The Irish Race are Obsolete – Let the Genocide Begin

By Neil Foster – Sovereign Independent UK –

The pantomime season is truly upon us and the Dames of Irish politics are playing a starring role as the Irish Independent annouces an ‘Exclusive’:-

As corrupt Irish  politicians disgustingly manipulate public opinion surrounding the tragic death of a young mother to be in a Third World medical facility in a backwater of the EUSSR, formerly known as Ireland, the ‘shock’ news from an ‘expert panel’ has supposedly told the country’s traitorous EUSSR glove puppets, much to their pretentious consternation I would assume, that under EUSSR ‘human rights laws’ imposed on the country, that any pseudo-debate on the issue of abortion is futile.

If it isn’t blatantly obvious that the country no longer exists as a sovereign nation, and that this has been the case for many years, it should be now as the last bastion of Irish morality is stripped away by the technocrats of the EUropean Soviet Socialist Republic.

Abortion is to be ENFORCED, through United Nations’ policy, on the Irish whether they want it or not.

It is clear that the ruling elite in Brussels officially run the country with the full backing of the IMF with their ‘bailout’ conditions which clearly state that population control, in other words, abortion, are a pre-requisite to any criminal loan the criminal elite running the Irish establishment care to further enslave the Irish people with for generations to come.

What has happened to that famous Irish fighting spirit?

How much of this tyranny, corruption and rampant criminality are they willing to put up with?

When they’ve already given up their children from infancy to the State are they now prepared to allow the State to control their unborn children?

Are we to see yet another social engineering experiment with Ireland becoming the first line of attack in ‘positive eugenics’ whereby, for the sake of the unborn child it will be decided by a panel of ‘experts’ that a woman can or cannot be allowed to give birth for any spurious reason such psychopathic ‘experts’ deem suitable?

If the fight for Irish rights to self-governance and sovereign independence stop here then it’s over for the Irish race.

You will be exterminated.

Via: The Irish Race are Obsolete – Let the Genocide Begin
Source: The Irish Race are Obsolete – Let the Genocide Begin

Comments at The Irish Race are Obsolete – Let the Genocide Begin

  1. northsider November 26, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Very good piece Mr Foster. The fact is there has been an unrelenting and extremely vicious psychological war waged by the illuminati against the Irish nation’s sense of self-esteem for generations. All those celebrated novels and plays and poems decrying us as a nation of benighted priest-ridden bigots were and still are part of this war. And remember every Irish school child who grew up since at least the late 1960s has had this anti-Irish propaganda drilled into him at school as part of the syllabus – so much for the Masonic myth that the Catholic Church ruled the roost in pre-Mary Robinson Ireland. And then there’s the poisonous revisionist history that taught and still teachers Irish children that the British rulers of Ireland, far from being the villains of the piece, were actually rather good chaps really, and the real villains were those pyschos like Eoghan Roe O’Neill and Pearse who dared to assert that we had a right to self-determination. Then of course there’s the relentless anti-Irish progaganda of the Anglo-Irish illuminati controlled media. Take a newspaper like the Irish Mail on Sunday. Compare and contrast its British and Irish editions. Its British edition is staunchly patriotic and opposes immigration and is against giving any more British powers to the EU. The Irish version of the Mail on Sunday is rancidly anti-Irish and its columnists and reporters never miss an opportunity to denigrate the Irish nation. The reason the Irish Mail on Sunday is like this is very simple – its journalists are British intelligence agents – as is almost everyone of any influence in the Irish media. Do the fricking math! By the law of averages it would be utterly implausible if not impossible for every Irish journalist working for the “Irish” Daily Mail and “Irish” Mail on Sunday, or the Sunday Indo to have nothing but bad things to say about Ireland, unless somebody somewhere was ordering them to have such opinions. Then of course there’s the anti-Irish psyop of the paedophile scandals in the Catholic Church. I’m not suggesting for a second that the Catholic Church wasn’t remiss in tolerating paedophile clerics but I AM suggesting that the Masonically controlled Irish media’s histrionic tears over these scandals are of the crocodile variety. The proof of this is the same media’s reaction to the recent paedophile scandals at the heart of the British establishment. Edwina Currie, a former senior minister in the Tory government (and lover of former British Prime Minister, John Major) admits that another very senior Minister in the Tory government, Sir Peter Morrison, was a paedophile, and says that everyone in the British government knew this and “sniggered about it. A former Tory MP, Rod Richards, says the same. This is a scandal of monumental proportions. In fact as it goes to the very heart of government – it is even graver than anything that was tolerated in the Catholic Church. Yet quite astoundingly, both the “Irish” Mail on Sunday and its parent paper in London have studiously ignored it for the last month, as have the rest of the media in Britain and Ireland. Where is their outrage over paedophilia now? It has evaporated completely into thin air and will, if they have their way, only be resurrected when they can once again use paedophilia as a stick to beat both Ireland and the Catholic Church with. The deeply unpleasant truth, which very few Irish people seem prepared to take on board, is that the masonically controlled Anglo-Irish media has been ruthlessly covering up paedophile rings in the Irish and British Masonic establishments for decades. My point in all of this is very simple: the so called “Irish” media is in fact a British Masonic psyop.


  2. fraz1971 November 26, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    I couldn’t agree more Northsider. Unfortunately, the Irish people can no longer think for themselves. They form groups and run with concensus (NGO’s and parties). They do not analyse anything for themselves. The press will do that for them and they will feel liberated for it, because it tends to their wants. Wants which they have been nudged into.


  3. northsider November 27, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    All too true Fraz – it never seems to occur to most modern Irish people to wonder if maybe just maybe the Pat Kennys, the Richard Crowleys, the Fintan O’Tooles, the Eoghan Harrises, the Vincent Brownes are delivering a pre-written Masonic script – a script that is ingeniously crafted and delivered to make it sound spontaneous. There is constant manufactured “debate” in the Irish media, and plenty of childish sniping at one another amongst journalists, but when you apply a little rigorous analysis you find that for all the theatrical squabbling, the journalists are all, just like the politicians, singing from the same Masonic hymnsheet. Middle Ireland’s knee-jerk retort to any criticism of our black propaganda indoctrinators is along the lines of: “Oh but Pat Kenny’s such a nice guy – he couldn’t be an agent of the New World Order, he likes the same bands as I do, he goes to the Electric Picnic – he’s just like you and me – he may be a bit bland but it’s outlandish to suggest that he’s an agent. The absurd assumption here of course is that those who direct New World Order propaganda are pretty dumb – that they’re not smart enough to ensure that those who propagandise on their behalf WILL be humanly likeable, and seem to the average punter like very regular guys and gals – only much more “well-informed” and articulate than the average guy and gal. After all if the NWO hired someone to front RTE’s flagship current affairs programmes who had a dour and abrasive personality and made it clear that he despised sport and music and films and soap operas and all the other things the masses are interested in – his effectiveness as a propagandist would be very limited. And of course by constantly pontificating about corruption in the Catholic Church or among Irish busininess men the likes of Pat Kenny and Marian Finucane convince the gullible masses that they are really on their side battling the “establishment”. Which is rather a sick joke really.


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