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31 July, 2015

Making zombies: Antidepressant nightmare

Antidepressant nightmare

Hey James, I have been married to my wife for 10 yrs and have been dealing with a huge abundance of disrespect. She doesn’t care that I am not happy.

She does things like she gets milk for everyone at the dinner table but me. Im not going to go thru all the details but I have been trying to figure out were my wife TURNED INTO A HEARTLESS bitch. And that’s truly a perfect analogy. We have two kids and She had helped me get custody of my daughter shortly after we met.. well after my son was born and she started taking these antidepressents.

Well I just realized a week ago that this whole time I have been trying to figure out what changed that has made this sooo bad.

we have been having problems for a bit and 2 days before fathers day she told me to pak my stuff and get out. I realized that the only hope we had left was if she stopped tKING CELEXA AND maybe that WOULD HELp.

then I researched it and this changed EVERYTHING I have felt about our relationship…..finally everything made sense…..this is why she has started TREATING MY Daughter and I soo rotten and when she had my youngest daughter and she stOP[PED TAKING THEM WHEN SHE WAS PREG AND WE DIDNT FIGHT FOR OVER A YEAR….I remember because we bragged to her family about it…..

She quit taking them about 6 days ago and I knew she was going to get mean but jeez shes turned soooo hatefull.

Please let me know what to expect and if you think she be able to look back and see how mean she can be. I am, trying to plan on were to live and don’t know if I shud expect her to come around

My response: Celexa is one of the worst. The worst ones are Celexa, Cymbalta, and Effexor. Zoloft turns many people into demons as well. You won’t likely be a demon on Effexor, as long as you keep taking it. But just try quitting Effexor. Just try!

My guess? I hate to bring bad news, but when she stopped taking them the first time, it was a while ago and she was not totally destroyed yet. The second time around probably wiped her out. Many antidepressants totally destroy empathy, which is why she does not care if you are sad. The damage is usually permanent. This would be one to keep an eye on, if she comes around and is OK in a month or so, I would really be surprised. Chances are it is over, and that the drugs did what they were designed to do – permanently split and destroy families.

Not all are created equal however, and the dose really matters a lot. 10 mg of zoloft will cause huge mood swings, flakiness and an inability to stay grounded in most people. But if they stop, even after years on 10 mg they often are fine. But if they are slammed with a large dose, zoloft is a total destroyer. So is Effexor, Cymbalta, Celexa. These are the top ones that destroy empathy. Or a small correction – Effexor puts people in a state where they pretty much go along with anything, but if they try to go off, WATCH OUT, and expect failure, Effexor will own you, PERIOD. It won’t matter if you lack empathy if you will go along with everything anyway.

This information is from a very long period of studying antidepressants, and talking to many many many people I did not know at random in public, when I asked them about antidepressants in their families and what happened. It is accurate info.

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