Jesuit Hitler, Bormann, escaped to Argentina thanks to Vatican’s ratlines

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 Published on Nov 15, 2012

Austrian Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler escaped having completely destroyed Martin Luther’s Protestant Germany. Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor [?] Hitler despised everything about the Glorious Reformation. It’s documented in Leo H. Lehmann’s Factual Analysis (1945).

Thats the reason the Jesuits used Germany through Hitler and Bormann to destroy the German nation the birthplace of the reformation….all to destroy Germany then bring the Jesuit/Vatican controlled United Nations. In 1945 the Jesuits formed the United Nations (continuation of the Leage of Nations) U.N – one great leap towards World Empire. The rare “Iron Mountain Report” reveals how the U.N. will create global problems (Eg Environment) which need global solutions. All for a one-world Government controlled by the Luciferian Jesuits.


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In addition, a document of the British secret services reveals that in those days, a Nazi submarine convoy left Spain, and after stopping in the Canary Islands, it continued its journey to the south of Argentina.
“Hitler and Eva Braun traveled onboard one of these submarines, which later arrived in Patagonia between July and August of 1945, under the de facto President Edelmiro Farrell and later Juan Domingo Peron, then his Minister of War. There is also another important document mentioning that the FBI was looking for Hitler in Spain after World War II.”
Romero: “From where did he leave to Patagonia?”
Basti: “All the evidence points to the Galician coast, which was a significant base of supplies for Nazi submarines during the Battle of the Atlantic, to the extent that Churchill considered the possibility of invading it—an action that was scrapped when they built the code-breaking “Enigma” machine and managed to decipher Nazi submarine fleet messages and the course of submarine warfare was reversed.
“There is the possibility that he left from Vigo or Ferrol, but it is almost certain that he did from Vigo, according to Britain’s MI6.”

Secret History Of The Jesuits

Adolf Hitler Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor (Society of Jesus)

Adolf Hitler Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor (Society of Jesus) escaped to Argentina

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