French recipe: Quenelles for the oligarchy

France is for sale. The Rothschild plan seems to be yielding huge dividends.

Since the second world war there have never been so many people in need for comfort, including spiritual.

Recent french governments are at a all-time record for hatred by their social security registered employees & voters (a convoluted manner to express the servitude of the men having been lured into slavery under the guise of free social security, citizenship and nationality).

Known for its huge taxes, particularly on the middle class, the République française (i.e. French Republic), which is a communist country hiding behind the veil of free entrepreneurship, has more recently embraced deep social changes in an official manner (laws for loss of freedom, for increase in censorship, for recognition of pederasty) and less official but yet in-your-face alien ideas such as acceptation of child sexual abuses, this being done little by little through the media re-programming of minds…

Throughout the entire spectrum of french society the people have had enough. Poverty is rampant, spirituality has faded away, moral standards have fell into the gutter, Palestinians are laughtered by israelis soldiers, the mentally sick oligarchy is enjoying, this despair has converted  in nationwide hatred for the governing bodies.

All this is not limited to France but other surrounding countries are shaking in despair too (Greece, Spain, Italy…).

Nicolas Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa (former president) was very much disliked by the end of his presidency…
Nicolas Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa, jewish president of the French Republic
…and it took only a few months for his victor François Hollande (current president) and his new 2014 Spanish prime minister, Manuel Valls,  to become the most hated faces of the country.
François Hollande, jewish president of the French RepublicManuel Vall, Spanish converted to jewdaism, prime minister of the French Republic

If you wonder why the photographs show the statemen wearing kippas, it is because most of the major political figures in france are jews. They often hide their satanic, or talmudic, conspiracy under a religious denomination of a “christian” religion such as catholic or protestant.

Not only people struggle in their daily lives, demonstrate, leave cutting remarks on internet forums, articles, social networks, they also overtly show how much they despise baphomet’s minions, you know the satanists, child rapists, reptoids (see a reptilian ad if you still believe Earth is as flat as a chess board). For this purpose they have a rallying gesture that is neither the middle finger nor the roman empire fascistic raised right arm: la quenelle. It is called the quenelle in reference to a type of food usually baked in the oven and covered with a thick sauce, but i will not spread.

Quenelles au gratin

Quenelles au gratin

It has become popular thanks to Dieudonné. Dieudonné (meaning “god given”) has the particularity of being sharp minded and able to play a wide variety of characters. He is funny, or not when he chooses to, but he always convey a message that seeks to have you think about the way men and their societies interact with each others. He has been viewed by many as the greatest french stand-up comedian for the past decade.
When he was making fun of the islamists in Le divorce de Patrick he was a beloved guest on television and radio show. Then he criticised the all powerful zionist lobby and he became censored the next morning by all the french media outlets… they are zionists indeed!
Ever since his popularity has skyrocketed. The more the government attacks him (trying to send him in jail amongst other) the more people wake up.

Quenelle = people are waking up.

Watch the following video for a better comprehension of the quenelle gesture:


Third Party Debt Termination
Voter Roll Rescission
Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Anti Free Speech Legislation – France

Dieudonné (website in French)
An example of a new tax on garden shed (website in French)


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