Attentats du marathon de Boston : les preuves / Boston Marathon bombings: the proofs

Un nouveau mensonge d’Etat afin de renforcer l’Etat policier.

Precipitez-vous et telechargez ces videos tant qu’elles sont disponibles.

Surement la “menace islamiste” est bien plus importante que la menace dictatoriale…

Vous pouvez choisir de penser par vous meme et vous battre pour votre, notre, liberte ou bien n’etre qu’un suiveur aux ordres des adorateurs de satan/lucifer qui vous, qui nous, haissent sans commune mesure.

Gouvernement israelien heureux / Happy Israel government :

People are now saying this link goes to a word document. That is NOT the case, it is SUPPOSED to go directly to the relevant page on the DHS web site, which contains many documents, videos, and sound files so participants will know what the special effects will look like and sound like and how the fake news reports will run. I got to it when it was all still up. I know what is supposed to be there.

This information is getting destroyed LIVE. Everything he talks about was there at first, and it has been vanishing both off the DHS site AND removed from the GOOGLE cache simultaneously. This video was five hours old when I found it. Some of the DHS page still works. They had the work applications for the actors wanting to participate in the boston bombing posted on this site initially, as well as instructions for how it was to go down, for people to arrive with shredded clothes, the need for amputees, the WHOLE 9 YARDS WAS THERE. BOSTON WAS FAKE. FINAL ANSWER.

In addition to this, this is the link to the recruitment page for the Sandy Hook psy op, which is now not functioning and is ALSO removed from the Google cache.

Some more details about Isreal’s involvement in the bombing:

unaxe__Boston_marathon jahar_tweeter_account__terrorist_israel_mossad_pedophile_murderer_satan_lucifer



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