Are FEMEN’s agents provocateurs prostitutes?

FEMEN activist Éloïse Bouton, aka Alise (lizaliz) on her profile on a web site specialised in advertising prostitutes (boutoneloise on Facebook).

“Justice fucks me” – FEMEN activist Éloïse Bouton, aka Alise (lizaliz) on her call girl profile and aka boutoneloise on Facebook.

FEMEN, what is that?

The “global” “women’s movement” “morally and physically fit soldiers” “sexstremists”, they will “make you want to riot”(1).
On their web site you can see bloody and reversed symbology depicting the objectives of this iconoclast organisation. They are talking like anarchists, their symbology is the one of communism and satanism, they go further than feminists, so call them “sexstremists”.
Their message is simple: women are a different race on Earth. Therefore FEMEN is taking the bullhorn (11) in the name of all women! They wish to express their support to homosexuality and violence, while attacking the two big religions that are Christianity and Islam. Certainly I could argue too regarding religions but by this means FEMEN attacks the believers, the old tradition, but what are those to be replaced by? It’s time for a new order.


FEMEN, why so much hatred?

As any feminist group they are used against the pillars of the society(ies) (10). Hence obfuscating that they are targeting women as well. Why? Because if you get to change the women you will change the world. Lover and mother are the two preponderant roles of a woman, I feel. The woman is nourishing and guiding her children at their crucial beginning in life. How could it be good for children to have a mother with an upside-down mind (open to violence, self-indulgent)? Yes, this is another attack on the human race that we are witnessing.
We are seeing too much of single parenting, leaving children without bearings watching television and playing video games for the most part of their free time if they are not out in bad company mimicking the silly actions so well reported by the media. Add to that a society drugged up and intoxicated through legal & legal drugs, water, food and air (effect can be reduced if parents take actions such as purchasing quality organic food, utilising water filtration system, etc).
But, eh! who cares? It’s sexstremism time.

FEMEN will bring pornography and communism, are you sure you want any?

FEMEN will bring pornography and communism, are you sure you want any?

What’s hiding behind?

These so call ‘free women’ structure – if it could ever be proven so after this article – was recently debunked as hiring professional whores (2) sent, upon whoever’s request (but I have some ideas), on an all-inclusive round trip, including hotel and cab fees (3) to Paris to bring support to Madame Figaro’s (4) top 20 finalist iconic woman of the year 2012 (sic) chief Inna Shevchenko.
It was discovered that FEMEN activist Éloïse Bouton is a professional prostitute advertising her services as Alise (profile name lizaliz) on a specialised web site.

Her videos: &

FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_09 FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_07 FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_08 FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_06 FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_03 FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_04 FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_02 FEMEN_Ukrainian_agents_provocateurs_are_prostitutes_Eloise_Bouton_aka_Alise_lizaliz_boutoneloise_01


She is also know as boutoneloise on Facebook. Her page has been censored. Author Pierre Jovanovic who wrote on his Facebook account about FEMEN and Éloïse Bouton has had his account suspended. Then you know something is hot. Reminds me of the false flags at Aurora and Sandy Hook with their actors.

Who’s crime is benefiting?

This organisation that comes from Ukraine was founded in 2008. It has a couple of puppets acting as official figures in the name of Anna Hutsol (Ганна Гуцол) and Helmut Geier (aka DJ Hell).

FEMEN front puppets Anna Hutsol (Ганна Гуцол) and Helmut Geier (aka DJ Hell)

FEMEN front puppets Anna Hutsol (Ганна Гуцол) and Helmut Geier (aka DJ Hell)

Jed Sunden and Beat Schober where mentioned in the (3) report. I found nothing on the latter, but I have been luckier on the the former.
Jed Sunden, is apparently a US national owning and running KP Media of Ukraine an important player “with a 15 percent share of the country’s magazine market and a 38 percent share of its Internet market” (5) it is “the #1 company on Ukrainian print and internet market” (6). I had a quick look at a 2007 report issued by Dragon Capital (7) – strange name indeed – which look very favorable. No report older than 3rd quarter 2008… Guess who has a minority stake in Dragon Capital? Goldman Sachs (8), bingo! The phantom government of Europe, of the World (9).

(9) &

Sources: Les FEMEN : ni putes ni soumises ?
FEMEN : révélations scandaleuses sur une organisation sulfureuse


A voir : L’avocat des Femens Patrick Klugman démasqué en direct ! (ENORME)


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