Exopolitics: David Griffin & Douglas Dietrich on Whistle Blower Radio

Whistle Blower Radio, Kerry Cassidy interviews David Griffin.

21 September 2012

Whistleblower Radio with Kerry Cassidy

Guests: David Griffin with additional input from Douglas Dietrich

In 1982, the disagreement over the Falkland Islands began between Argentina and the UK. What is not widely known is that it is alleged the war started and ended 800 miles away on Thule Island. The war lasted 74 days with the Argentine surrendering on the 14 June 1982.

It is alleged the British ‘took’ a ground base but that they also located and retrieved technologies from an underground ET base. One such technology was an ET ‘nano-substance’ which was handed to Marconi, after which, 22 deaths occurred.

Keywords: Exopolitics, Falklands War, Space ETs & UFOs, Disclosure, Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, Whistleblower Radio, http://www.projectcamelot.org, Revolution Radio, http://www.freedomslips.com, Alien Nano-Substance, DUMBS, Marconi Deaths, http://www.exopoliticsgb.com, David Griffin, Douglas Dietrich

David Griffin

Douglas Dietrich

David Griffin was born in the Midlands and currently lives in Nottingham in the UK. He studied for a ‘Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution’ degree at Bradford University.

He has worked in virtual learning and learning innovation after obtaining an MSc in Interactive Media and Education, with emphasis on Human Computer Interaction, but also a variety of areas including NHS support for people with chronic addictions and public policy research with the Joseph Rowntree foundation.

His interest in UFOs came from it being ‘the best lens or framework with which to view everything from anthropology, geo-politics, the sciences, psychology and so on.’ His research brought him into the field of Exopolitics and he founded Exopolitics UK in 2006. He lectures on Exopolitics & Disclosure at conferences in the UK and abroad.


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