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27 January, 2018

LGBT – Cristiano Ronaldo was born a woman (female)

Yet another tranny!

Portuguese super-star(let) Cristiano Ronaldo is a woman on hormones:

23 January, 2018

Isaac Newton’s Theory of Gravity versus earth

19 January, 2018

LGBT – Conor McGregor a female-to-male transgender thing

Are you a man? Are you worshiping Conor McGregor as “male” idol?

Think again!


16 January, 2018

LGBT – How Satan’s servants make female-to-male transgender beings

How made scientists are creating baphomets:


Those anti-God beings are all over the place:


15 January, 2018

LGBT – MK Ultra Genetically Engineered Transworld Super Athletes


13 January, 2018

Virginia Raggi il sindaco transessuale di Roma | Rome’s woman mayor is a transexual sodomite

Virginia Raggi del Movimento 5 Stelle, la sindachessa di Roma Virginia Raggi non è una donna ma un uomo travestito/transessuale/LGBT.

Virginia Raggi sindaco uomo transessuale di Roma

Virginia Raggi sindaco uomo transessuale di Roma

13 January, 2018

Aurora Borealis IS NOT What You Were Told FLAT EARTH PROOF

4 January, 2018

Pythagoras Fake Solar System is Sun Worship (Flat Earth)