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30 September, 2013

Dean Clifford teaching about maritime admiralty’s statutes versus the Law



Dean doesn’t pay Income or property Taxes, he doesn’t drive with a license, insurance or with government plates. His beliefs stem from that 95% of what Government is doing is absolute
rubbish and he does not consent to be governed by any of their bureaucrats.


This must sound crazy to some, but after spending much time reading, researching and stints in court he came to the realisation of what his rights are and what is lawful.


His journey with unraveling the legal system and finding freedom started over a decade ago when the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) came after him for not filing taxes in which they demanded him to pay over 3 times his annual earnings. This just wasn’t acceptable with him and so he set out to find out how they and Governments manage to force their policy onto the people with impunity.

What he discovered was mind blowing. The peoples position in a society has been turned upside down where they have been made the trustees which are made answerable to Government and Corporations and the notion that in a democracy, people have a say did not appear to be the case.

From then on, he has managed to correct his status and undo almost every deceitful contract that he was originally tricked into. The CRA is still unable to prosecute him to this very day.

Back in 2011, he started to deliver some seminars about his discoveries and his lawful remedy in which someone recorded and released on YouTube. It was a 6 part series called Your Rights, Trusts and How to Enforce them. These videos became an internet sensation all over the world.

From then on, he continues to conduct interviews on various radio shows, seminars and consultations.

They know they don’t want to raise any controversy in what they are doing which could insight more people to wake up to the injustices of the system of the corporate governments today.

Also to add, he works for a living and actually provides a service to society by educating others as well as running his contracting business.

27 September, 2013

Banking Holiday in Panama Announced!

Banking Holiday in Panama Announced!
This morning the National Bank of Panama announced that it was suspending all services until Tuesday the 1st of October. The National Bank of Panama says that the reason is to upgrade systems. The Banking Holiday in Panama was announced this am.

This system wide shutdown has country wide implications. The National Bank of Panama did not warn the people before making the announcement and shutting down the banks. The people do not have access to ATM’s either. We received word of this from family members first. This weekend is payday for people across Panama.

I am active among the Gold and Silver investing community. We have been discussing at great length about the possibility of bank holidays in countries on the Dollar standard. Could Panama just be the first domino to fall in the banking system? Could this be more than just a system upgrade? Why not tell the people ahead of time to prepare for the closure of the banking system?

What are some reasons for a bank holiday? The National Bank of Panama says it is a system upgrade, I don’t believe it is that simple. Maybe a Dollar revaluation could be coming soon. Maybe it is something more serious like a banking crisis like we had in Indonesia back in 1997 or more recently in Cyprus. I am hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

What are some things you can do to protect yourself if Panama is just the first signal of a pending banking crisis? First and foremost make sure to have some cash. Second buy the essentials for your family. Be frugal until the storm passes. I know this sounds simplistic, but those who are prepared will be fine.

I feel for the Panama families who live paycheck to paycheck. They were expecting to be paid tomorrow. This is the time that they go grocery shopping, put gas in their cars and pay the bills. This delay will have wide ranging affects on the people of Panama.

Do not be unprepared, you have it within your power to be ready for such a situation!

Latest update. 6pm CST

The Clave (Debit Card) system has been taken offline. No wire transfers between banks and internationally until the 1st of October. Panamanians will be required to go to their local bank branch to take out cash.


27 September, 2013

Can you, slave, UN-CONSENT from all Contracts that BIND?

Quantum Leap TV Presents… The TRUTH Hour with Johnny Guzman… Tonight Our Special Guest is Pete Eugene… Peter will explain how to terminate all presumptions by coming forward as the live man or woman thru simple administrative process that all can do to break the chains, by simply UN-CONSENTING… Like getting off the voter rolls to start… You Can See Us Live here on Facebook and at / For all of our previous programs go to our YouTube Channel: QL Television..

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25 September, 2013

Chemtrail illness? Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe

chemtrail morgellons

chemtrail morgellons

Over the past ten years, more than 100 000 people in the United States and in Europe have complained about a strange and devastating skin disease known as Morgellons. The medical community is divided between those who dismiss it as a psychological disorder and those who regard Morgellons as an emerging disease deserving further study. This issue would normally be confined to scientific medical journals if the Pentagon and federal “law-enforcement” agencies were not so actively engaged in hiding it from the public. In the first part of his investigation, Hank Albarelli reports on a controversy which leads straight to new weapons experiments of the most secret order. [Read on]

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23 September, 2013

Micheal Harris : Israël est derrière la fusillade de Newtown

Micheal Harris affirme qu’Israël est derrière la fusillade de Newtown

(en anglais avec sous-titre en français / English with French subtitles)


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Tuerie de l’école primaire Sandy Hook, Victoria Soto été déjà morte !!!
Sandy Hook was a false flag! Proof? ‘Sandy Hook Lingerie Party Massacre’ film
Tuerie de l’école primaire Sandy Hook / Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting

22 September, 2013

Adrián Salbuchi: Crímenes del Vaticano, Ciudad de Londres y Washington D.C.

Esta Noche en “Conspiraciones” La Hora De La Verdad… “Crímenes Del Vaticano, Ciudad De Londres y Washington D.C.”… Hoy Johnny Guzmán Entrevista al Analista Político / Autor Argentino Adrián Salbuchi… SOS “La Ultima Esperanza De La Humanidad” Adrián Explicara La Verdadera Razón De Esta Próxima Agresión A El País De Siria…
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15 September, 2013

Bernard Kouchner doit répondre de Crime contre l’Humanité

Les hauts-commissaires de l’ONU sont bien connus pour participer et couvrir les massacres, viols et autres tortures de masse… et les résaux de prostitution d’enfants, la traite des blanches, l’esclavage, et, le trafic d’organes.

Ici un example avec Bernard Kouchner (le compagnon de l’infernale Christine Ockrent) ayant trempé dans le trafic d’organes avec le crime organisé le plus puissant au monde : c’est l'”affaire des Maisons Jaunes”.

12 September, 2013

When Spirituality meets Science, History, Religion…

Nephilim: Origin of Genetic EvilNephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil

Israelite people vs Jewish people

3 September, 2013

Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty M. Bollinger

Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty M. Bollinger

Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty M. Bollinger

Are you wondering why all these associations are collecting money to “help (against) the cancer“?
It’s because they are actual and functional private companies exonerated from paying taxes (like official religious organisations). At their helms the same serpents than at any other big corporation’s head.

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