November 2015 Paris attacks: Mossad False Flags again?

Is the Rothschildian organization at a heart of the satanic acts? They own all of France national and regional businesses such as the media, military industrial complex, pharmaceutical, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. As everywere else, through religion and freemasonery, they own the State and the Government (Francois Hollande is Jewish, as is Nicolas Sarkozy, and probably is Jacques Chirac and was Georges Pompidou).

Hundred and fifty years ago French people used to know the Jewish had officially taken power following the Revolution.

The truth of the matter does not stop a the jewish people though. One has to look further. Jesuists. The Holy See / Vatican…

False flag again??? In the morning of 13th November 2015 A.D. SAMU had organized an EXERCISE where MULTIPLE ATTACKS in Paris WERE SIMULATED…

Patrick Pelloux of the SAMU told State-owned France Info radio news channel (a well known zionist cesspool too) that earlier on that day SAMU was simulating multiple attacks. SAMU is headed by Pierre Carli who recently received the French National Order of the Legion of Honour (which strangely resemble the cross of Malta)

Patrick Pelloux is also know to have strangely been situated on-site when the Charlie Hebdo attack happened… With most of the action having taken place in/near jewish quarter or close to israeli military/secret services locations

Patrick Pellox (Je suis Charlie Hebdo, Bataclan, Stade de France, SAMU, MOSSAD)

Why is it happening to France?
I wonder if there is something special in this country, do you -think you- know?
It has the biggest jewish population outside of occupied Palestine and New Jerusalem (the United State of America). But a large proportion, or a majority, are not ashkenazi instead they are sephardi.
Sepharadi jews ancestors came from the former Muslim empire which they apparently controlled – look at similarities between Islam and Judaism. Reports on invasion of Iberian Peninsula describe how the jewish minorities -known for their whoreship of the devil and thus kept at bay where possible- opened the towns and cities’ gates to let in Muslim invaders (not Arabs but Berbers turned muslim) while christians were absent when attending the Sunday mass for example.
Lot of north african muslims have been imported to France since after WWII. And now is time for the clash. The satanist, often jewish but not only, are watching eagerly…


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