London 2012 Olympics: what was planned / Ce qui été prévu pour les jeux olympique de Londres 2012

Israeli submarine was ready to strike London with a nuke. Now you understand why G4S (Israeli private security firm with half A million employees) had failed to secure the Olympics, and why there was flaks set up on London’s residential buildings… for the show.

The nuclear weapon involved had left Bremerhaven, one of four, weeks ago.  We had been told it was taken
ashore in the UK, “dialed” or “detuned” to 100 kilotons for an attack to disrupt the London Olympics.  Several
intelligence agencies we

re involved after the American VELA satellite system detected the weapon which
disappeared when the submarine submerged immediately after loading.

Gossip from Whitehall indicated that a “certain ministry” had grounded Britain’s aircraft capable of detecting
nuclear material, something we were able to confirm from many sources from intelligence agencies to simply
Facebook gossip originating from operational personnel.

Read on: Gordon Duff and Michael Shrimpton’s paper annotated by Jim Stone

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– The Three Rogue Nations: Producing Order Out Of Chaos

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