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30 June, 2016

The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Papal knights serve The Jesuit Order

There are subtle differences that each one of us notice, that was my main motivation to produce this video. I believe that different perspectives serve the conscience of the individual to receive aspects of the Conspiracy that may not have been so easy to see. So, of course any reasonable criticism is welcome and I applaud those of you that see the importance of the KJV Bible (KJV is based on Textus Receptus in the English language :…) smack dab in this present day and age and how Bible Prophecy is being fulfilled in this present world. At the end of the day its the Principal behind the subject that motivates one to any conclusion. Alan Lamont’s message of Repentance and Obedience has been very well received here and applied to my person, I do believe that he is perhaps getting worn out by Attacks against the Bible Principals and has been absent from making videos recently, there is a calling for those of us to stand up and hold fast to the same principals. I believe I am being called by the Spirit and the moment with what little time I have to bring this to Light. Its nothing Personal, its Principal. This is what I find so incredibly significant with Jörg Glismann, Walt Stickel and Tom Friess at the moment, they are bringing a clear focus of History in Light of Bible Prophecy and getting a grip on the Spiritual Conspiracy that holds the Political Conspiracy under its Rule of Law and Jurisdiction.

Let no man deceive you, many false teachings being taught in the name of Jesus Christ, it up to You to Discern the Truth. I support Grand Design Exposed .com
, Inquisition Update on FirstAmendmentRadio.Net
and The Hour of the Truth:

on Jörg Glismann’s joggler 66’s channel now, almost everything else is pale in comparison. Jesuit Futurism is being taught all across the board and it needs to be Exposed for the Jesuit Deception that it is. For further proof google “Francisco Ribera” and study that page a bit, also check out “The Greatest Deception since the Garden of Eden” Video from my channel and also be sure to visit and subscribe to Joggler66’s channel as well.

The first part of this video is my updated version of one of Alan Lamont’s videos on SMOM or rather, Knights of Malta. I tried to update the work to the best of my ability. The main drive for doing this was in hope of helping others realize how important it is to start paying attention to what is going on with our Government Globally from the standpoint of the Merging of Church and State and the upcoming visit of Pope Francis to a Joint Session of Congress on Sept 24th 2015 to the Dominant world power, the United States of America.
Alan Lamont’s video:

Alan Lamont’s Vatican Jesuit New World Order web page:
Excerpt from the video: Tares Among The Wheat – Sequel to “A Lamp In The Dark”

I also used audio dialog from a video titled: “The Occult World Peace Plan | The United Nations | Lucis Trust”
by user: Prophetic Alert

Joseph Biden Full Speech:

This is a collection of videos that I have been working on, some of them are much older than others but not older than a year or so, along with my original music also. The first song was used in my video titled “Dichotomy- Division by Design” on my channel, I believe that song is just over a year old now. I intend on updating more links to this description soon. Thanks for watching, God Bless.

27 June, 2016

Who is Donald Trump?

Interesting interview of Eric Jon Phelps who’s been deciphering the matrix and brings forth important information on the Donald Trump puppet.

22 June, 2016

France officially opened for military invasion

A new “law” passed by French Republic (really just a code/statute of “République française” Inc.) welcomes upcoming military invasion of foreign legions.

Should we see there a similar fate as the one planed for America?

Phase 1: Civil war
Foreign ‘minorities’ versus historical inhabitants?
Blacks/muslims versus whites/non-muslims?
Non-christians versus christians (but France don’t have much christians left – I exclude Roman catholics who are not christians)?

France is stocked up with millions of AK-47 in suburbs were poor immigrants have been crammed for fifty years now. (I have good source(s) in French language if you are interested, just ask in the comments section.)

Phase 2: NATO/UN invasion?
This looks like the beginning of an answer: LOI n° 2016-482 du 20 avril 2016 autorisant l’accession de la France au protocole sur le statut des quartiers généraux militaires internationaux créés en vertu du Traité de l’Atlantique Nord (1)

Does this make sense?

Additional read:
New French Law allows Police to Fire 7.62 War Bullet on People

22 June, 2016

République française, un État fasciste ?

Voyez-vous une differance entre le symbole fasciste et l’embleme de “République française”®©™ ?



Qu’est-ce que le fascisme ? Fascisme : origine et definition

L’ancien royaume de France ainsi que maints territoires (Corse, Guyane française, Nouvelle-Caledonie…), sont controles par le vehicule legal connu sous le nom de “République française”.

Il s’agit d’une entreprise/compagnie/societe a but lucratif avec des actionnaires evidemment !!

Au meme titre que toute autre entitee commeciale “République française”®©™ est enregistree au Registre du commerce et des societes.

Vous, citoyens de “République française”®©™, n’en etes PAS actionnaires. Vous etes les garanties, les collateraux (vocabulaire financier).

Chaque fois qu’un nouveau-ne est abandonne par sa mere a l’Etat un contrat est cree, c’est le Certificat de naissance qui cree une fiction legale (ex. Monsieur Jean Tirreux, qui sera plutot ecrit M. JEAN TIRREUX – notez le titre et le l’utilisation des lettres capitales.
Cette fiction legale est attachee a l’etre vivant. Ni les parents biologiques, ni les parents legaux, n’ont de droits sur l’enfant des lors que l’Etat, par l’intermediaire des juges (satanistes/franc-macons), fait appliquer ses codes et status abusivement et trompeusement appeles “lois” ou “la Loi”. Ainsi, si votre enfant appartient a l’Etat (esclave) les vaccinations (cancer, aluminium, nano-particules, puce(?)) sont obligatoires : l’Etat a la preuve legale que votre fille ou fils leur appartient (Certificat de naissance).

Exemple de publicite pleurnicheuse mensongere visant a promouvoir l’enregistrement de personnes naturelles en personnes juridiques (pour utilisations commerciales) (l’acte de naissance etant propriete de l’Etat / Vatican):

Cela en va de meme pour le reste. Tout n’est que finance et commerce. C’est la “loi” de l’amiraute / loi maritime (en anglais maritime admiralty law).

Car si rien n’empeche par exemple l’etre vivant Jean de la famille Tirreux de voyager dans une voiture automobile il lui est pourtant interdit par le systeme legal si il utilise l’entite M. JEAN TIRREUX de conduire en l’absence de capacite de produire le permis (ou licence). Rappelez-vous : un permis ou une licence est une autorisation legale sans quoi l’activite est interdite d’apres les codes et status juridiques de l’entreprise “République française”®©™.

Le fascisme n’est autre que de l’ultramontanisme puisque dans la religion Romaine Catholique -notez bien l’absence du mot “christianisme”- le pape revendique etre dieu sur Terre !!! Absolu blaspheme et mensonge ehonte evidemment.

Ci-dessous une video de la grand messe satanique du pape romain jesuite François ou pontifex maximus (c’est a dire l’Empereur de l’empire romain qui s’etend aux quatre coins du monde).

unaxe 160622 Pape Pope Empereur Romain Pontifex maximus Wikipedia

Se pose desormais pour moi la question juive. L’Empire romain n’a jamais cesse d’exister.
Rothschild serait-il sorti de nul part et aurait-il pris le controle du monde si vite en faisant vaciller l’Empire (Babylone > Rome) ?

Rien n’est moins sur.

Liens utiles :
Loi maritime, acte de naissance @ YouTube / 82Euj_11v6o

La Loi Maritime – Différence Personne Naturelle / Personne Juridique @ YouTube / x7uUa1v024I

Fascisme : origine et definition

République française satanique en guerre contre les habitants des territoires de France et Corse

Messe satanique du pape jesuite Francois

Les jesuites regardent le ciel grace a L.U.C.I.F.E.R. !!!

La Terre est plate, desole nous avons tous ete abruti.

16 June, 2016

Torture and Slavery in Swiss Confederation (‘Contract Kids – Switzerland’)

When Swiss psychopaths send people to jail for tortures. Nazi / communist torture style…