Professor of Chemistry Paul Connett on how fluoride lowers IQ of children


Published on Sep 27, 2014

US Professor of Chemistry Paul Connett tells Irish parents how they should Not be giving their children tap water which has fluoride added to it as it lowers IQ and affects mental development.

26/27 of the IQ studies showed a lowering of IQ in the high fluoride village compared to the low fluoride village. The average drop was 7 IQ points…if you were to lower the IQ across Ireland by 7 IQ points that would result in half the genuises and doubling of the mentally handicapped people in your society. So this is a very serious finding.

The baby does not need fluoride!…If you bottle feed a baby in Ireland….that baby is getting 200 times more fluoride than what the baby needs!

There are 41 studies showing there is an association between modest exposure to fluoride and lowered IQ in children.

A life time exposure of fluoride is linked to increased arthritis risks and rates and it lowers thyroid function and chronic fatigue.

Rats and mice exposed to fluoride are less able to memorise and less able to learn!

Source: The People Against Fluoride Ireland


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