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8 December, 2016

Common Core : A l’école de Satan (bientôt en France) – English / Français

Common Core: Satan’s school / Common Core : A l’école de Satan

What they want is make your children biological robots and rape them.

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2 December, 2016

The CLS Talks 023 – The Gary Doyle Order (Part 8 – Preparing For Court)

Published on Nov 16, 2016

Part 7 of Lionel and Des’ examination of ‘The Gary Doyle Order’ and its defensive value in law in which they return to the story of Tom’s ordeal as it happened.

Published on Nov 17, 2016

Part 8 of Lionel and Des’ examination of ‘The Gary Doyle Order’ and its defensive value in law in which Tom begins to get ready for the big court battle.


Tearing Strips Off Judges etc.


Many of you will be acutely aware and have experienced by now, when we (The CLS) are working with People, part of our remit has evolved into that of “breaking People down”, in the content of having to re-educate them.




Often a very painful process, and especially so for those that have left it late (but not too late) in the day, to engage with The CLS, and all that entails.



This past two years we have seen a great many People arrive to us, after having being involved in, shall we say “Other Various Groups”, as well as after engaging with “Legal Professionals”, both in private as well as from a “Legal-Aid” perspective. NONE of these arrivals fared very well with either of the “Other Various Groups” or the “Legal Professionals”. Once again, many have arrived in some level of desperation at The CLS door.


Many People initially perceive The CLS as being “a last chance saloon” for some strange reason. Eventually when they get or have their Breakthrough or Breakdown moment, or epiphany, they realise how much they have been F***ed over one way or another by one or other of “The Others” as above.


Usually they been legally beaten to a pulp, and psychologically worn down to the point that they are stupefied, petrified and/or zomie-fied (if that is a real word?). In this state of petrification (but not always), we can often end up giving them a bit an electric jolt, in a metaphorical sense of course (to wake them up).


More often than not they have been lied to, and/or have not been told the truth of the problem they are faced with. We have seen some of the paperwork that “The Others” have produced for People in purportedly helping and/or hand-holding them through the Courts and the Legal System. You would expect to see better-written and more critical paperwork from a Child. Some of the paperwork is absolutely despicable, and shameful, and has little of nothing to do with the case(s). In essence they have become easy pickings/fodder for “the other side”.


We have been told the stories of Peoples experiences with “The Others”, how they have not been educated critically, and/or how they still know nothing about their OWN cases. They were treated like mushrooms, as in, kept in the dark and fed plenty of S**te. Their hands were held, until they were abandoned both inside and outside the Court.


Most were told eventually; “there is nothing more we can do”. Some were even told from the outset “sure don’t worry about it now, you can deal with that later”.   DOES any of this stuff ring any bells for anyone out there?   A lot of strategic moves and maneuvers have been missed and lost (but not entirely lost). As they say “the only time you lose, is when you give up”. As far as The CLS are concerned, there is always a way back into “the Game”.


We are of the view, and it has taken some time to come into this opinion, that most of “The Others” out there may be set up by, and/or are being led or influenced by medium and/or long term Political purposes/gain, or being directed or driven under the influence of “the State” for “the State”.


If this is not so; why do “The Others”, NOT ever step into the role of Critically teaching or educating the People they gather into their folds? Why are People eventually let loose or turfed out of “The Others” groups (on their own), NOT knowing much, or in some cases knowing little or nothing about the Law or their Own Case(s)?   Why are “The Others” producing such diabolical legal documents and/or paperwork, much of it designed perhaps to speed up the whole legal process?


FOR SOME STRANGE REASON; despite our record (to date), we have been and are still being lambasted and attacked by “The Others” as above. Perhaps this is because, they just don’t get us, or perhaps they see what we do with People, and how we work WITH BUILDING or REBUILDING PEOPLE up as Critical Thinkers, as some sort of threat to their “Status-Quo” or Political/Legal agendas etc.


Whilst the People at The CLS have (perceivably) pretty thick skins, and do not suffer fools gladly, the primary targets for any outpouring of legal/lawful confrontations are those who/m attack the People The CLS are working with.


Although our motto remains “Educate People to Protect Themselves”, perhaps it should read more like “Breaking the Fear of Breaking the Chains of Co-Dependency on the State and all its Institutions, and all those that Perpetuate its Passive Violence upon the People of this Island”?


Yes, this may all seem a bit wordy and contrived, but the biggest hurdle we face with re-educating People is breaking down the fear People have of “the Courts” and “the system”.   “The Others” do not seem to have the ability or inclination to do this … We wonder why? ‘The most dangerous Man or Woman to “the State”, is the one who can Critically Think for themselves’ …


Over the past few years, we have worked diligently with People in assisting them to get or reach a place where they in the very least “know their own cases”, and the relative applicable laws. Whilst they still have a level of trepidation of going into a Court and facing down a ba*rister, liar, solicitor or judge, they do not allow the fear to control them (any more). Some but not all (just yet) now see judges, solicitors, liars and ba*risters for what they truly are, and have no problem in putting it up to them so to speak.


Some People who end up at our door (so to speak), come for the quick cure or remedy. Most are shocked (for some reason), when we do not offer them the sticky plaster, or we lay out what may be in front of them in terms of work we WILL NOT DO, or the work that THEY HAVE TO DO.


Some People take our opinions or views on board, disappear for weeks or months on end, and come back once they find themselves in another corner, but have NOT Critically learned much of anything. In other words, they may still be going from “Billy to Jack, and back to Billy again”; doing the rounds so to speak, hoping to put enough bits and pieces together to help themselves, which may in the end lead to a conflict of thoughts, views or opinions and utter confusion. We do not think it is wise to drift from place to place on this stuff, or take a break from it, hoping it has gone away. Generally it hasn’t.


2016 has been a very tough year for most who have had the misfortune of being in the Courts. The way things are going, should Banks, Financial Institutions, the State and the Courts have their way, 2017 promises to even tougher. Whilst most of what The CLS have focused upon in the historical past, is teaching People to play “the Game”, putting in defensive strategies, tearing down inhibitions, assumptions and fears, and rebuilding their Critical Thinking …


In the new-year there will be a planned SEACHANGE in focus, upon how best to go about legally and lawfully taking strips off the Judiciary, and perhaps legally/lawfully taking a few Judges entirely off their pedestals and thrones.


After all, they have no issue with doing the same to you or me, when it suits them. All judges need a few lessons in respect. We think we may have enough “Warriors” ready for this very public and legal type of showdown in the Courts. 2017 is the year for not taking prisoners (so to speak).


Although 2017 is still a couple of months away, we may as well start the new-year with some preparation in place. If you are interested in getting some preparation of this sort in place for 2017, then book your place at the Christmas School Special … >HERE<.



Thanks all for reading.

Des: at The CLS




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