Roots of the Global Green Climate Worship – Agenda 21

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Published on Jul 17, 2012

The populace of the Globe are being brought together as one under the false reincarnated Mother Gaia religion. This is guised in a more modern times veil in order to fool the populaces. The whole idea of this is to destroy national sovereignty, cultures and tongues whilst allowing for a one World system to be put in its place. A false system needs to be put in place to replace the old system of war. This is all so Roman elite families of the Holy Roman Empire can continue to control the World even without the old war systems always used in the past. The populaces are to be dumbed down and entertained to sleep whilst the plot thickens and continues until the Luciferian ‘Great Work’ is completed. A depopulation agenda during all this continues as sixty plus percent of the Global populace is to be removed from the planet as wished for by the ‘Global 2000’ report from the Club of Rome. What we are left with is a life of no jobs or hope during the Post Industrial Zero Growth Society as in the past when the British East India Company destroyed civilisations of the past.


[1 of 2] The Hidden Agenda Behind Environmentalism

video from: Craig Oxley – The Unhived Mind

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