Third Party Debt Termination

This information could help you if you are in trouble or want to educate yourself:

Third Party Debt Termination

Published on 27 Feb 2013

You can find more information about our Debt Termination Package at:

There, you will find how to receive your Debt Termination Package, which includes:

 Full, easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the letters in the package;
 Your 1st letter: Notice of Claimant’s Offer to Perform Upon Validation of Debt. With this, you are asking for the debt collector to give you proof that he has a contract with you. (He does not, and consequently will not be able to supply you with proof.)
 Your 2nd letter: Notice of Fault in Dishonor. With this, you are reminding the debt collector that you have asked him to prove his contract with you and that he has not responded within the deadline you provided. This second letter is another opportunity for him to prove that he has a claim.
 Your 3rd letter: Notice of Default in Dishonor. With this, you are reminding the debt collector that you have given him 2 opportunities to prove that he stands in honor in his claim and that he has not responded. This third letter notifies the debt collector that you are discharging his claim.

I host a free weekly conference call at:

 Thursday from 7 — 8 pm EST

During this time you can call in with your specific questions. We cover solutions, procedures and technologies to accelerate your path to freedom.

We have already done a few calls covering the Debt Termination Package and these audio files are available to members as mp3 downloads. 

Membership to is $120/year ($10/month, which is the cost of a few cups of coffee). We are offering our brothers and sisters the information we have learned, but, in this time of transition, we still need to pay the electricity bill to make sure we’re still up and running!



I also host a show called “In The Spirit of Things” on the ‘I Am Free Will’ channel on Blog Talk Radio:

 Tuesday from 7 — 9 pm EST;
 Wednesday from 7 — 9 pm EST; and
 Saturday from 7 — 9 pm EST

Here is a link to our most recent show, with myself (peter), and co-host Michelle, showing the direction of flow to reach the masses. It is our spirits that inform us to address the control systems in the energy of peace and love. There is no fight and this is what we know makes us unique amongst those who are paradoxically seeking freedom through war. We invite our listeners to be aware that they have a choice and that freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand:

The work we are doing is life changing and one of my listeners has made a slam-dunk on the powers that were, all while standing in peace. John is a returning guest on my show and he had a court hearing today. This is sure to go viral! We are elated for his victory!

I am posting this on our YouTube Channel which can be found here:

Thank you.


Learn more:


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