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16 April, 2018

Les Satellites Artificiels sont des Ballons – Terre Plate / Artificial Satellites are Balloons – Flat Earth

La terre est plate, le firmament existe et vous continuez a vous faire hypnotiser par la television, la radio, la presse et le systeme “educatif”.

Reveillez vous !

Lisez la Bible du Roi Jacques, la seule non censuree par l’Empire / Eglise Romaine Catholique Universelle et ses filiale apostates “Protestante”.

The earth is flat, the firmament is a reality and yet you keep on letting your thoughts being controlled by the satanists & child rapists running the media and the “education” system.

Wake up!

Read the the Bible (King James Version) the only Bible that has not been censored by the Empire / the Universal Roman Catholic Church and its apostat “Protestant” subsidiaries.

Les satellites dans l’espace sont FAUX /// Satellites in space are FAKE


How NASA Fooled The World – The Flat Earth

12 February, 2018

The Truth about Zionism: the Vatican/Jesuit Connections (+ Islam + State of Israel)

By Johnny Cirucci.
Published on Jul 3, 2017 on YouTube.

27 January, 2018

LGBT – Cristiano Ronaldo was born a woman (female)

Yet another tranny!

Portuguese super-star(let) Cristiano Ronaldo is a woman on hormones:

23 January, 2018

Isaac Newton’s Theory of Gravity versus earth

19 January, 2018

LGBT – Conor McGregor a female-to-male transgender thing

Are you a man? Are you worshiping Conor McGregor as “male” idol?

Think again!


16 January, 2018

LGBT – How Satan’s servants make female-to-male transgender beings

How made scientists are creating baphomets:


Those anti-God beings are all over the place:


15 January, 2018

LGBT – MK Ultra Genetically Engineered Transworld Super Athletes


13 January, 2018

Virginia Raggi il sindaco transessuale di Roma | Rome’s woman mayor is a transexual sodomite

Virginia Raggi del Movimento 5 Stelle, la sindachessa di Roma Virginia Raggi non è una donna ma un uomo travestito/transessuale/LGBT.

Virginia Raggi sindaco uomo transessuale di Roma

Virginia Raggi sindaco uomo transessuale di Roma

13 January, 2018

Aurora Borealis IS NOT What You Were Told FLAT EARTH PROOF

4 January, 2018

Pythagoras Fake Solar System is Sun Worship (Flat Earth)




30 December, 2017

FACEBOOK : La Face Cachée Ou Comment Contrôler La Plèbe

25 December, 2017

Comment et Pourquoi la Terre est Devenue Ronde il y a 500 ans ? Demandez aux Jésuites

Comment s’appelle le telescope du Vatican en Arizona, Etats-Unis d’Amerique ?
LUCIFER pour Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research

Renseignez-vous donc sur l’organisation Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope (VATT) operee par la Compagnie de Jesus (communement appele les jesuites).



unaxe__Eutelsat__ariase.com_Le_satellite_Eutelsat_KA-SAT_9A__171128 – Le satellite Eutelsat KA-SAT_9A (fibre optique)

Base EUTELSAT a Rambouillet

unaxe__Eutelsat__ariase.com_Les_missions_du_teleport__171128 – Les missions du téléport satellite (fibre optique)