The Cult of Saturn ‘Saturnalia’ by Jordan Maxwell (full)

Jordan Maxwell at The Republic Forum talking about the Cult of Saturn ‘Saturnalia’.

Although this conference was recorded in 2001, the information is valid and even more so for today, as the actions of those behind the scenes are being outed and exposed.

At “The Republic Forum” Jordan Maxwell gives us information regarding the “Cult of Saturn” believed to be the belief system of the elite-Illuminati. The Illuminati isn’t so much one private group, but is a name used to refer to many groups who control the lives and commerce of all of us on this planet.

Also covered are connected topics, such as the New World Order, mind control, Egypt, Babylon, bankers, and “El” the God of Saturn ‘Saturnalia’.

Link to uploader IMMORTALTRUTHZ0’s channel:


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