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Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.” –rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise, in The American Bulletin, 5th May 1935.
Certain l’appellent Marxisme – Moi je l’appelle Judaïsme.” rabbin Stephen Samuel Wise, dans The American Bulletin, 5 mai 1935.

unaxe.wordpress.com is a blog, just another brick on the wall of trying to spread what I believe could be or is the truth and help to free humanity from its mental chains.
It should give to you information to help comprehend better what is going on and what has been called New World Order (NWO) for some time – really, the same old World Order of the Illuminati/satalists/luciferians who own governments, religions, corporations, labor unions. organised crime, the whole matrix surrounding our lives.
Over the years by experiencing we can all learn. You may have come to grasp what is behind the fake reality through different avenues which were too full of deception. The “system” does own the “alternative media” or some prominent figures. They can brainwash, clone and replace them at will – except when the creator above satan won’t let it happen. The way they work to convince you of being on the right side, on your side, on the humanity’s side, is by distilling some rather low level truths. But you will almost always bust them on one prohibition: do not try to know what and who were behind the jewish holocaust / shoah circus, the Second World War Fuehrer, for it is used as the keystone, the excuse not to go after the bankers, the khazar/jewish people, the State of Israel, the destruction of human values (now slavery, pedophilia, homosexuality, carelessness, violence, cheating… have become the ‘positive’ values). After all you have to deeply think about our forebears and what as happened to societies that were banning the jews. Isn’t there something that explain why the goyim wanted to live free from this form of satanism? Even though many books have been destroyed by satan’s servants you can comprehend the basics of our world’s system if you want. The truth is there, look around. If you don’t see it is because of mental mechanisms, the way your senses’ feedback gets analysed and rendered in your mind. Some mechanisms are because of the way you grown up and others are just beliefs you have willingly adopted. You need detoxifying, and it’s easy it starts when you really want it.
On unaxe.wordpress.com are posted articles, links and footage that will bring real and true information to your eyes and hears. I have noticed over time, without any stupefaction, that videos are being encored on platforms such as YouTube. This fact has been demonstrated by many people. Therefore you will have to try finding the videos I am linking when they are missing. If you find a duplicate and you consider it interesting download it, it’s possible (by adding easily and quickly a software plug-in to your internet navigator).

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unaxe.wordpress.com est un blog pour vous aider a apprehender le monde.
Les medias traditionnels francais, europeens, ne valent pas mieux que les americains. Il est temps d’eteindre la television et de mettre de la musique traditionelle ou classique, et se mettre a reflechir par soi meme en lisant, regardant et ecoutant les medias alternatifs anti-“nouvel ordre mondial” (new world order ou NWO, en anglais).
Nous utilisons l’expression “nouvel ordre mondial” car c’est ainsi que les Illuminati aiment appeler les changement qu’ils apportent au monde depuis quelques siecles, au moins. Revolution francaise, guerres anglo-americaines, guerre “civile” etatsunienne, revolution russe, guerres mondiales, guerres de “decolonisation”, guerres comminisme contre “monde libre” (Coree, Vietnam, etc)… effondrements economiques (booms et crashes)… transformation de la Republique Populaire de Chine, lifting de l’URSS il y a une vingtaine d’annees… Vous etes bien dans la matrice, un monde virtuel qui est votre realite quotidien – surtout restez branchez a leurs merdias pour recevoir la mauvaise parole du diable.
A vrai dire c’est toujours le meme Ordre Mondial, ‘seul le gout change’ – pour paraphraser une publicite.


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