Gold & Silver: Lies start to fade out

As paper and digital currencies loose their value in the mind of people the hard and historical precious metals are to return as tender.

When? Is the question since our real rulers, the satanist-bankersters, will do their utmost to force use of digital debt through our micro-chipping onto us.

I expect in the next few years, dependent upon people’s awakening, a growing number of transactions in valuable, real, money (gold, silver, platinum, etc) instead of virtual or paper debt exchange.

That way we will get rid of tricks that are ruining us like the photocopier (printing press) working at bankers’ will and tracking & centralisation going on with the Rothschild’s Bank for International Settlements.

Below are some links to articles tending to show we are leaning towards the unofficial re-introduction of precious metal as currency in our hijacked economies.

Is Ted Butler’s Silver Panic Imminent? Apple Contractor Claims New iMac Production Delayed Over Silver Shortage!

US Mint Temporarily Sold Out of 2013 Silver Eagles

A new Gold Standard is being born

The days of economic ‘analysts’ advising to “invest in stock market over gold bubble” are numbered.


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