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30 April, 2017

Strange underground sounds – the noise of tunnel boring machines

For years people are reporting strange noises. Some of us who heard them would say these are trumpet-like sounds.

So, is it from Jehovah or from Satan?

There’s nothing like a boring time… boring noise because of the giant nuke powered boring tunnel machines piercing through rocks to develop the secret hidden transport(ation) system in preparation of WWIII and the coming of the anti-Christ.

Source: video IsUlS9TzORA from YouTube

28 April, 2017

Jesuit/Fascist/Nazi playbook for America (Donald Trump?)

In the following monologue you will receive a presentation of the evil plan from the Jesuit order/army using their coadjutors, Knights of Malta, Freemasons, etc as they reach successfully their goal of bringing on a full-blown Inquisition.

This comes after the Frank Marshall Davis’ son Barack Obama led the communist years. Right now we are at the inception of the fascist years with yet again a Jesuit employee by the name of Donald Trump. Trump too has come to the White House with his host of Catholics. What would we expect in a country like the U.S.A. and on an Earth controlled by the dark forces of the Jesuits serving their lord Satan (ex-Lucifer).

If you research for yourself you will find that the broad plan is known.
Usually the plans tend to be based on the same Hegelian dialectic: create a problem, offer the solution, enforce a new order.

Preparations have been made for turning the fascist* U.S.A. into a fully Inquisitional land. This is thought to happen with the detonation of a mini nuke in Washington, D.C.’s United States Congress (nuclear explosions are possible when the right harmonics are emitted from the sun). Some ‘alternative’ media have already been talking about Israeli mini nukes scattered about the U.S.A. territory. But it is not so much important as which Roman-serving secret agency (CIA, Mossad, MI6…) put the bombs but who will the Roman Commander in Chief accuses, Iran? North Korea? Russia? P.R. of China? to start a third world war.

Following the explosion, the capital will be moved to Denver, Colorado and full dictatorial powers vested in the Commander in Chief.
This explains the ostentatious and huge murals in the free-masonic new Denver International Airport depicting an atrocious war. (The lack of testimony is explained by the use of Spanish-speaking labour force from Central/South American countries who returned home when the construction ended.)
This explain why some major companies are headquartered in Denver.
This explains why the entire State apparatus was duplicated in Denver.
This explains why secret maglev train (‘high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2‘) lines run between Washington, D.C. and Denver, and beyond.

After that will come the invasion of the U.S.A. by the UN/communists/muslim forces (already training the the U.S.A.) to hunt down and murder the remaining Christian people of the U.S.A./America (any Christian in Canada??) and rape their women. The same as what the Allies and Communists did to MILLIONS of German/Prussian i.e. Christian/Protestant women during and after WWII, and even after WWI (search ‘Rhinelan bastards’ –Rheinlandbastards– for than).

Jewish people are also targeted. Because of the Jewish deviants serving the Roman Empire that are put in the forefront of the media such as George Soros and the like there will be a backslash against all Jewish people by the invading troops.

Listen to Eric Jon Phelps providing an insight in the devilish plan:

Found my article boring? Click here and watch & listen!


*As an example, notice the fasci or bundles in the Senate which represent the Roman Empire, which morphed into the Roman Catholic Church -meaning Universal, therefore applying to the whole world- whose head/Pontifex Maximus/Emperor is the Pope.

20 April, 2017




Operation “Gotham Shield”

The dates are sketchy, but they all fall between April 24 and April 27. The attack drill will be for a 10 kiloton nuke. Ham operators are asked to participate. Part of the drill will be for a nuclear EMP triggered blackout with a 12 mile radius (that’s a realistic radius) my beef against the EMP hoax is that if you are close enough to be affected by the EMP you are cooked anyway.

The last time any drill of this sort was run was on 911, HEADS UP FOLKS!

Source: Jim Stone’s