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3 October, 2018

Alex Jones or Bill Hicks? Actors and fake news: turn off the TV (+ mass migration + Jews + Bible)

Has the plasticky face-lifted skin of Alex Jones never raised any suspicion in you?
And what about the weirdly insane outbursts of his?

After I had followed the man for sometime I had decided to dig into his background. Back then it already wasn’t difficult to figure out that this Infowars / business and anchor figure of Alex Jones were up to something Machiavellian.

Once I was, and so are you now I hope, unhooked from that devil and start digging beyond the pristine layer of lies you may fall dip in Satan’s pit called the “Jewish conspiracy” that so many people believe in these days.

At least it was my path, from “globalists” to “Jewish people”. After all they are everywhere. There is more Jews than Chineses, aren’t there?
Likewise, you may come to the understanding or religious belief that for some weird reasons Hitler, and Stalin, and Churchill, and Pope John Paul 2nd, were somehow and somewhat Jewish so now that you have a good reason to hate the Jews. As anyone should we are told.

But wait, who is telling us to hate the Jews? Based on what?
The Rothschild? From nowhere this family appears a couple of centuries ago and gain control of the world. Uh??! I thought so.

Yet in the back of my head there was a tiny question in the waiting to come to fruition and pop: “Who is it the Jews or the Jesuits?”. Why? Because during my long researches I cross the road of the Jesuists that some people dared to bring to the fore front, many of which were self described as “Christians”.

That was it from that moment on.

Although it took weeks, perhaps months before I finally searched for information on this topic this marked the moment the old paradigm of ‘in between worlds of fallacies’ (mainstream media versus fake alternative media) got shattered.
Later I would learn about Societas Iesu (the Jesuits), the Papacy (the Roman Empire), the Babylonian Roman Catholic satanic faith and its daughter the Muslim Islam, Freemasonry, demonic possessions (not “reptilian” ones as I used to), circular flat earth, the creation of earth, the lies of space programme, the truth about the so called orbiting and geostationary satellites and so much more.

Additionally I received a good teaching in the Christian faith, the opposite of Roman Catholicism/Hinduism/Buddhism/Islam/Talmudism/Freemasonry/Voodoo/Atheism/New Age/Spiritualism/Paganism… all downright Satan worshiping conducive beliefs.
Plus, how all attempts to return to the Word of our Lord God Jehovah and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ had been annihilated but for the short-lived Reform that brought freedom of opinion/mind/speech, temperance, right to bear arms to protect yourself (in the USA at least) and so many benefits people in the Western countries are seeing vanishing fast as the Inquisition is in full swing.

I got save by the Grace of our Lord.

I started reading the AV 1611 Bible: all made sense, all became clear.

Getting back to Alex Jones.
If you reader want to become a pawn of the “globalists” (hint: their seat is located in the Unholy City) you can join the brown/black fascistic shirts (national socialists) that are working for the same Jesuit-led Freemason White, Black, Brown, Yellow leaders than those who are the “far left”, the red shirts, (international socialists).

Mass immigration.
They are bringing non-White people in the White apostate countries because They know White races are those that are able to uphold the Law of the Lord and fight the Roman Catholic One World Government openly atheist (communist), but covertly fascist (Satan worshiping), WHEN THEY LIVE BY THE ORIGINAL WORD OF OUR LORD JEHOVAH – i.e. The Holy Bible, as in the KJV for the English readers, the KJV in French for the French speakers, etc.

Yes, Lord Jehovah is nationalistic. No, Lord Jehovah is not represented on earth by the filthy Babylonian Pope and the satanic Roman Catholic Church.

Yes, the Jewish people is the chosen people of our Lord (read the Old Testament of the AV 1611 Bible). No, they haven’t got all the rights on this earth, the Grace of our Lord has been extended to Gentile peoples (read the New Testament – Lord Jesus Christ came for us all) and who curses the Jews is cursing himself.

Enough written, go fetch that King James AV 1611 version* of the Bible that has been waiting for you since the Lord gave you physical life in the womb of your mother thanks to the sperm of your father.

*Avoid like the plague the anti-Bible sprung from The New Testament in the Original Greek by jesuits coajutors Brooke Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort (used by: the Roman Catholic Church, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many more anti-Christian organisations including the now apostate Protestant churches).

Be the Will of our Lord Jehovah be done through you.


21 September, 2018

Le feminisme et ses transexuels #LGBT

Comment detruire les Hommes, c’est a dire les hommes et les femmes ?
En revendiquant un status special aux femmes (comme aux “minorites”) sans meme que celles-ci ne demandent rien.

C’est ainsi que le mouvement feministe apparu en meme temps que le(s) socialisme(s).
La Revolution de la societe passerait par la transformation mentale de la femme qui deviendrait l’anti-these de la femme, c’est a dire un homme avec un corps de femme, et qui deviendrait l’absolue dictatrice de facon a detruire l’homme masculain, l’homme matcho, l’homme qui defend sa famille, sa culture, sa patrie, et donc qui bloque le changement que l’Empire Romain Catholique impose depuis que la Reforme l’a oblige de nous faire sortir de l’Age Sombre (“Moyen” Age) mais qui n’a de cesse avec sa “Sainte” (satanique) Inquisition de nous replacer sous le controle absolue de la Babylone en exile, Rome (le Vatican).

Pendant que la Revolution des moeurs se developpee la Revolution Sexuelle apparue (partouse, sodomie, etc) et deviendrait la norme preparant de ce fait le LGBTisme comme nouvelle norme de la societe francaise/occidentale athee/catholique.
Se faisant balayant egalement la Reforme, les ex-pays Chretiens (Grande Bretagne, Suede, Provinces Unies, Etats-Unis, Suisse, Prusse…) ayant ete (re-)transformes en pays catholiques et de se fait babylonises ont suivi le meme chemin que les terres catholiques, islamiques et othodoxes d’Europe.
Et qu’est-ce que Babylone si se n’ai socellerie et sodomie ?

Aujourd’hui l’Etat controle nos vies. Codes et legislations en tout genre s’appliquant a la populace, Securite Sociale, controle mental par l'”Education”, par les medias… et a remplacee l’homme.
La femme n’a pas besoin d’un homme ; son pere, son mari, son tuteur est l’Etat.

Deja des generations sont nees sans pere, sans reelle mere, et eduquees par l’Etat.


Pendant tout ce temps la science, occultee de la population et satanique, a fait des avances importante dans le genie (cherches donc l’etymologie) genetique.
Le clonage de l’Homme est connu des scientifiques les plus malicieux depuis au moins septante/octante ans.

Au-dela du clonage c’est la capacite de creer des etre ressemblant a des hommes, des femmes ou des chimeres qui a interesse les scientifiques satanistes travaillant pour l’elite sataniste.

Les elites ont souvent tendance a vouloir reduire les risques dans leurs entreprises d’ou l’importance de l’utilisation de FTM (female-to-male, femme transexuallisee en homme) ou MTF (male-to-female, homme transexuallise en femme).

C’est pourquoi ils utilisent leurs transexuelles absolument partout pour porter leurs messages de changements. C’est ce que font les hybrides representant les organisations feministes.


Rappel : deux types de socialismes, le socialisme national amenant au fascisme et socialisme international installant le communisme.
Les deux se rejoignant a leur tete, par exemple les coajuteurs jesuites Hitler (national socialiste) et Staline (international socialiste) est leurs agents jesuites travaillant a l’extermination des juifs et des chretiens (lutheriens, orthodoxes…).

Lien video :

Ces travestis qui se font passer pour des feministes

Published by Transpocalypse Now on Fri, 18 Aug 2017 04:18:35 GMT

Vidéo originale:
Le féminisme date de plusieurs siècles et si vous faites une recherche rapide et jetez un œil sur les têtes de ces soi-disant “femmes” leaders féministes… vous aurez bien des surprises ! Donc, ce sont des hommes déguisés en femmes qui conseillent aux vraies femmes de coucher à droite et à gauche au maximum, de se faire avorter, d’essayer l’homosexualité, le mélange des couleurs, qui vous disent qu’être féministe c’est bien et que cela ne veut pas dire pour autant que vous détestez les hommes, etc.. etc… etc… Notez que nombre de ces travestis-féministes sont juifs par-dessus le marché ! Bah wouah ! Normal !
4 June, 2018

Les satellites existent-ils ? (NASA, ESA, Arianespace, fibre optique, espace, lune, projet Corona)

Ou est-ce de la fibre optique qui connecte Skynet?

Les satellites existent-ils ?

unaxe__Eutelsat__ariase.com_Le_satellite_Eutelsat_KA-SAT_9A__171128 – Le satellite Eutelsat KA-SAT_9A (fibre optique)

Terre Plate: Jean Ratepasune – La VRAIE mise en orbite des satellites

12 May, 2018

Transinvestigation – Samuel Eto’o

Footballer Samuel Eto’o et “son” epoux-“femme”.
Soccer player Samuel Eto’o and her male wife.

9 May, 2018

Transvestigation – David & Victoria Beckham

Joue-la comme Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham

Source : Trans Investigator

5 May, 2018

5G une arme mortelle – téléphonie mobile et wifi

5G une arme mortelle – Téléphonie mobile et wifi

Video en anglais qui resume parfaitement l’objectif du wifi et micro-ondes presentes partout.

Nouvelle etape, la “5G” est une avancee majeure vers le renforcement de la dictature mondiale.

La 5G a une puissante capacite pour endommager les cellules et leur production entrainant des maladies que les gens desesperes croyront pouvoir soigner avec des vaccins!

La video contient bien plus d’informations, si vous comprenez l’anglais ecoutez-la.

Source : The Fullerton Informer
Site internet d’information:

16 April, 2018

Les Satellites Artificiels sont des Ballons – Terre Plate / Artificial Satellites are Balloons – Flat Earth

La terre est plate, le firmament existe et vous continuez a vous faire hypnotiser par la television, la radio, la presse et le systeme “educatif”.

Reveillez vous !

Lisez la Bible du Roi Jacques, la seule non censuree par l’Empire / Eglise Romaine Catholique Universelle et ses filiale apostates “Protestante”.

The earth is flat, the firmament is a reality and yet you keep on letting your thoughts being controlled by the satanists & child rapists running the media and the “education” system.

Wake up!

Read the the Bible (King James Version) the only Bible that has not been censored by the Empire / the Universal Roman Catholic Church and its apostat “Protestant” subsidiaries.

Les satellites dans l’espace sont FAUX /// Satellites in space are FAKE


How NASA Fooled The World – The Flat Earth

12 February, 2018

The Truth about Zionism: the Vatican/Jesuit Connections (+ Islam + State of Israel)

By Johnny Cirucci.
Published on Jul 3, 2017 on YouTube.

19 January, 2018

LGBT – Conor McGregor a female-to-male transgender thing

Are you a man? Are you worshiping Conor McGregor as “male” idol?

Think again!


16 January, 2018

LGBT – How Satan’s servants make female-to-male transgender beings

How made scientists are creating baphomets:


Those anti-God beings are all over the place:


15 January, 2018

LGBT – MK Ultra Genetically Engineered Transworld Super Athletes


13 January, 2018

Virginia Raggi il sindaco transessuale di Roma | Rome’s woman mayor is a transexual sodomite

Virginia Raggi del Movimento 5 Stelle, la sindachessa di Roma Virginia Raggi non è una donna ma un uomo travestito/transessuale/LGBT.

Virginia Raggi sindaco uomo transessuale di Roma

Virginia Raggi sindaco uomo transessuale di Roma