The “NEW” One World Chronicle Magazine has gone to print ! Now they need your help to spread it everywhere !

Hi everyone,

thanks so much for all your support and for visiting the site and making the site so successful. A big thank you to all the Advertisers who have taken out an advert and helped us to try and be at the stage whereby we have enough money to finance the first print run of our new Magazine – The One World Chronicle. We have a little bit to go, and despite things being hard for all of us in these austere times we have as a small group decided that we will cover the present shortfall in anticipation of the magazines success. So now its time to take the printed media phase of our project to the streets and to do that we are gonna need your help. We will take delivery of the magazine early next week and we are currently looking for distributors from every county in the country to take this information and to share it with as many people as possible, to help end this current madness which has enveloped our nation and indeed the World.The first issue is packed with many very interesting Articles and in light of the current upcoming Children’s Referendum on November 10th we have included a number of Articles of this theme, kindly written by Kathy Sinnott. There are many more articles on Health, Fluoride, Agenda 21, The Green Agenda and Psychopathic behaviour, all to help you begin a journey of understanding the massive system of tyranny we are all under. Look out for a very special Article on the back page, all we can say is WOW!, we are honoured to have been given it for our first edition.

We have decided that we only wish to cover costs of printing, and as we will need capital going forward to make this a bi-monthly project we hope that those distributors will be in a position to contact us via email to and we can arrange for a shipment of magazines to be sent to you, or delivered where possible.

The plan we have come up with is this. The magazines will be provided in bundles of 25, 50 or 100 to distributors. The bundle price list will be as so :

Bundle of 25 – €15 (€0.60 each) – 40% profit

Bundle of 50 – € 25 ( €0.50 each) – 50 % profit

Bundle of 100 – €40 ( €0.40 each) – 60 % profit

The opportunity here for distributors is that as the magazine is down for a €1 price where sold, there is an opportunity for the distributor to go to the pubs and social clubs/gatherings or matches throughout the country etc and when you have sold your bundle you will have been able to make a few euro for yourself. So its a win – win situation all round. We have made enough money to fund the next print run, and you will have had the opportunity to generate a few euro for yourself.

Also if you cant take a bundle, please go in and talk to your local independent Newsagent or indeed and retailer who is independent, explain what we as a nation of awakened people are trying to do to help all our communities, our society, our world. These retailers can order a bundle and we will organise the delivery to them. They can then sell to the public, you can direct people to the shop to pick up a copy and if the retailer has any left we will accept them back. All copies that are sold by the retailer will make them more profit than they make on the main stream media papers. Hey, there you go, local communities, local business, guaranteed Irish, guaranteed TRUTH!. Lets do this guys, lets network throughout the country and get all local retailers on board. COME ON ! LETS GET THE TRUTH ON THE SHELVES!

Remember, the over-riding motivation MUST be to get the information out, and if there is an opportunity to get the information out to a great source of dispersal i.e. a taxi driver, or train carriages, or indeed buses or LUAS then please do so as its important to have a discussion about all this information going on out there.

And please remember, this is not all about profit, its about funding a resistance and ensuring that The Alternative Media like One World Chronicle Magazine and The Sovereign Independent Newspaper continue to exist, and exist in such a way that they remain true and faithful to the truth, and thus faithful to you. We firmly believe that its very important to get this information out to you all, and though many may say we are all doom and gloom, we see our job at OWC as being the Guardians of the truth, and thus by being able to bring you the truth, we know that the inevitable goodness of humans will rise up and we will find the best solutions for all of us, because the truth and only the truth will allow us all to make decisions which are in all our best interests. We the Fourth Estate, the Alternative Media, will keep our leaders in check and responsible to you, and for that, we ask that you support us, you research what we say, you verify what we say, you discuss with your friends and family what we say. You draw your own conclusions, and we in return will endeavour to bring you the truth, and soon we will overtake the dinosaur Media, those “Presstitutes” as Gerald Celente calls them, and the Alternative Media will be the Mainstream, it will be a free independent entity, not beholden to shareholders and beholden to profiteers, but beholden to an old Ancient Tradition, not found in the MSM any more – A thing called Truth, Honesty and Integrity.

As a foot note, remember that The Sovereign Independent 6th Issue is currently nearing completion and they too will require distributors, so please contact the editor there at for further information on how you might be able to help them spread the truth news on their latest edition far and wide also.

We look forward to hearing from you all soon.

Many Thanks

The One World Chronicle Team.

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