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15 November, 2013

Jordan Maxwell’s The Inner World Of The Occult

Jordan Maxwell-The Inner World Of The Occult- Full Length 2002

Scholar Jordan Maxwell analyses the occult in our societies and their historic roots.

The only thing holy in Rome is the stories…” –Jordan Maxwell

Some transcript form the video:
1:41:09 [showing a photograph] Some of the most blood letting murderers the world has ever see: The Order of the Godder, an extremly powerfull secret society in England (Winston Churchill was a member). Black robe, and a large diagonal red strip running from the right shoulder to the left part of the waist, and the symbol of the cross.
Black robes or uniforms or Geneva Robe: judges, nazi SS, fascists, Christian-Jew-Muslim priests, graduates,
1:42:20 The reason it is called Geneva Robe is beacuas ethe Vatican has dominated Europe, and Europe de world. Therefore in the Maritime Admiralty Law, the Law of International Banks is based on Vatican canon law.
1:42:50 Why the Vatican has a Swiss Guard that guard the Romain Catholic Pope? Because Switzerland, home of international banking, is guarding the Pope, because he is the boss of all bosses. Like Mafia bows before the Pope, international drug traders bow before the Pope. The Pope is probably of the most fierce diabolical people the world has known.
1:43:20 I know, I was born and raised Catholic. I listened to my uncles that were federal juges. I listened to my uncle Joe. I listened to the people, I read, I studied for 42 years. The Vatican is the symbol of world criminal world empire.
1:43:37 And the Protestants think that they have protested against Rome and got something cleaner and better, you got to know the thing coming bbecasuse 99% of the Protestants came directly from the Vatican Catholic church. And neither one of them worth a damn before god.
1:44:00 We have been mislead away for the the true and devine presence in the univers that men have called god.
1:45:30 Acadians, Babylonians, Sumerians, believed that the gods would lead you through heaven’s gate, or the sun door.
1:46:55 The only thing holy in Rome is the stories, they’re full of holes. The concept is, the all thing is nothing but a story. And it has been misrepresented and again, I am totally convinced the New Testament has a profondly important story. But it has been misrepresented by the people who are far smarter than we are. They have put all of these stuffs together and the figured we will never find out. Well, I have taken 42 years of my like to go through this material and I have not even scraped the surface. I could go on for weeks talking about this king of things. The point I am making here is that we need to wake up and find out what these symbols mean.