France to reduce drastically Army manpower, discard nuclear deterrence

While the ‘République française’ (French Republic) is getting bogged down by the usual babylonian agents willfully taking ill-fated decisions with the aim of finishing off the country and its society avidly looking forward to achieving their world-wide scheme, one can read news and rumours about the ‘leftist’ government continuing the undermining work of the previous ones.
There is still plenty of borrowed money allocated to fulfill the plan of building the ‘Pentagon à la française‘ (French Pentagon). Debt which, with black budget, we can be sure will, or is already, be spent on building infrastructure capable of sustaining NBR (nuclear, bacteriological and chemical) events to save the babylonian big wigs of the Paris branch.
On another hand the same government falls short when taking decisions on real military budget – not that I am hawkish in any way but the French army will soon not be able to sustain an attach from the principalities of Andorra or Monaco.

Now talking about literally destroying France’s ‘défense nationale’ (national defence).

The actors in the governments and executives in the bureaucracy are preparing actively the French people to the end of the national defence, although presently used massively under the command of NATO and the UN in Syria, Mali and coming conflicts in Africa.

France must therefore sell its unique nuclear aircraft carrier, the Charles-de-Gaulle, one can read in the latest news. General Charles de Gaulle, a all-time national hero and president who made France stand at the side of the winners after World War II and always fought for France’s independence vis-a-vis the British Empire and its subsidiary company the United States of America must be rolling over in his grave.

But this is not the worse, it’s been discussed for sometime if, or rather these really meant when, France should abandon nuclear deterrence. As always the medias are infusing the idea furtively.

On top of that there is nothing such as the remaining of a pioneer instinct of some Americans there. The survivalist stance is absurd to French people. There has been two World Wars on its soil but French populace is like any other in the western world: disconnected from real reality. They have two feet in the matrix, and are going to suffer.

With the ongoing reduction of the numbers in the French armies and  the soon to be abandoned, or sold, nuclear defence French territory will be within reach from any army, as small as it can be (Al-CIAda?), with no retaliation possible. What to expect while the USA, Russia and PRC are adding tons of new high tech military materials by the hour to their warehouses?



Affaire d’Etat : L’armée aurait précipité la chute de Jérôme Cahuzac

Avant sa démission, l’ex-ministre du Budget considérait l’armée comme un poids lourd à alléger. Il envisageait ainsi de raboter dans son budget jusqu’à 1 milliard d’euros en 2014. D’autres milliards étaient prévus les années suivantes.

Le tout aurait figuré dans la future loi de programmation militaire (LPM) couvrant la période de 2014 à 2019. La LPM aurait fait passer les dépenses de l’armée de 1,5% du PIB français à 1,1%. Un plus bas historique pour la France.

Concrètement, la taille aurait signifié la suppression de 31 régiments dans l’Armée de terre, la vente du porte-avion Charles-de-Gaulle, l’annulation de commandes d’hélicoptères Tigres et de deux sous-marins nucléaires Barracuda, l’arrêt de production des avions Rafale et des transporteurs Airbus A400M, ainsi que la suppression de quelque 51’000 postes. Des bases françaises à l’étranger auraient été fermées et les budgets des renseignements intérieurs et extérieurs revus à la baisse.


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