Dublin City Councillors vote to stop adding toxic fluoride to our tap water

Published on Oct 8, 2014

Dublin City voted to stop adding fluoride to the Cities tap Irish water.

The motion stated that: Dublin City Council calls on the government to repeal the Health (Fluoridation of Water Supply) Act 1960 and to make it AN OFFENCE for ANYONE to ADD FLUORIDE or ANY DERIVATIVES to the public water supply.”

This motion was supported by Sinn Fein, Independents and People Before Profit.

FF [Fianna Fáil] tried to stop the motion being heard!

FG [Fine Gael], FF [Fianna Fáil], Labour All voted against the motion. This means they are saying they want to Keep adding this dangerous neurotoxin to our tap water!

And The Green Party whose leader John Gormley (trying to protect the Irish people) wrote a report that was suppressed by the Government telling the Irish people about the health dangers from drinking the tap water with this drug being added to it, The Green Party, they Abstained from Voting!!!

Source: The People Against Fluoride Ireland http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpNEU1KH7t_5P06CvuzN_dg


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