinton-William Knob-1847.pdf
Disc 3\Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. A.M. Toplady-William Winters-1872.pdf
Disc 3\Memoirs of the Secret Societies of the South of Italy-Bertoldi-1821.pdf
Disc 3\Men Manners and Morals in South America-John Otway Percy Bland-1920.pdf
Disc 3\Modern Europe-Thomas Henry Dyer-1877.pdf
Disc 3\Modern History-Jules Michelet-Alonzo Potter-1846.pdf
Disc 3\Monks and Their Decline-George Zucher-1898.pdf
Disc 3\Moravian Missions-Agustus Charles Thompson-1890.pdf
Disc 3\Mores Catholici-Kenelm Henery Digby-1889.pdf
Disc 3\Movements in Religious Thought, Romanism, Protestantism, Agnosticism-Edward Hayes Plumptre-1879.pdf
Disc 3\Multum in Parvo-The Great Anti-Christian Conspiracy-Andeas Bernardus Smolnikar-1853.pdf
Disc 3\Mysteria-Otto Henne am Rhyn-1895.pdf
Disc 3\No Union With Rome-An Anti-Eirenicon-Alessandro Gavazzi-Edward Puesy-1866.pdf
Disc 3\Odd Fellows’ Literary Casket-William Peter Strickland-Independent Orders of Oddfellows-1854.pdf
Disc 3\Old Rome and New Italy-Emilio Castelar-1873.pdf
Disc 3\Oliver Cromwell and the Rule of the Puritans in England-Charles Harding Firth-1903.pdf
Disc 3\Oliver Cromwell-John Morley-1902.pdf
Disc 3\Outlines of Dogmatic Theology-Sylvester Joseph Hunter-1909.pdf
Disc 3\Papal Indulgences-Two Lectures in Examination of a Work on Indulgences-Robert Maguire-Jean Baptist Bouvier-1852.pdf
Disc 3\Papal Rome as it Is, by a Roman-L. Gustiniani-1843.pdf
Disc 3\Philosophical History of Free-Masonry and Other Secret Societies-Augustus C.L. Arnold-1854.pdf
Disc 3\Pilgrimages to Saint Mary of Walsingham and Saint Thomas of Canterbury-Erasmus-John Nichols-1849.pdf
Disc 3\Popery British and Foreign-Walter Savage Landor-1851.pdf
Disc 3\Popery the Enemy and the Falsifier of Scripture-Thomas Hartwell Horne-1845.pdf
Disc 3\Punch-Mark Lemon-Herery Mayhew-1865.pdf
Disc 3\Putnam’s Monthly-1855.pdf
Disc 3\Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries-Henery Foley-1878.pdf
Disc 3\Reminiscences of a Country Journalist-Thomas Frost-1886.pdf
Disc 3\Rule and Misrule of the English in America-Thomas Chandler Haliburton-1851.pdf
Disc 3\Savonarola, Erasmus and Other Essays-Henry Hart Milman-1870.pdf
Disc 3\Scarlet Book of Free Masonry-Moses Wolcott Redding-1893.pdf
Disc 3\Secret Societies and the French Revolution-Una Pope-Hennessey-1911.pdf
Disc 3\Secret Societies of the Middle Ages-Thomas Kneightley-1827.pdf
Disc 3\Shawmut-The Settlement of Boston by Puritans-Charles Kitterredge True-1848.pdf
Disc 3\Short History of Christian Missions-George Smith-1884.pdf
Disc 3\Short Sketches of Some Notable Lives-John Campbell Colquhoun-1855.pdf
Disc 3\Sin Apprehended Tried and Condemned-Richard Bernard-1851.pdf
Disc 3\Sixteen Lectures on the Causes, Principles, and Results, of the British Reformation-John Henry Hopkins-1844.pdf
Disc 3\Sketches and Hints of Church History and Theological Controversy-John Erskine-1790.pdf
Disc 3\Socialism Feminism and Suffragism-Benjamin Vestal Hubbard-1915.pdf
Disc 3\Special Collections in Libraries in the United States-William Johnston-Isadore Mudge-1912.pdf
Disc 3\Specimens of Middle Scots-George Gregory Smith-1902.pdf
Disc 3\St John VI-A Key to the Anti-Transubstantiation View-A Clergyman-1875.pdf
Disc 3\Studies and Illustrations of the Great Rebellion-John Langton Sanford-1858.pdf
Disc 3\Supplement t o Six Months in a Convent-Rebecca Theresa Reed-1835.pdf
Disc 3\The American Cyclopaedia-Charles Anderson Dana-1874.pdf
Disc 3\The American Freemasons New Monthly Magazine-1856.pdf
Disc 3\The American Historical Review-1908.pdf
Disc 3\The Anatomy of Melancholy-Robert Burton-1857.pdf
Disc 3\The Ancient Church-William Dool Killen-1859.pdf
Disc 3\The Anti-Masonic Review and Magazine-Henery Danta Ward-1828.pdf
Disc 3\The Apology of the Church of England-John Jewel-1888.pdf
Disc 3\The Art of the Vatican-Mary Knight Potter-1903.pdf
Disc 3\The Aspects of Religion in the United States of America-Isabella Lucy Bird-1859.pdf
Disc 3\The Baptists in America-Francis Augustus Cox-James Hoby-1836.pdf
Disc 3\The Bible Against Protestantism and for Catholicity-Lawrence B. Shell-1846.pdf
Disc 3\The Body of Christ-Charles Gore-1901.pdf
Disc 3\The Book of Holy Indulgences-Michael Comerford-1876.pdf
Disc 3\The Burning of the Bibles-John Dowling-WC Brownlee-1843.pdf
Disc 3\The Bystander-1890.pdf
Disc 3\The Catholic Encyclopedia-Charles George Herbmann-1913.pdf
Disc 3\The Catholic Handbook or Every Protestant is His Own Controvesalist-John Heron Macguire-1851.pdf
Disc 3\The Catholic History of North America-Thomas D’Arcy McGee-1836.pdf
Disc 3\The Causes of the War of Independence-Claude Halstead Van Tyne-1922.pdf
Disc 3\The Censorship of the Church of Rome-George Haven Putnam-1907.pdf
Disc 3\The Christian Observer-1831.pdf
Disc 3\The Christian Sacraments-John Seely Stone-1866.pdf
Disc 3\The Christian World-American and Foreign Christian Union-1869.pdf
Disc 3\The Chruch and the Barbarians-William Holden Hutton-1906.pdf
Disc 3\The Church History of Britain-Thomas Fuller- James Nichols-1842.pdf
Disc 3\The Church in Germany-Sabine Baring Gould-1891.pdf
Disc 3\The Church of Romam in Her Primitive Purity Compared With the Church of Rome-John Henry Hopkins-1839.pdf
Disc 3\The Church of Rome-William Lockett-1907.pdf
Disc 3\The Counter Reformation-Adolphus William Ward-1889.pdf
Disc 3\The Cyclopedia of Fraternities-Albert Clark Stevens-1907.pdf
Disc 3\The Decline of the French Monarchy-Heneri Martin-1866.pdf
Disc 3\The Difficulties of Romanism-George Stanley Farber-1829.pdf
Disc 3\The Doctrine of Absolute Predestination-Girolamo Zanchi-Augustus Toplady-Justus Lipsius-1811.pdf
Disc 3\The Doctrine of the Church of England on the Holy Communion Restated-Frederick Meyrick-1885.pdf
Disc 3\The Doctrine of the Real Presence-Edward Bouverie Pusey-1855.pdf
Disc 3\The English in America-Thomas Chandler Haliburton-1851.pdf
Disc 3\The Essence of Religious Controversy, a Series of Observations on a Protestant Catechism-William Coombes-1827.pdf
Disc 3\The Freemason’s Manual-Illustrations of Masonry-Jeremiah How-1862.pdf
Disc 3\The Freemasons’ Monthly Magazine-Moore-1864.pdf
Disc 3\The Gnostics and Their Remains-Charles William King-1887.pdf
Disc 3\The Golden Book of the Confraternities-Rev. John Hughes-1854.pdf
Disc 3\The Gospel Standard or Feeble Christian-1851.pdf
Disc 3\The Great American Battle-Anna Ella Carroll-1856.pdf
Disc 3\The Historians’ History of the World-Henery Smith Williams-1905.pdf
Disc 3\The History of Cottingham-Charles Overton-1861.pdf
Disc 3\The History of Free Masonry and the Grand Lodge of Scotland-William Laurie-1859.pdf
Disc 3\The History of Mohammedanism and Its Sects-William Cooke Taylor-1857.pdf
Disc 3\The History of Popish Transubstantiation-John Cosin-John Brewer-1840.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the Early Puritans-John Buxton Marsden-1853.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the Popes, From the Close of the Middle Ages-Ludwig Pastor-Frederick Ignatius Antrobus-1891.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the Popes-Leopold von Ranke-Walter Keating Kelly-1844.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the Puritans- Protestant Non-Conformists-Daniel Neal-1817.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the Reformation of the Church of England- Henry Soames-1827.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the Religion of Ancient Britain-George Smith-1865.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the Society of Friends in America-James Bowden-1850.pdf
Disc 3\The History of the University of Dublin-John William Stubbs-1889.pdf
Disc 3\The Home and Foreign Record of the Free Church of Scotland-1855.pdf
Disc 3\The Idol Demolished by Its Own Priest-James Sheridan Knowles-1852.pdf
Disc 3\The Israel of the Alps-A History of the Persecutions of the Waldenses-Alexis Muston-1852.pdf
Disc 3\The Jesuits as They Were and Are-Eduard Duller-Stanley Carr-1845.pdf
Disc 3\The Journal of Sacred Literature-John Kitto-1859.pdf
Disc 3\The King Over the Water-Alice Shield-Andrew Lang-1907.pdf
Disc 3\The Kiss of Peace-Gerald Cobb-1867.pdf
Disc 3\The Last Days-Their Near Approach and Perilous Character-1843.pdf
Disc 3\The Life and Letters of St. Francis Xavier-Henry James Coleridge-1872.pdf
Disc 3\The Life and Writings of George Washington Doane-George and William Doane-1860.pdf
Disc 3\The Life Times and Correspondence of Dr. Doyle-William John Fitzpatrick-1880.pdf
Disc 3\The Light of the West-A Historical Sketch of the Protestant Church-Rupert Rowton-1869.pdf
Disc 3\The Lives of the British Reformers-George Stokes-1841.pdf
Disc 3\The London Quarterly Review-1874.pdf
Disc 3\The Magazine of the Reformed Dutch Church-William Brownlee-1827.pdf
Disc 3\The Millennial Harbinger-AlexanderCampbell-William Kimbrough Pendleton-1835.pdf
Disc 3\The Moravian Manual-Edmund Alexander De Schweinitz-1859.pdf
Disc 3\The Mystic Star-1870.pdf
Disc 3\The Napoleonic Empire in Southern Italy and the Rise of the Secret Societies-Robert Matteson Johnson-1904.pdf
Disc 3\The New Raccolta-Collection of Prayers and Good Work-Indulgences-Catholic Church-1872.pdf
Disc 3\The New Werner 20th Century Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica-1907.pdf
Disc 3\The People’s Right Defended-Wickliffe-Samuel Grover Winchester-John Tillotson-1831.pdf
Disc 3\The Philippine Islands 1493-1803-Emma Helen Blair-James Alexander Robertson-Edward Gaylord Bourne-1908.pdf
Disc 3\The Philippine Islands-John Foreman-1906.pdf
Disc 3\The Political Evolution of the Hungarian Nation-Cecil Marcus Knatchbull–1908.pdf
Disc 3\The Port Folio-Joseph Dennie-Oliver Oldschool-1827.pdf
Disc 3\The Priesthood, the Altar, and the Sacrifice in the Christian Church-Christian Church-1877.pdf
Disc 3\The Principles of the Jesuits-Henry Handley Norris-1839.pdf
Disc 3\The Psalmists of Britain-John Holland-1843.pdf
Disc 3\The Reformation and Anti-Reformation in Bohemia-Christian Adolph Pescheck-1845.pdf
Disc 3\The Reformation Settlement Examined in History and Law-Malcolm MacColl-1899.pdf
Disc 3\The Reformed Presbytery-1638-1649.pdf
Disc 3\The Religious Condition of Christendom-Evangelical Alliaqnce-1857.pdf
Disc 3\The Religious Monitor and Evangelical Repository-Assoc. Synod Of North America-1838.pdf
Disc 3\The Remains of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury-Cranmer-Henry Jenkyns-1833.pdf
Disc 3\The Report of the Philippine Commission to the President-Jesuitss-1900.pdf
Disc 3\The Rise of Religious Liberty in America-Sanford Hoadley Cobb-1902.pdf
Disc 3\The Rise of the Hugenots-Henri Martyn Baird-1652.pdf
Disc 3\The Roman Schism Illustrated, From the Records of the Catholic Church-Arthur Perceval-1836.pdf
Disc 3\The Secret Fraternities of the Middle Ages-Americo Palfrey Marras-1865.pdf
Disc 3\The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries-Charles William Heckethorn-1875.pdf
Disc 3\The Shores and Islands of the Mediterranean-Herery Christmas-1851.pdf
Disc 3\The Speaking Dead-Select Extracts From the Writings of Reformers-Benjamin Bradney Bockett-1882.pdf
Disc 3\The Spirit of the New Testament, Or The Revelation of the Mission of Christ-1885.pdf
Disc 3\The Spiritual Venality, Or Taxes of the Church of Rome-Indulgences of the Church of Rome-Joseph Mendham-1839.pdf
Disc 3\The Story of Bohemia-Frantiska Gregor-1896.pdf
Disc 3\The Templars in Cyprus-Fredrich Ludwig Werner-1886.pdf
Disc 3\The Testament of Ignatius Loyola-George Tyrrell-1900.pdf
Disc 3\The Theology of Christ From His Own Words-Joseph Parrish Thompson-1885.pdf
Disc 3\The Three Ages of Progress-Julius Emil Devos-1899.pdf
Disc 3\The Three Tribunals-Or The Vicarious Justification of Sinners-Robert Fitzgerald Collis-1856.pdf
Disc 3\The Travels of Pietro Della Valle in India-Pietro Della Valle-Edward Grey-1892.pdf
Disc 3\The Unsealed Prophecy Lectures on the Revelation of St. John-Robert Skeen-1857.pdf
Disc 3\The Venal Indulgences and Pardons of the Church of Rome-Joseph Mendham-1839.pdf
Disc 3\The Village Churchman-Rev. Joshua Fawcett-1843.pdf
Disc 3\The Waldenses Sketches of the Evangelical Christians of the Piedmont-Mitchell-1853.pdf
Disc 3\The Westminster Review-1865.pdf
Disc 3\The Whole Works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor-Reginald Heber-1822.pdf
Disc 3\The Works in Verse and Prose (including Hitherto Unpublished MSS) of Sir John Davies-1876.pdf
Disc 3\The Works of Augustus M. Toplady-1825.pdf
Disc 3\The Works of Robert Trail-Robert Trail-1810.pdf
Disc 3\The Works of William Chillingworth-William Chillingworth-1838.pdf
Disc 3\The Writings of John Bradford-Bradford-Hooper-Townsend-1853.pdf
Disc 3\Traces of a Hidden Tradition in Masonry and Mdeiaeval Mysticism-Isabel Oakley-1900.pdf
Disc 3\Tracts for the Times, No.90-John Henry Newman-1841.pdf
Disc 3\Transubstantiation and the Sacrifice of the Mass-Three Sermons-Henry James Wharton-1867.pdf
Disc 3\Twelve Letters on Transubstantiation Containing Two Challenges to Dr.Cahill-James Carson-1853.pdf
Disc 3\Twelve Sermons-James Battersby-1881.pdf
Disc 3\Twelve Years in America-James Shaw-1867.pdf
Disc 3\Via Tuta-The Safe Way-Via Devia-The By Way–Humphrey Lynde-1819.pdf
Disc 3\-Voltaire-John Morley-1901.pdf
Disc 3\Wit and Wisdom of the Rev Sydney Smith-Evert Augustus Duyckinck-1856.pdf
Disc 4\.unwanted
Disc 4\1683-1920-The Fourteen Points-Frederick Franklin Schrader-1920.pdf
Disc 4\A Brief Plea for the Old Faith and the Old Times of Merrie England-Frank Fairplay-1846.pdf
Disc 4\A Catechism of the Articles of the Church of England-Frederick Owen-1852.pdf
Disc 4\A Collection of Sermons and Tracts-John Gill-1773.pdf
Disc 4\A Commentary Critical Exegetical and Doctrinal on St. Pauls Epistle to the Romans-George John Gwynne-1863.pdf
Disc 4\A Commentary on St Pauls Epistle to the Romans-Joseph Agar Beet-Paulus-1882.pdf
Disc 4\A Commentary on the Thirty-Nine Articles-Thomas Pownall Boultbee-1877.pdf
Disc 4\A Comparative View of the Doctrines and Confessions-Georg Benedikt Winer-William Burt Pope-1873.pdf
Disc 4\A Confession of Faith-Elders of the Church of the Colony of Connecticut-1810.pdf
Disc 4\A Defence of the Reformation-Jean Claude-Pierre Nicole-John Townsend-1815.pdf
Disc 4\A Discourse Concerning The True Import of the Words Election-Daniel Whitby-1816.pdf
Disc 4\A Discourse on the Life Character and Policy of Count Cavour-VinCenzo Botta-1862.pdf
Disc 4\A Few Days in Belgium and Holland-Maria Charlotte Lees-1872.pdf
Disc 4\A Glance at Revolutionized Italy-Charles Macfarlane-1849.pdf
Disc 4\A Handbook of Rome and its Environs John Murray-1875.pdf
Disc 4\A History of Popery With Specimens of Monkish Legends-1838.pdf
Disc 4\A History of Scottish Ecclesiastical and Civil Affairs-John Marshall-1859.pdf
Disc 4\A History of the Huguenots of the Dispersion at the Recall of the Edica of Nantes-Reginald Lane Poole-1880.pdf
Disc 4\A History of the Huguenots-William Carlos Martyn-1866.pdf
Disc 4\A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages-Henry Charles Lea-1887.pdf
Disc 4\A History of the Jews in Rome BC160 to 604AD-Elizabeth Harriot Hudson-1882.pdf
Disc 4\A History of the Papacy From the Great Schism to the Sack of Rome-Mandell Creighton-1907.pdf
Disc 4\A History of the Peninsular War-Charles William Chadwick Oman-1902.pdf
Disc 4\A History of the Welsh Church to the Dissolution of the Monasteries-Ebenezer Josiah Newell-1895.pdf
Disc 4\A Kipling Primer-Frederic Lawrence Knowles-1899.pdf
Disc 4\A Lecture on the Protestant Reformation In 16th Century England-Robert Charleton-1863.pdf
Disc 4\A Life of Archbishop Laud-Thomas De Longueville-Romish Recusant-1894.pdf
Disc 4\A Manual of the History of Dogmas-Bernard John Otten-1922.pdf
Disc 4\A Plea for Religion and the Sacred Writings-David Simpson-1810.pdf
Disc 4\A School History of Modern Europe From the Reformation to the Fall on Napoleon-John Lord-1855.pdf
Disc 4\A Short and Easy Method With the Jews-Charles Leslie-1837.pdf
Disc 4\A Short History of the Church in Great Britian-William Holden Hutton-1900.pdf
Disc 4\A Short Scriptural Explication of the Faith and Doctrine of the Church of England-Thomas Rogers-1776.pdf
Disc 4\A Sketch of the Denominations of the Christian World-John Evans-1808.pdf
Disc 4\A Sketch of the Rise and Progress of the Trades House of Glasgow-George Crawfurd-1858.pdf
Disc 4\A Study of the Sects-William Henry Lyon-1891.pdf
Disc 4\A Summary of Divine Truths Professed by the Church of England-Robert Morefew-1711.pdf
Disc 4\A Treatise on Predestination, Election, and Grace-Walter Arthur Copinger-1889.pdf
Disc 4\A True Sincere and Modest Defence of English Catholics of 1584-William Allen-Francis Bourne-1914.pdf
Disc 4\A View of All Religions-Thomas Robbins-William Ward-1824.pdf
Disc 4\A Vindication of England’s Policy With Regards to the Opium Trade-Charles Reginald Haines-1884.pdf
Disc 4\A Vindication of the End of Religious Controversy-John Milner-Thomas Burgess-1825.pdf
Disc 4\A Volume of Divinity for Young Students-Lowry M’Clintock-1851.pdf
Disc 4\Abraham Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery-Charles Godfrey Leland-1881.pdf
Disc 4\Account of the Lawsuit Instituted by a Roman Priest Against Rev. N.L. Rice-Nathan Rice-1837.pdf
Disc 4\Alfred an Epic Poem-Joseph Cottle-1850.pdf
Disc 4\Altar Sins, Or Historical Illustrations of the Eucharistic Errors of Rome-Edward Muscutt-1857.pdf
Disc 4\America and the New World-State-Norman Angell-1915.pdf
Disc 4\An Analysis of the History of the Reformation-William Henry Pinnock-1851.pdf
Disc 4\An Antidote Against Arminianism-Christopher Ness-1836.pdf
Disc 4\An Apology for Apostolic Order and Its Advocates-John Henry Hobart-1844.pdf
Disc 4\An Apology or the United Church of England and Ireland-William Eames-Benjamin William Mathias-1817.pdf
Disc 4\An Essay on Some Important Passages of the Revelation of the Apostle John-Lauchlan Taylor-1770.pdf
Disc 4\An Index of Dates-Willoughby Rosse-John Blair-1859.pdf
Disc 4\An Index of Prohibited Books by Command of Gregory XVI in 1835-Joseph Mendham-1840.pdf
Disc 4\An Inquiry Into the Principles of Church Authority-Robert Issac Wilberforce-1854.pdf
Disc 4\An Introduction to the History of the Principal States of Europe-Samuel Pufendorf-1764.pdf
Disc 4\An Introduction to the Theology of the Church of England-Thomas Pownall Boultbee-1871.pdf
Disc 4\Ancient Christianity and the Doctrines of the Oxford Tracts for the Times-Isaac Taylor-1840.pdf
Disc 4\Ancient Pagan Tombs and Christian Cemeteries in the Islands of Malta-A.A. Caruana-1898.pdf
Disc 4\Antisemitism-Its History and Causes-Bernard Lazare-1903.pdf
Disc 4\Aonio Paleario From the French-Jules Bonnet-1864.pdf
Disc 4\Are Not the Clergy Arraying Themselves Against Church and Queen-M.A.-1848.pdf
Disc 4\Bacon The Advancement of LearningFrancis Bacon-William Aldis Wright-1876.pdf
Disc 4\Bernardino Ochino of Siena-Karl Benrath-1876.pdf
Disc 4\Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions-Thomas William Doane -1884.pdf
Disc 4\Brownsons Defence-Orestes Augustus Brownson-1840.pdf
Disc 4\Cabot’s Discovery of North America-George Edward Weare-1897.pdf
Disc 4\Calvinistic Controversy-Wilbur Smith-1880.pdf
Disc 4\Catholic Belief-Joseph Faa Di Bruno-1878.pdf
Disc 4\Chambers Miscellany of Instructive and Entertaining Tracts-Chambers-1869.pdf
Disc 4\Chapters From the Religious History of Spain Connected With the Inquisitition-Henry Charles Lea-1890.pdf
Disc 4\Characteristics of the Romish Church-B. Willard Archer-1904.pdf
Disc 4\Christian Dogmatics-Hans Martensen-William Urwick-1866.pdf
Disc 4\Christian Truth Explained in Familiar Letters on the Tenents of the Church-Charles Powlett-1824.pdf
Disc 4\Christianity in History-James Bartlet-Alexander James Carlyle-1917.pdf
Disc 4\Church and State in Early Maryland-George Petie-1892.pdf
Disc 4\Church and State in England to the Death of Queen Anne-Henry Melvill Gwatkin-1917.pdf
Disc 4\Church Finance and Social Ethics-Francis John McConnell-1920.pdf
Disc 4\Colloquia Peripatetica-Deep Sea Soundings Being Conversations-William Angus Knight-1879.pdf
Disc 4\Creeds and Religious Beliefs as They Appear to a Plain Businessman-John Savage Hawley-1900.pdf
Disc 4\Cromwell as a Soldier-Thomas Stanford Baldock-Walter Haweis James-1899.pdf
Disc 4\Cromwell in Ireland-Denis Murphy-1897.pdf
Disc 4\Cromwell-Esse Virginia Hathaway-1912.pdf
Disc 4\Despotism Or The Fall of the Jesuits-Isaac Disraeli-1811.pdf
Disc 4\Diderot and the Encyclopedists-John Morley-1878.pdf
Disc 4\Discourses Addressed to Mixed Congregations-John Henry Newman-1881.pdf
Disc 4\Discourses on Various Subjects and Occasions-Robert South-1827.pdf
Disc 4\Dr Wiseman’s Popish Literary Blunders Exposed-Charles Hastings Collette-1860.pdf
Disc 4\Elsie-A Story of the Civil War-S.M.M.X.-1896.pdf
Disc 4\Englands Case Against Home Rule-Albert Venn Dicey-1886.pdf
Disc 4\Essays Chiefly on Questions of Church and State-Arthur Penrhyn Stanley-1884.pdf
Disc 4\Essays in Fury-Arthur D. Lewis-1904.pdf
Disc 4\Faith and Free Thought-Christian Evidence Society-1872.pdf
Disc 4\Faith, Or Fear-William A. Hankey(Student in Arms)-1916.pdf
Disc 4\Familiar Letters to John B Fitzpatrick-Bishop of Boston-1854.pdf
Disc 4\First Establishment of the Faith in New France-Chrestien Le Clercq-1882.pdf
Disc 4\Florentine HistoryHenry Edward Napier-1847.pdf
Disc 4\Foreknowledge is God’s Prescience Eternal and Universal-Miles Grant-1896.pdf
Disc 4\Fountains of Papal Rome-Rudolph Ruzicka-1915.pdf
Disc 4\Four Essays on Theological Subjects-Edward Ash-1864.pdf
Disc 4\France-It’s History and Revolutions-William Chambers-1873.pdf
Disc 4\George Calvert and Cecilius Calvert-William Hand Browne-1890.pdf
Disc 4\Governor Thomas H.Hicks of Maryland and the Civil War-George Lovic Pierce Radcliffe-1901.pdf
Disc 4\Gypsies,Some Curious Investigations-John Watts De Peyster-1887.pdf
Disc 4\Handbook to the Controversy With Rome-Karl August von Hase-1906.pdf
Disc 4\Henry Beyle Otherwise de Stendahl-Andrew Archibald Paton-1874.pdf
Disc 4\Henry of Navarre and the Huguenots in France-Paul Ferdinand Willert-1893.pdf
Disc 4\Hippolytus and The Doctrine and Practice of the Church of Rome-Christian Carl Bunsen-1854.pdf
Disc 4\Historical Tales the Romance of Reality-Charles Morris-1893.pdf
Disc 4\History of India-Abraham Jackson-Romesh Dutt-1906.pdf
Disc 4\History of Latin Christianity-Henry Hart Milman-1881.pdf
Disc 4\History of Roman Literature from Its Earliest Period to the Augustan Age-John Colin Dunlop-1827.pdf
Disc 4\History of Scotland-Patrick Fraser Tytler-1831.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Atonement Controversy-Andrew Robertson-1846.pdf
Disc 4\History of the City of Rome in the Middle Ages-Ferdinand Gregorovius-1900.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science-John William Draper-1875.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Counter Revolution in England-Armand Carrel-1857.pdf
Disc 4\History of the First Council of Nice-Dean Dudley-1880.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Protestant Church in Hungary-Merle d’Aubigne-1854.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Protestants of France-P.E.Barnes-Guillaume de Felice-1853.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Revolutions in Europe-Christope Koch-Frederic Schoell-1851.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Rise ofthe Huguenots of France-Henry Martyn Baird-1889.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Society of Jesus to the Present Time-JMS Daurignac-1865.pdf
Disc 4\History of the Sodalities of the Blessed Virgin Mary-Louis Delplace-1884.pdf
Disc 4\Homiletical Commentary on the Book of Job-Thomas Robinson-1876.pdf
Disc 4\Ireland as a Kingdom and a Colony-Borohme Brian-1843.pdf
Disc 4\Italian Sights and Papal Principles-James Jackson Jarves-1856.pdf
Disc 4\Jewish Contributions to Civilization-Joseph Jacobs-1920.pdf
Disc 4\Jewish Questions-Three Lectures-Ignaz Zollschan-1914.pdf
Disc 4\John Marmaduke-A Romance of the English Invasion of Ireland in 1649-Samuel Harden Church-1903.pdf
Disc 4\Junipero Serra-The Man and His Work-Abigail Hetzel Fitch-1914.pdf
Disc 4\King and Parliament A D 1603-1714-George Henry Wakeling-1896.pdf
Disc 4\Knights and Their Days-John Doran-1856.pdf
Disc 4\Land of Idols, Or Talks With Young People About India-John J. Pool-1894.pdf
Disc 4\Landmarks in the History of Early Christianity-Kirsopp Lake-1922.pdf
Disc 4\Lecture on Beranger the French Lyric Poet-John Thomas Rowland-1858.pdf
Disc 4\Lectures of Certain High Church Principles-Thomas Madge-1844.pdf
Disc 4\Lectures on Divine Sovereignty, Election-George Payne-1836.pdf
Disc 4\Lectures on Romanism-Joseph F. Berg-1840.pdf
Disc 4\Lectures on Some of the Articles of Faith of the Church of England-Robert Dillon-1835.pdf
Disc 4\Lectures on the Gospel According to Luke-James Foote-1849.pdf
Disc 4\Lectures, Addresses and Other Literary Remains-Frederick William Robertson-1876.pdf
Disc 4\Letters From Italy and Switzerland-Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-1863.pdf
Disc 4\Letters From Portugal and Spain-Moving ArmiesAdam Neale, Duke of Arthur Wellesley Wellington-1809.pdf
Disc 4\Letters From Rome to Friends in England-Burgon John William-1862.pdf
Disc 4\Life and Writings of Joseph Mazzini-Giuseppe Mazzini-1890.pdf
Disc 4\Life of Saint Edmund of Canterbury-Wilfrid Wallace-1893.pdf
Disc 4\Life of Saint Philip Neri-Anne Hope-Filippo Neri-1859.pdf
Disc 4\Light and Truth-Robert Benjamin Lewis-1844.pdf
Disc 4\Lives of the Necromancers-William Godwin-1835.pdf
Disc 4\Luther the Reformer-Charles Ebert Hay-1898.pdf
Disc 4\Luther Vindicated-Charles Hastings Collette-1884.pdf
Disc 4\Lutheranism in America-William Julius Mann-1857.pdf
Disc 4\Maryland During the English Civil Wars-Aaron Morton Sakoloski-1906.pdf
Disc 4\Maryland-History of a Palintate-William Hand Browne-1904.pdf
Disc 4\Mediaeval Popes, Emperors, Kings and Crusaders-M.M. Busk-1856.pdf
Disc 4\Medieval Europe From 395 to 1270-Charles Bemont-1903.pdf
Disc 4\Memoirs Illustrating the History of Napoleon 1st From 1802 to 1815-Claude-Francois Meneval-1894.pdf
Disc 4\Memoirs of Maximilian de Bethune Duke of Sully-de Bethune-1812.pdf
Disc 4\Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Edward Gibbon-Oliver Farrar Emerson-1898.pdf
Disc 4\Memoirs of the Reverend William Legg-George Colborne-William Legg-1871.pdf
Disc 4\Memorials of the Huguenots in America-Ammon Stapleton-1901.pdf
Disc 4\Men and Women of the Italian Reformation-Christpher Hare-1914.pdf
Disc 4\Mexico in Peace and War-Thomas Herbert Russell-1914.pdf
Disc 4\Military and Religious Life in the Middle Ages-P.L. Jacob-1874.pdf
Disc 4\Monastic London-Walter Stanhope-1887.pdf
Disc 4\Morning Exercises at Cripplegate-London St. Giles-James Nichols-1844.pdf
Disc 4\Narrative of a Tour Taken in the Year 1667 to La Grande-Claude Lancelot-1813.pdf
Disc 4\Narratives of Early Maryland 1633-1684-Clayton Colman Hall-1910.pdf
Disc 4\Neutrality in Time of Danger to the Church-Henry Handley Norris-1835.pdf
Disc 4\New Commentaries on the Laws of England-Henry John Stephen-1863.pdf
Disc 4\New Englander and Yale Review-Edward Royall Tyler-1844.pdf
Disc 4\Notes of Cases in the Ecclesiastical Maritime Courts-Great Britian-Thomas Thornton-1850.pdf
Disc 4\Notes on the Canons of the First Four General Councils-William Bright-1882.pdf
Disc 4\Observations on the Mortmain Laws, Act of Supremacy-James Lord-1837.pdf
Disc 4\Old Rome and New Italy-Emilio Castelar-Robert Arnold-1873.pdf
Disc 4\Oliver Cromwell and His Times-Thomas Cromwell-1822.pdf
Disc 4\Oliver Cromwell-The Man and His Mission-James Allanson Picton-1883.pdf
Disc 4\Orthodoxy-It’s Truths and Errors-James Freeman Clarke-1880.pdf
Disc 4\Outlines of General History-William Francis Collier-1868.pdf
Disc 4\Papers on Inter-Racial Problems-Gustav Spiller-1911.pdf
Disc 4\Papers on the Southern Spanish Colonies of America-Bernard Moses-1911.pdf
Disc 4\Pastors Their Rights and Duties According to the New Code of Canon Law-Charles Joseph Koudelka-1921.pdf
Disc 4\Peter the Great Emperor of Russia-Eugene Schuyler-1884.pdf
Disc 4\Phases of Faith, or Passages From the History of My Creed-Francis William Newman-Rationalist Association-1907.pdf
Disc 4\Pilgrim Life in the Middle Ages-Sidney Smith-1912.pdf
Disc 4\Pioneer Priests of North America 1642 1710-Thomas Joseph Campbell-1910.pdf
Disc 4\Poland-Dionysius Lardner-1831.pdf
Disc 4\Popery and Jesuitism at Rome in the 19th Century-Luigi Francesco Desanctis-1852.pdf
Disc 4\Popery in the Ascendant Sufferings of the English Protestant Martyrs-1555-Thomas Smith-1839.pdf
Disc 4\Popery not Catholicism Six Lectures on Ifallibility-Benjamin William Mathias-1851.pdf
Disc 4\Popery, The Inquisition and The Jesuits-E.K. Pickering-1851.pdf
Disc 4\Portraiture of Lutheranism-Samuel Simon Schmucker-1840.pdf
Disc 4\Posthumous Sermons–Henry Blunt-John Brown-1854.pdf
Disc 4\Predestination and Election Considered Scripturally-William Merry-1843.pdf
Disc 4\Presbyterianism Three Hundred Years Ago-1872.pdf
Disc 4\Primitive Doctrine of Election-George Stanley Faber-1836.pdf
Disc 4\Prize Essay Christianity and Infidelity-Sara Sophia Hennell-1857.pdf
Disc 4\Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London-1898.pdf
Disc 4\Protestantism and Infidelity-Francis Xavier Weninger-1863.pdf
Disc 4\Queen Elizabeth-Mandell Creighton-1899.pdf
Disc 4\Ralph’s Year in Russia-Robert Richardson-1882.pdf
Disc 4\Readings Upon The Liturgy and Other Divine Offices-John Bate Cardale-1851.pdf
Disc 4\Reason and Faith Theoretical Claims and Conflicts-Henry Rogers-1850.pdf
Disc 4\Records of Buckinghamshire-1870.pdf
Disc 4\Reflections and Suggestions on the Present State of Parties-An Old Clay Whig-1856.pdf
Disc 4\Reflections on the Four Principal Religions-David Williamson-1824.pdf
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Disc 4\Remarks on Two Pamphlets Lately Published Against Dr. Middleton-1748.pdf
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Disc 4\Revolutionary Europe, 1789-1815-Henry Morse Stephens-1907.pdf
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Disc 4\Romish Rites, Offices and Legends- Or Authorised Superstitions-M.W. Foye-1856.pdf
Disc 4\Romish Tyranny-Or The Tactics of Priests and Agents Exposed-Henry Galloway Gill-1868.pdf
Disc 4\Scientific Tracts-1832.pdf
Disc 4\Scotlands Free Church-George Ryley-John MacGregoe McCandish-1893.pdf
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Disc 4\Sermons on Various Subjects Evangelical, Devotional and Practical-Joseph Lathrop-1810.pdf
Disc 4\Servetus and Calvin-Robert Willis-1877.pdf
Disc 4\Sketches of the True Genius of Popery by a Protestant Nonconformist-Noel Welman-1852.pdf
Disc 4\Spain-It’s Greatness and Decay-Martin Andrew Sharp Hume-1905.pdf
Disc 4\Spanish and Portuguese South America During the Colonial Period-Robert Grant Watson-1884.pdf
Disc 4\Syllabus of Continental European History From the fall of Rome to 1870-Oliver Huntington Richardson-1904.pdf
Disc 4\The Age of Elizabeth-Mandell Creighton-1889.pdf
Disc 4\The Age of Revolution-William Holden Hutton-1908.pdf
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Disc 4\Travels in France and Germany in 1865 and 1866-Edmund Spencer-1866.pdf
Disc 4\Ukraine on the Road to Freedom-Ukrainian National Committee of the U.S.-1919.pdf
Disc 4\Unsectarian Notes on Free Will- Justification by Faith-Richard Herring-1885.pdf
Disc 4\View of the State of Europe During the Middle Ages-Henry Hallam-1840.pdf
Disc 4\Walks in Rome-Augustus John Cuthbert Hare-1897.pdf
Disc 4\Warrior, Priest, Statesman-English Heroes in the 13th Century-1873.pdf

27 May, 2017

La Bible du roi Jacques (KJV) en Français – enfin ! (màj)

Vous avez constate a travers ce blog que mon eveil au fil du temps au monde satanique dans lequel nous sommes m’a porte du constat de “quelque chose cloche dans le monde” a la parole de Dieu Jehovah (rien a voir avec les “Temoins de Jehovah” !), en passant par tout les “panneaux” dans lesquels les “chercheurs de verite” peuvent tomber tel les extra-terrestres de l’espace ou l’anti-judaisme.

En ces temps de tribulation, alors que le coadjuteur jesuite Emmanuel Macron devient la tete de proue de Republique Francaise, un Etat fasciste romain parmi d’autres, et vous enfume a travers les medias avec une histoire l’opposant au coadjuteur jesuite Donald Trump*, j’etais a la recherche de la parole de Jehovah en Francais.


The Bible King James Version Française (in French)

Ne connaissant en aucune maniere quelque christianisme francophone il m’etait impossible de me referer a “une” Bible honnetement traduite tiree des textes anciens sacres.
D’ailleurs, y-a-t-il jamais eu de Chretiens en France depuis l’extermination de Huguenots qui ne s’exilerent pas ?
Il existe de bien nombreuses “bibles” sataniques francophones avec des tas de censures. Ajouts, modifications et retraits de mots, phrases et meme paragraphes entiers sont commun.

Comment cela est-il possible ? Car meme les diverses Eglises issues de la Reforme ont depuis tres longtemps ete infiltrees par les troupes d’elite de la religion universaliste de Rome, les jesuites qui ont detruit ces mouvements de l’interieur (et  cree des sectes tel les Mormons et les Temoins de Jehova).

Difficile de suivre la parole de Dieu Jehovah pervertie par le vieil/nouvel ordre mondial pour qui est alerte.

Las ! C’etait sans compter sur une chretienne qui durant vingt-cinq ans a traduit LA Bible anglaise dite “King James Version” (ou KJV), en francais la “Bible du roi Jacques”.
La Bible KJV fut redigee au cours de tres nombreuses annees par des erudits qui analyseres et traduirent les textes en grec ancien qui existaient encore a l’epoque. Ils continue le travail entrepris par Erasme, Luther et tant d’autres qui ont traduit le Bible le plus scrupuleusement possible pour en finir avec les bibles frelatees telle la Vulgate.
Leur but ultime etait de permettre aux peuples de lire la parole de Dieu Jehovah. Ainsi les ajout pour clarifier la comprehension sont en italique. Le choix des mots fut murement reflechi pour eviter de preter a confusion.
La Bible KJV fut publiee pour la premiere fois en 1611 avec l’accord du roi Jacques VI et Ier (James Stuart) d’ou son nom ; il ne s’agissait pas d’un instrument de pouvoir du roi sur ses sujets comme la Vulgate peut servir a l’Empire Romain / Eglise Catholique pour renforcer son emprise.

Telecharger et lisez litteralement la Bible francaise depuis

Sumatra PDF est un logiciel cabable d’ouvrir les PDF et il est sans espion, ou spyware, contrairement a Adobe Reader et Foxit :

Introduction par Nadine Stratford en Francais :



Introduction by Nadine Stratford in English:


Missing from Wikipedia.
If you work at or for Wikipedia please add it.

*Donald Trump, l’acteur milliardaire en faillite a plusieurs reprises et qui s’est refait sans probleme (pensez a un Bernard Tapis qui aurait reussi) devenu le president de la U.S.A. Corporation dans le District de Columbia a officiellement passe deux ans chez les jesuits.

28 February, 2017

Shocking revelation about the Catholic-Islamic connection

Or how does the Vatican control Islam and the muslims.

Is the end goal to get rid of all Christians and Jews (whether apostate or not, zionist or not, satanist or not) using Catholics, Muslims, and other religions before ushering the open world religion of Satanism in a Communist world headed by the antichrist serving Lucifer?

The Islamic Connection by Walter Veith.
The Shrine, ISIS, the Holy See (Vatican), etc.

Now, think again what you want on this flat Earth.
Happiness, free speech, free thinking and the right to worship our father Jehovah?Or raising hell from the abyss with torment from the demons and enslavement, torture and sacrifice to Lucifer / Satan?

Pray to Jehovah, read the KJV Bible 1611,  share and spread the truth, fight for your freedom, learn how to defend yourself (legal and lethal), learn how to live with very little (preparedness, survival skills), help the other man.

5 November, 2016

South Africa: Mass murders, does anyone care???

Ethnico-religious “cleansing” the way protestants to the reign of the Vatican over our flat Earth are always the victims.

White gentils under mind control won’t defend the white Christians of South Africa and elsewhere because the Vatican (Jesuits and Zionists) agents have worked their way through mind control so that many white people of the world feel they owe to all the races, particularly black Africans and black Americans, as if it was their fault the (Catholic Roman) Empire used some of their ancestors to act savagely  (like with slavery from Africa to the Americas).

Now, you -reader- MUST understand that real Christians are good people and that atheism, Catholicism, Islam, Zionism, Hinduism, Communism,  etc are the opposite.
Christians don’t come to a place to subjugate, terrorise, torture and murder other people. But the Antichrist Church of Babylone in Rome does that, particularly through their Jesuists troopers (typically using coadjutors in sheeps clothes).

Acting according to the word of Jesus Christ won’t make you a terrorist but just the opposite. Yet, it doesn’t mean you have to bend to your rapists.

What is a life if it has to be lived as a slave?!!

Better die for the good God than for or/and by Satan.

“Yes we can’t!” Can’t we fight? Really?

Published on Aug 23, 2015

Monica Stone joins Lana Lokteff to speak about the subject of White Genocide in South Africa. She works with the website and also the Living Waters Foundation. Monica is committed to spreading awareness about the rape, torture, murders, and the genocide of the White South African people. We begin with a quick history lesson on South Africa, a region that was completely open in 1652 when members of Dutch East India Company arrived and settled the Cape of Good Hope, where they brought agricultural knowledge, science and math education, established public schools, property rights, boundaries, and human rights. Monica describes how things went terribly wrong, beginning in the 19th century, when the British took over the Dutch East India Company. Wars ensued in this period, which coincided with the discovery of gold, and many Afrikaners fled the area to escape suppression. Monica explains the current state of governmental affairs, a reign by the ANC that has led South Africa down a path to destruction since the end of apartheid, with the clear purpose of eradicating all Whites from the country. We look at the influx of immigrants saturating the area for the past 20+ years, putting extreme pressure on a fragile infrastructure that is not being properly maintained and bringing in more crime and racial tension. Monica tells about the rampant, deep-seated hatred for Afrikaners that has resulted in over 85,000 murders since 1994, along with an epidemic of the rape and torture of countless innocent people. Monica gives examples of what it is like living in a country where it is against the law to defend yourself against even the most unspeakable crimes. We discuss why these abysmal conditions have gotten to this point and why none of the Afrikaners’ White brothers and sisters in the West are stepping up to help. Also, we take a look at the real players running the show in the ANC, a narrative that is being controlled by the Zionist media and is almost identical to that of the US. We end with some thoughts on what it will take to turn this seemingly hopeless situation around and how the people of South Africa, Europe and the US can band together to keep from being drowned by the treason running deep in all White countries.

About Us


Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Nelson Mandela, Yossel Mashel “Joe” Slovo at a communist rally.


Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa in Knights of Malta garments. The Order of Malta is a freemason organisation working for the pharaonic-babylonian Catholic Church of Rome at the Vatican. The Anglican Church of Southern Africa is part of the Anglican Communion (Church of England, etc). The churches of the Anglican Communion considers themselves to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and to be both Catholic and Reformed.


Nelson Mandela’s list of bombings, his great feats as a communist terrorist working for the Vatican.


Communist Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela with Jesuit trained dictator of Cuba, the white catholic communist Fidel Castro. Like what skin colour is not the problem when one serves Satan and his pharaonic-babylonian Catholic Church.


Nelson Mandela and ??? in Knights of Malta garments. The Order of Malta is a freemason organisation working for the pharaonic-babylonian Catholic Church of Rome at the Vatican.


Thabo Mbeki in Knights of Malta garments. The Order of Malta is a freemason organisation working for the pharaonic-babylonian Catholic Church of Rome at the Vatican.


Mass-media and educational systems mind control made Communist Knight of Malta Nelson Mandela a great man to unsuspicious mankind, it is certainly in the work he achieved for the satanic Church of Rome.


The Anglican Church of Southern Africa is part of the Anglican Communion (Church of England, etc). The churches of the Anglican Communion considers themselves to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and to be both Catholic and Reformed.

27 September, 2014

Jack Lang et Pierre Moscovici “l’affaire de la péniche” à Paris (viol d’enfant en réunion, suivi de mort)

On en decouvre tous les jours, pour peut qu’on cherche. Cette horreur dont je n’etais pas au fait, inclus deux des stars  du Parti Socialiste francais, qui comme tous les politiciens sont des bons a riens, des satanistes, violeurs et assassins d’enfants (et hommes et femmes), des voleurs, des menteurs, des mignons de leur stupide maitre lucifer.

Lectrice, lecteur, n’oubliez jamais que ces “affaires” ne sont meme pas le millieme des faits. Les disparitions d’adulte et d’enfants n’ont probablement jamais ete aussi nombreuses… et on nous passe les details sur le cannibalisme et le reste.

La vidéo fait le buzz depuis quelques jours, mais elle est en ligne depuis le mois de juin 2011.Dans ladite vidéo qui a été postée sur Youtube, un père, qui se fait appeler Emmanuel Verdin, explique qu’il a porté plainte contre Jack Lang, pour la 2e fois, pour la mémoire de sa fille.

Il explique dans une vidéo très courte et mal coupée, que Jack lang a violé sa fille de 4 ans entre 1999 et 2001. Les faits se seraient produits sur une péniche qui aurait appartenu à un député du Var, mise à quai à Paris, aujourd’hui face à la tour Eiffel et baptisée le Makaï. 50 personnes peuvent y festoyer sans problème, et ladite péniche est aujourd’hui louée pour des évènements.

Emmanuel Verdin explique que son ex, la mère de sa fille Laureen, fréquentait des personnes qui connaissaient Jack Lang pour l’avoir accompagné lors de voyages pédophiles, notamment au Maroc et en Thaïlande. C’est assez intéressant, car les affaires qui n’existent pas concernant Jack lang au Maroc datent précisément de cette période. Et tout ce petit monde aurait donc violé la fille de Verdin.

Verdin dit aussi qu’il a été frappé par trois flics de Paris (et met en ligne la photo où on le voit avec un oeil au beurre noir) après avoir tenté de porter plainte pour sa fille.

Sur Facebook, il répond à quelqu’un en expliquant (je recopie tel quel): “ce n est pas un bruit c est un fait jack lang as abuse de ma fille de 4 ans entre 99 et 2001 ma fille as été violée en réunion par sa mere ces compagnons et jack lang qui es un ami de viol de ces gens au maroc et en thailande ma fille laureen es décédée a la suite de ces viols d une infection

Comble du glauque, la petite Laureen serait donc décédée des suites de ces agressions.

Entendu une première fois par la brigade des mineurs en 2006, l’affaire a été étouffée, dit-il. C’est pourquoi il a retenté de porter plainte le 23 juin auprès du Procureur du TGI de Paris,  enregistrée sous le numéro p11-174-0987 section p4.

Emmanuel Verdin a d’ailleurs le même avocat que Tristane Banon.

Après l’affaire Coral dans laquelle Lang avait été cité avec des dizaines d’autres ‘personnalités’, après les propos de Ferry ou de Roger Holeindre (certes membre du Front national, mais un des seuls à citer Lang comme ayant “été compromis dans l’affaire d’un lieu de vie qui s’appelle le Coral”, où “on prostituait les enfants”), après les dossiers sur Lang au Maroc où il s’est fait remarquer au moins deux fois, il est incroyable de constater que personne ne lui a encore demandé de comptes. Au contraire, monsieur se permettait de critiquer le tabou concernant “la sexualité puérile”


Source : Un père porte plainte contre Jack Lang pour avoir violé sa fille en réunion

A consulter egalement :
Jack Lang :”La sexualité puérile est encore un continent interdit” Réseau pédophile « Coral »
Réseaux pédophiles : 90.000 enfants concernés et personne ne s’en souvient ! (partie 1)

2 May, 2014

Conférence Alain Soral, Farida Belghoul, Mathias Cardet

Cher amis republicains, zoophiles, homosexuels et amoureux de jeunes enfants de moins de trois ans, voici une incroyable conference antisémitisme d’un negre, une bougnoule et un fasciste de race blanche !
Cela est digne d’Adolf Hitler, Dieudonne ou E.T. (“E.T. telephone maison”) et inacceptable. L’Etat d’Israel ne leur a pas donne le droit !!!!! Suce aux francais !

(- Non, c’est “sus” Ariel.
– Ta gueule Shimon ! je fais ma lessive.
– Va te laver les mains elles sont toutes jaunes.
– Shimon ! Je me pisse sur les mains pour me rapprocher de Satan… heu de Dieu ! C’est la couleur de l’or)


Les anti-sémites malgré eux Yannick Noah, Dieudonné… et pourquoi pas Rothschild !!!
L’avocat des FEMEN Patrick Klugman démasqué en direct ! (ENORME)
Censure “loi nouvelle sur la liberté de l’internet” Esther Benbassa

9 December, 2013

Nelson Mandela : Toute la Vérité ou Uniquement des Mensonges ?

Note du 21 novembre 2016 Anno Domini de l’Eglise Catholique Romaine Babylonienne :

Si vous suivez ce blog vous savez que j’ai avance dans la decouverte de la verite. La puissance de l’eglise Catholique Romaine Babylonienne / Egyptienne (rien a voir avec le Christianisme bien qu’ils utilisent les nom de Marie, Jesus et Dieu dans leur trinite luciferienne – IHS = Isis, Horus, Set) et leur haine des juifs (Jesus) telle qu’ils feront toujours passer des juifs pour coupables au yeux des athees, catholiques, musulmans, etc.

Non que ces juifs participant a la manipulation, tel Jacques Attali ou Bernard-Henri Lévy en France ou George Soros et la dynastie Rothschild dans le monde, par exemple, ne le soit pas -en partie au moins- des criminels, car nombreux sont les juifs qui travaillent pour l’Empire, mais ne nous trompons pas d’ennemi.

Faites vos recherches et tot ou tard vous saurez que le Vatican a des accords avec les etats de Palestine et d’Israel a certaines fins…

Pendant ce temps l’erradication de la Reforme (c’est la Contre-Reforme de l’Empire Romain Catholique) entre dans sa derniere phase.
Les vrais Chretiens (“Protestants”), c’est a dire ceux qui suivent la parole de Jesus, d’apres la Bible la plus originelle et la moins censuree par l’Empire, seront EXTERMINES par l’ancien/nouvel ordre mondial qu’est l'”eglise” catholique romaine satanique/babylonienne/egyptienne comme ils le furent dans TOUTES les guerres qui ont deja eu lieu afin de permettre l’etablissement du royaume de l’antechrist (homosexualite, pedophilie, zoopholie, avortement, sexualisation a outrance, LGBTisme, culture de l’abrutissement, immolation par le feu des nouveaux nees, esclavagisme/feodalite…).

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa in Knights of Malta garments. The Order of Malta is a freemason organisation working for the pharaonic-babylonian Catholic Church of Rome at the Vatican.  The Anglican Church of Southern Africa is part of the Anglican Communion (Church of England, etc). The churches of the Anglican Communion considers themselves to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and to be both Catholic and Reformed.

Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa in Knights of Malta garments. The Order of Malta is a freemason organisation working for the pharaonic-babylonian Catholic Church of Rome at the Vatican.
The Anglican Church of Southern Africa is part of the Anglican Communion (Church of England, etc). The churches of the Anglican Communion considers themselves to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and to be both Catholic and Reformed.


Article originel :

Nelson Mandela le communiste, toujours avec un juif derriere (ou a cote). Ces photos sont rares car Mandela etait un chouchou de l’elite il a donc ete preserve pour devenir president de l’Afrique du Sud afin de mieux detruire le pays. Comme tout (President) Directeur General (Hollande, Merkel, Obama, etc), il etait tres probablement un homme fait de beaucoup de pailles et a tres bien servi ses maitres (Vatican (Jésuites) / Courrone Britanique / Juifs-communistes).

Les trop rares photographies ayant echappees a la censure :

Fausse captivité. Il était en "prison" uniquement pour les entrevues avec les journalistes.

Fausse captivité. Il était en “prison” uniquement pour les entrevues avec les journalistes.

Mandela le communiste.

Mandela le communiste.

Mandela travaillit pour les la Compagnie de Jésus (Jésuites)

Mandela travaillait pour les la Compagnie de Jésus (Jésuites)

Nelson Mandela demi-dieu des Africains ou illustre marionnette aux mains de l’élite draco pour faire avancer leur plan contre l’humanité ?


17 April, 2013

Paper Gold & Silver Plunge, Not Real Hard Metal

All of you want to read the news at

Real hard metal is down but not that much as demand was still high just before collapse.

Mines are closing, banksters hoard gold from Cyprus, some say gold is extracted from Earth for other civilisations (does it explain why coffers and vaults – say Fort Knox – are empty?), so that LESS gold but yet it goes DOWN (on the manipulated financial markets).

Big things are happening and to cover them many other things happen (in the media at least) : Thatcher’s funerals, bombing in Boston, poison sent to US senator, North Korea ‘menacing the world peace’, looting of Cyprus, governments reshuffling, ‘flu’ pandemic (yeah, many are coughing), pope sepping donw, new jesuit pope, etc

Anybody’s looking at the Sky?

7 April, 2013

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology

As the natural world dies around us, what will take its place? Planetary engineering includes bioremediation measures to bring us genetically engineered trees and crops. And what of humans themselves? How are we being transformed from the inside out?

People around the world are observing aerosol spraying (also called “chemtrails”) and strange man-made clouds. White skies filter sunlight as trees around the country sicken and die. Soil and water tests high for heavy metals and artificial fibers fall on us from the sky.

Is aerosol spraying only about experimenting with weather? What do the self-replicating fibers found in Morgellons patients signify? Why are engineered materials being found in airborne environmental samples?

All this suggests a planetary engineering program that is affecting and targeting all living things. Synthetic biology is science’s most exciting new frontier, combining genetics, robotics and nanotechnology with artificial intelligence, hybridizing natural forms and engineering tissues beyond our wildest dreams. The technology explosion is rocketing, and artificial intelligence will surpass our own capabilities.

How will our world be organized then? Will we turn ourselves over to machines? Or will we have become technological hybrids ourselves?

Learn more at:

Find the DVD and more at:

PS: Unlike most content on this YouTube channel, livemusic did not shoot or edit this video. Please spread the link widely! It’s time to have this discussion on a mainstream level. Thank you.

26 February, 2013

War on Mali (Opération Serval), François Hollande (Rothschild agent) and German gold

Treasury Releases Results of NY Fed Gold Audit, Inadvertantly Reveals US Gold Stores at NY Fed Are Only 466 Tons!

Germany Taking Gold Back From USA And France, 674 Tons Will Be Moved To Bundesbank
“The following table shows the current and the envisaged future allocation of Germany’s gold reserves across the various storage locations:
31 December 2012 31 December 2020
Frankfurt am Main 31 % 50 %
New York 45 % 37 %
London 13 % 13 %
Paris 11 % 0 %”

France’s Hollande Invades Mali, Wins UNESCO Peace Prize

Bankrupt France invades Mali to grab gold mines

Mali is Africa’s third largest gold producer after South Africa and Ghana. Mali produced 53,7 t of gold in 2009

Rothschild, those who really control France or!topic/fr.soc.politique/6VnKHVQbp8U



9 February, 2013

HIV and AIDS between lies and deception

Guest: David Crowe,
Topic: The amazing  science of HIV/Aids, how the whole world has been hoodwinked since the 1980s. Hiv has never been isolated, it has nothing to do with sex, we have been lied to about everything.



David Crowe
1981, ‘previously healthy gay men’ (read: ‘non-hospitalized before’!).
In the first paper: 5 patients, using immuno suppressing nitrate inhalants: ‘poppers’, marketed with homo erotic names.

“The patients did not know each other and had no known common contacts or knowledge of sexual partners who had had similar illnesses. Two of the 5 reported having frequent homosexual contacts with various partners. All 5 reported using inhalant drugs, and 1 reported parenteral drug abuse”

Nevertheless medical establishment started looking for a virus!!!
These gays were not close…

1984, Gallo:
patents on blood tests HIV
discovery of HTLV-3 (HIV)
Scientific paper in Science.

Sarngadharan MG et al. Antibodies Reactive with Human T-Lymphotropic Retroviruses (HTLV-III in the Serum of Patients with AIDS). Science. 1984 May 4; 224: 506?8.
Popovic M et al. Detection, Isolation, and Continuous Production of Cytopathic Retroviruses (HTLV-III) from Patients with AIDS and Pre-AIDS. Science. 1984 May 4; 224: 497?500.
Gallo RC et al. Frequent Detection and Isolation of Cytopathic Retroviruses (HTLV-III) from Patients with AIDS and at Risk for AIDS. Science. 1984 May 4; 224: 500?3.
Schüpbach J et al. Serological Analysis of a Subgroup of Human T-Lymphotropic Retroviruses (HTLV-III) Associated with AIDS. Science. 1984 May 4; 224: 503?505.

HIV test = Antibody test

‘Special virus’, once infected, you can never be cured…

Antibody test  Elisa test,(serum, proteins color change), Western Blot (serum on the strip, according to molecular weight, different interpretations).

  • -Antigen test
  • -Culture test

Gays ‘demanded’ drugs against Aids.
(GSK) AZT is a false nucleoside analogue for thymine, ‘defective bead in the chain’.

“It was often difficult to distinguish adverse events possibly associated with administration of RETROVIR® (AZT?) from underlying signs of HIV disease or intercurrent illnesses”, Retrovir product monograph. GlaxoSmithKline. 2005 Sep 21.
Killing fast growing cells…
Massive deaths caused by AZT.

Image of AIDS: Emaciated patients in the hospital: AZT victims!
Burroughs Wellcome, immuno suppressive drug for transplant patients!
1987 HIV positive hemofiliacs died in droves…
Nancy Turner Banks, GSK

“[In a study of British hemophiliacs with a median seroconversion date of late 1982] The annual death rate in patients with severe haemophilia remained steady at 8 per 1,000 during 1977-84, but then rose progressively to 38 in 1991-92. This increase was confined to patients who tested seropositive for HIV and among whom the death rate increased steeply from 1985, reaching 81 in 1991-92. Among moderate/mild patients [who were HIV-positive]…the death rate again rose steeply during 1985-92…Treatment, by prophylaxis against Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia or with zidovudine [AZT], has been widespread for HIV-infected haemophiliacs since about 1989 [actually, since 1987 when AZT was first approved for treatment of AIDS], However, the steady increase in the excess death rate from 1985 to 1992 suggests that in this population the increasing impact of HIV-associated mortality has not been halted by these treatments [but no consideration of whether the treatments might be causing some or all of the excess death rate]. This study includes deaths only until 1992, and so does not permit examination of data following widespread use in the UK of high purity factor concentrate…During 1985-92, 403 deaths occurred in seropositive patients and for 235 of these the certified cause was AIDS. For the remaining 168 deaths…there were significant excesses for many causes indicative of AIDS [but also associated with the therapy used], including infections, non-Hodgkin?s lymphoma and pneumonia, and also significant excesses for causes associated with haemophilia.”
Darby SC et al. Mortality before and after HIV infection in the complete UK population of haemophiliacs. Nature. 1995 Sep 7; 377(6544): 79?82.

protease inhibitors: buffalo hump, disturbed metabolism

Sexual transmission of aids?. in reality is?  ZERO!

“We followed 175 HIV-discordant couples over time, for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow-up…The longest duration of follow-up was 12 visits (6 years). We observed no seroconversions after entry into the study…only 75% reported consistent condom use in the 6 months prior to their final follow-up visit. Forty-seven couples who remained in follow-up for 3 months to 6 years used condoms intermittently, and no seroconversions occurred among exposed partners.”
Padian NS et al. Heterosexual Transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Northern California: Results from a Ten-Year Study. Am J Epidemiol. 1997 Aug; 146(4): 350?7.

John Crewdson, Science Fictions: A Scientific Mystery, a Massive Cover-up and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo [Paperback]

Celia Farber, Out of Control. Aids and the corruption of medical science,

Office of Medical and Scientific Justice,

US: non sick, HIV test
Africa, sick, non HIV test


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