France officially opened for military invasion

A new “law” passed by French Republic (really just a code/statute of “République française” Inc.) welcomes upcoming military invasion of foreign legions.

Should we see there a similar fate as the one planed for America?

Phase 1: Civil war
Foreign ‘minorities’ versus historical inhabitants?
Blacks/muslims versus whites/non-muslims?
Non-christians versus christians (but France don’t have much christians left – I exclude Roman catholics who are not christians)?

France is stocked up with millions of AK-47 in suburbs were poor immigrants have been crammed for fifty years now. (I have good source(s) in French language if you are interested, just ask in the comments section.)

Phase 2: NATO/UN invasion?
This looks like the beginning of an answer: LOI n° 2016-482 du 20 avril 2016 autorisant l’accession de la France au protocole sur le statut des quartiers généraux militaires internationaux créés en vertu du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (1)

Does this make sense?

Additional read:
New French Law allows Police to Fire 7.62 War Bullet on People


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