Israel prepares the USA to strike Iran

John Waterman reports:

Thanks to connections of Bilderberger haunt James P. Tucker Jr., (American Free Press, Editor Emeritus) we now have vey important information about some of the people behind the attempt to nefariously take over the US Government.

In Washington, at the Library of Congress, was the November 30th through December 3rd meeting of an eclectic group of “public servants,” and behind the scenes policy makers. At the meeting was the North American Group, of the Trilateral Commission. They made a great effort to avoid any public scrutiny of the meetings existence, much less the topic.

The chosen few met upstairs in the main lobby of the Library of Congress, which is a public venue that they had sealed off for the meeting. This meeting might actually become as notorious as the meeting on Jekyll Island that started the Federal Reserve. The topic of meeting? Launching war in the Mideast.

Former, and current government criminals attended the meeting including; former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, and Condoleezza Rice, along with former deputy Secretary Strobe Talbott. And of course the goose that lays the golden eggs making it all possible, former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volker, and Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers, zionist sycophant and former Rep., Jane Harman (D-Calif.), and zionist/neo-con war hawk Eliot Cohen. Of course these are all Israel firsters, not American firsters.

An underground railway the connects many congressional office buildings with the Capital allowed current members of congress to travel to the meeting un-noticed. As the meeting ended many went top side to walk back, but by then it was dark, which hid their identity as they left the meeting. However, that did not dampen the conversations that were overheard between the plotters and their staffers. Some are quoted as saying “It could be the biggest war we ever had over there.”

No doubt a run down of the list of names who attended this clandestine meeting will likely be people like Jane Harman, where Israeli agendas run deep in their veins, and what is good for Americans is the last thing on their minds.

Source: The Waterman Files Secret Meeting Behind The Scenes


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