Will Ireland wake up? Minister Phil Hogan to answer questions about Household Charge Act

by Gabriel Donohoe (Fools Crow)

A short time ago, this writer received a copy of a confidential formal Notice sent yesterday to Minister Phil Hogan demanding answers to a number of hard hitting questions about his controversial Household Charge Act. The Notice was copied to Noonan, Shatter, senior judges, and others.

Hogan was given 72 hours to answer “in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner” a series of pointed and well-thought-out questions. If Hogan doesn’t answer each and every question completely and satisfactorily he will be forced to answer to the Irish People in the High Court early in the New Year.

The Notice served on Hogan arises from a summons served on an individual (whom we shall not name in the interest of privacy). This individual has been summonsed to appear in court for failing to make a declaration regarding the Household Charge.

This lawful challenge to the Powers That Be is incredible news! At last, some Irish people have found the cojones to stand up for themselves. It’s now time for us all to row in behind the originators of this powerful document and show all these colluders in government and the judiciary that it is they who are subservient to us – not the other way round. It is time the masters took over their own house and put the uppity servants in their place.

The Notice was served on Hogan by Fitzpatrick Financial Solutions (FFS) of Portlaoise and we say fair play to them and wish them well when they take on Hogan in the High Court. We can see that FFS mean business by the depth and detail of the questions posed. Their language is also forthright and assertive.

In dealing with Hogan’s Department of  the Environment, FFS accuses the Minister and his staff “of a criminal conspiracy and cover up.”

FFS warns Hogan: “If you do not answer ALL of the questions in the manner prescribed, we will have no issue standing the €157 required, for our client to take you and your cohorts into the High Court and force you to answer publically [sic] for your duplicity.”

FFS asks the Minister a very pertinent question that goes to the core of this traitorous government and the last one: “How is ‘the Act’ of the ‘Household Charge Act 2011′ not the equivalent to dictatorship, bondage and slavery?”

I’m posting the full document here in the greater public interest.

Household Charge Notice to Phil Hogan 2711121

Also, I understand the author of this document will be giving a talk on the Household Charge at the Lay Litigation Day on Saturday, 8th December, in The Grand Hotel, Moate, Co. Westmeath, from 8.30am to 6.30pm.


If you are fighting the banksters, or know someone who is, this is a day not to be missed.

Source: Breaking News…! The People Fight Back…! Phil Hogan and His Ilk May Be Charged With Fraud & Duplicity re the Household Charge in the High Court…! http://www.oneworldchronicle.com/?p=8496
Read too: I Accuse… http://foolscrow.wordpress.com/2012/12/01/i-accuse/


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