Pay your bills with your signature (sign of nature) – Accepted for Value (A4V), Setoff, Discharge

Published on 25 Mar 2012

commerce changed in the 20th centry from money being gold and silver coin to a promise to preform, promise to pay from the creditor’s (people) to the debtor’s (corporations/governements) thats why i didn’t even have to a4v the irs when i called and asked for help with the a4v process she said they would send a bill and they never did and somehow the bill is settled and i didn’t do anything except what you see on my irs phone call so its like they jus erased my debt instead of sending me the bill.. and thats cool but now i need bill collectors to start behaving in the same manner.

everytime i call them i play the name and claim to not have birthdate or last name im never CHRISTOPHER FLEMING all your calls are recorder for debt collectors and contracts are verbal, written, expressed, implied so your actually contracting and playing offer and acceptance over the phone and no1 ever told you.

well maybe some of you know who study this sovereign stuff

do all your own research dont belive me or anyone talking about a4v’s who knows who is an agent and who isn’t i dont trust any of em even spencer sad to say because i know they run major co-intel-pro to try and muddy the water thats why i always like calling the government myself and jus playing dumb/smart ass/ enquiring mind.. people ask me how i do it on the phone how i got the irs to tell me how to a4v or accuse it of being a hoax and try and say it wasn’t really the irs it was my friend is like the most idiotic easily debunked shit but anything to keep people… whom have eyes and ears from looking and listenig to anything anyone who isn’t a useful idiot or controlled oposition stuge like fred and nina with there ETF who claim they have discharge 700000 dollars in debt using closed bank accounts… id rather spend 4 days writting up and documenting my efforts with the irs then write a check agaist a closed bank account in my name i think its a psyop and they are waiting to suck as manny sovereigns in with that as they can and then bust everyone at once its stupid

nina says oh the definitio of “closed bank account” in blacks law dictionary 3rd edition is a account that remains open for discharge of debt… they say the only one authorized to close a bank account is the man or woman whom opened it so it always remains open they get old checks and remit payments with them i jus sounds hella shady and im do not promote it, even tho i have been asked to more then 50 times i think its dangerous and stupid i stick with what i know and what i can prove…

got a mortgage call the “lender” (debtor in possestion) tell them your broke and would like to alter the contract instead of making monthly payments you’d like to go moe the grass in front the bank 2 times a month, send it register mail return recipt… let them tell you no then hit them with this…

cite your reasons for not accepting my promise to pay valuble consideration?

or lets have a meeting id like to see the original instument of indebtness, with my wet ink signature so i may validate the debt and present for discharge through my treasury account. PROVIDE THE DATE TIME AND ADDRESS OF MEETING PLACE WITHIN 10DAYS OR DO NOT CONTACT ME AGAIN I BELIVE THIS DEBT HAS BEEN SATISFIED ALREADY AND I DO NOT BELIVE THAT ANY EVIDECE TO THE CONTRARY EXIST.


SIGN DATE maybe a fingerprint for good messure and Office of the executor heading on the doc and you should be all good thanks for reading / watching i love you guy

Finally finished it, this is honestly the hardest 315 dollars ive ever worked for my life 2 1/2 years of research and development i know this will work. i prolly wont even have to enforce this jus because the documentation is soo good. it would have helped had i sent registered mail but im poor wood from the hood so i work with what i got the stamps should be 1$ if your discharging expensive shit the CID prioritize these things by the denomination of the stamps.. the other thing i wanted but couldn’t get was to have the post office cancel the stamps, insert them in the envelope seal it then stamp the envelope too and mail it but im having trouble reaching the post mater and jack at the diamond bar post office is a retard, and the supervisor is a total bitch to me but its cool they are next on my list. i hope this helps everyone

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