Compromised ‘Alternative’ Media: Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Coast to Coast AM, etc

Nobody’s perfect.
You may have come to alternative media through people like Michael Moore, Jeff Rense, Coast to Coast AM or Alex Jones. Of course when you will have reached a certain point in your learning curve you will know that no-one can ever be invited to a show (even to be trashed) or talked about (or made fun of) in the mainstream media if the subject is not owned by the zionists/satanists. This is because the words of, or against, the attacked individual or organisation could echo in the audience. This would lead to an awakening… “What are they trying to cover up with this ridiculing”, would you ask yourself.
So, for example, when you hear or read that Alex Jones is a %#$@+& by Piers Morgan, even if you could imagine them fighting one another, be sure that one way another this is spin to inflate the Alex Jones & Infowars brands.

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Listen more:

The Waterman Show on Argusoog Radio (download the podcast archives, notably those with guest Eli James)


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