Paper Gold & Silver Plunge, Not Real Hard Metal

All of you want to read the news at

Real hard metal is down but not that much as demand was still high just before collapse.

Mines are closing, banksters hoard gold from Cyprus, some say gold is extracted from Earth for other civilisations (does it explain why coffers and vaults – say Fort Knox – are empty?), so that LESS gold but yet it goes DOWN (on the manipulated financial markets).

Big things are happening and to cover them many other things happen (in the media at least) : Thatcher’s funerals, bombing in Boston, poison sent to US senator, North Korea ‘menacing the world peace’, looting of Cyprus, governments reshuffling, ‘flu’ pandemic (yeah, many are coughing), pope sepping donw, new jesuit pope, etc

Anybody’s looking at the Sky?


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