French Police demonstrated against Government

Major civil unrest in France feels closer every day.

Rarely French people will have seen this happen in their life.

Recently hundreds (thousands?) of Police officers attempted to gain access to the front of the presidential palace of L’Elysée in central Paris to show their discontent to feeble president François Hollande -who’s even more unpopular than then worse president ever Nicolas Sarkozy- and his corrupt government puppets working for Vatican’s front European Union in re-establishing the Dark Ages to prepare for a world’s lockdown prior to the coming of the Antichrist.

You don’t believe it? Get familiar on how’s the world has been and is being ruled and follow what’s happening in your country (from trans-humanism/robotisation to LGBTism through spiritual, social, familial, economic and farmland destruction)!

Meanwhile, read Vatican Assassins: Wounded in the House of My Friends or listen to Eric Jon Phelps who I believe is spot on in his historical analysis and prediction based on it.

Never people having lost comprehension to spiritual, familial, financial and security matters have been so much at the mercy of the destruction by the (Papal Roman) Empire, i.e. the Babylonian Catholic Church and its hordes of zionists, freemasons, other religious denominations members, etc.


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