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29 October, 2012

Children’s referendum grants the State power to seize children to serve new ideology: experts

Children’s referendum grants the State power to seize children to serve new ideology: experts

by Hilary White
Thu Oct 25, 2012 13:48 EST

Fr. John I. Fleming says the amendment will not help.

Fr. John I. Fleming says the amendment will not help.

DUBLIN, October 25, 2012, ( – According to opponents, Ireland’s upcoming Children’s Rights Referendum is nothing more than a ploy by a power-mad State to grant itself the right to snatch children from parents and seize control over the most fundamental unit of society. Polls indicate the Irish public is about to pass the measure.

Critics have called the proposed amendment to the Constitution “a beachhead by the state into what has traditionally been the preserve of the rights of parents in the upbringing of their children”. The amendment’s wording allows state agents to remove children from the family and place them in care if they believe it is in the child’s “best interests”. It allows children to be adopted out to other families without parents’ consent. Richard Green of the Christian Solidarity party said the State has already “failed dismally” to protect children already in their care.

Government and the amendment’s supporters have said that the amendment will “give a voice” to children. But those who oppose the amendment, who began organizing later than its proponents, have warned that a yes vote will force the country’s families into an unenviable position: play along with the prevailing ideology or lose your children to the mercies of state social services. Such a threat is only too familiar to homeschooling families in Germany and Sweden.

The group Parents for Children has said, “This referendum will remove the most important right that children can have: the right to parental protection and advocacy.”

“Instead there will be the State and the child, and the parent is removed. The State will be the final arbiter of the child’s rights, will decide what a child’s rights are.”

Polls show 74 percent of respondents saying they would vote yes, with just 4 percent saying they would vote no.

Maria Mhic Mheanmain, spokesman for Parents for Children, told that it is “untenable” that so many are supporting the amendment “while at that same time only 10 percent understand the issues involved”, something she called “highly irresponsible”.

The current provisions of the Irish Constitution already recognise the same personal rights for children as for other citizens under article 40. It recognises that children, being immature, are unable to protect themselves, and therefore stands upon the duty of parents to uphold and protect their children’s rights.

Its current provisions already obliges the State to intervene in those cases where parents fail in their duties. “When the State fails in its obligations no one will be in a position to vindicate a child’s rights,” Mhic Mheanmain said.

The amendment’s supporters claim that current constitutional protections for the family exclude the “voice of children.” Mhic Mheanmain responded that, in a 2006 by Supreme Court case, Justice Adrian Hardiman described the claim as “breathtakingly inaccurate”.

Hardiman said the Constitution does not prefer parents over children, but preferred parents over the State.

“If this is passed,” Mhic Mheanm added, “that balance will be removed and the State will be preferred to parents when it comes to deciding children’s matters. So the child still won’t have a voice, the only difference is who will be the child’s voice!”

Still, the No campaign is already well behind in the race and, with support for the Yes side coming now from the Church, have an even steeper hill to climb.

Diarmuid Martin, the Archbishop of Dublin has said he believes that the proposed wording tries to address the rights and obligations of all involved “in a balanced way”. Martin said he believes that a “reasonably good job” has been done protecting the family, with state intervention permitted only in exceptional circumstances.

Father John I. Fleming Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of Bioethics, Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, Adelaide, South Australia Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, wrote a legal analysis of the amendment’s wording. Fr. Fleming wrote that the new wording will add nothing to the rights of children already enshrined in the Constitution.

(Click “like” if you want to end abortion! )

The current wording, he wrote, gives “explicit recognition of the family as the fundamental group unit of society which preceded the formation of the state.” The ability of the state to intervene in the family is “carefully circumscribed” and starts by protecting the “natural and imprescriptable” [inalienable] rights of the child, including the “natural right of the child to be brought up by his or her own parents in the context of their family life”.

The new wording, however, “represents a dramatic ideological shift” away from these fundamental principles. This shift, he said, is “away from the prior rights of the family, of parents, to bring up their children as they see fit”. These principles are replaced by the notion of the State protecting the “best interests” of the child, which term remains undefined, without reference to the family. The only point of supervision for the State is the courts, “where an unelected group of individuals will be encouraged to move well beyond the black letter requirements of the law to impose their own personal preferences.”

These will, Fleming said, be supplemented by the opinions of “a plethora of ‘experts’”.

“The reality is that we will be left with state bureaucrats, politicians, and judges “balancing” the different opinions in some kind of utilitarian calculus, a calculus which has been aptly described as a ‘smokescreen for arbitrary preferences and desires” on the part of those who will have the power to judge and enforce’,” Fr. Fleming wrote.

Others have objected to the use of public funds to promote a particular outcome. It is estimated that as much as €1.1 million is being spent by the allegedly neutral government with media and internet materials having been prepared and disseminated since September. Mark McCrystal, an engineer from Dublin said that the materials are clearly supporting the Yes campaign, and this constitutes a breach of a 1995 judgment by the Supreme Court. McCrystal has launched proceedings over the matter against the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, the Government of Ireland, and the Attorney General. He has said he has no objection to the State arguing for a Yes vote but that the government should not be using public funds to support a particular outcome.

The Yes campaign is officially made up of an array of groups and individuals, and has the broad support of the country’s left-leaning mainstream media. Behind it are the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC), the Children’s Rights Alliance and other organisations including Campaign for Children. Former Supreme Court Judge Catherine McGuinness is chairwoman of Campaign for Children, while board members include journalist Olivia O’Leary and former senator Joe O’Toole. It also has support from all major political parties, Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Labour and Sinn Féin.

Funding from non-government sources has also been generous, totaling, as of September 20th, €1.5 million from two philanthropic groups: Atlantic Philanthropies, founded by US billionaire Chuck Feeney, and the One Foundation, co-founded by RyanAir heir Declan Ryan and Deirdre Mortell, according to the Irish Times.

Source: Children’s referendum grants the State power to seize children to serve new ideology: experts via Infowars Wexford

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10 Reasons to vote NO in the Children’s Rights Referendum
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28 October, 2012

10 Reasons to vote NO in the Children’s Rights Referendum

Why do governments and institutions love and care for your children so much?

Do you trust the Irish State, the UN and the EU [infested with pedophiles] to make decisions for your children when your parental rights have been eliminated? (click here and listen to David Icke on who rule us, pedophile rings, satanic cult, charities – thanks to

Download APS flyer for distribution for a NO vote in the ‘Childrens’ Referendum.

Click HERE to download the APS flyer to raise awareness about the ‘Children’s’ referendum.

Please visit the APS website for more information.

Ireland's Children's Rights Referendum 2012

10 Reasons to vote NO in the Children’s Rights Referendum

1/ Your legal right under Article 42.5 of the Irish Constitution to decide “Best Interests” for your own child will be
handed over to the State. Parents will be reduced to Caregivers under the UNCRC.

2/ Your child can be placed for adoption against your will. You will not need to be accused or convicted of any crime
and the arbitrary decision can be made by one person. The entire process will take place in secret Family Courts and
you will be gagged and prevented from speaking out.

3/ The State can decide for example to vaccinate every child in Ireland, and the parent, and even the child have no say in the matter. You do not need to be consulted or give permission. Joan Burton has already hinted that Child
Benefit will be tied into vaccination records, this could be extended to school admission.

4/ The State can decide to give Birth Control to children of any age, even if they are below the Age of Consent.
The State can bring children to other countries for abortions without parental consent and even if the child disagrees. (X case, C Case, D case)

5/ The UN and the EU can make any laws for children without consent of the Irish Government if it wishes. This allows unelected people in the EU and UN to write Irish Laws without prior notice. This removes what little
Sovereignty Ireland has as a nation.

6/ The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is no mere statement of altruism, it is a legally binding
Human Rights Treaty which, if Article 42 is changed, will allow unelected people in the EU and UN to re-write
Irish Law. Fully ratifying the UNCRC will now make every other treaty that we have ratified also apply to all Irish
Children. The entire landscape of Irish Law may need to be rewritten.

7/ The UNCRC does not give Irish children any privileges they did not possess before. Parents have always
vindicated the rights for their child. As children are not autonomous, the State can decide anything even if the child
disagrees. Effectively, this also removes children’s rights.

8/ The “Best Interest Principle” of the UN is nothing more than a slogan. Was it in the “Best Interests” of the 260
who died in Irish State “Care”, or the 500 who went missing and many were later found to have been trafficked into
prostitution and slavery? We believe if Ireland is to have a World-Class Child Protection System that “Best Interests”
should be replaced with “to the Measured and Demonstrated Benefit of the Child” and it will need to be measured
and demonstrated. Despite 760 children missing or dead in a decade, nobody has ever been held accountable. In the
Baby P case 2 doctors were struck off and 4 social workers fired, in Ireland 260 dead, 500 missing and nobody was

9/ The UNCRC only gives “Rights” to children but there is no obligation on the Government to comply. Children
in developing nations whose Governments have ratified the UNCRC have the right to food and water and yet children
are dying. Children are executed in some countries and the UNCRCC does not protect them, only their “Rights”. Many
of the countries that have ratified the UNCRC allow for Child Soldiers, Child Forced Marriage, the Death Penalty for
Children and even Female Genital Mutilation. The UNCRC does not protect children, their parents protect them.

10/ The question we are being asked here is “do you trust the Irish State, the UN and the EU to make decisions for your
children when your parental rights have been eliminated? If you are not 100% sure you must vote no.

Please register to vote and vote NO – Our children are depending on you.

For further information please visit

Ireland's Children's Rights Referendum 2012

Source: via

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Les pedophiles veulent les memes lois que les homosexuels / Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

28 October, 2012

The “NEW” One World Chronicle Magazine has gone to print ! Now they need your help to spread it everywhere !

Hi everyone,

thanks so much for all your support and for visiting the site and making the site so successful. A big thank you to all the Advertisers who have taken out an advert and helped us to try and be at the stage whereby we have enough money to finance the first print run of our new Magazine – The One World Chronicle. We have a little bit to go, and despite things being hard for all of us in these austere times we have as a small group decided that we will cover the present shortfall in anticipation of the magazines success. So now its time to take the printed media phase of our project to the streets and to do that we are gonna need your help. We will take delivery of the magazine early next week and we are currently looking for distributors from every county in the country to take this information and to share it with as many people as possible, to help end this current madness which has enveloped our nation and indeed the World.The first issue is packed with many very interesting Articles and in light of the current upcoming Children’s Referendum on November 10th we have included a number of Articles of this theme, kindly written by Kathy Sinnott. There are many more articles on Health, Fluoride, Agenda 21, The Green Agenda and Psychopathic behaviour, all to help you begin a journey of understanding the massive system of tyranny we are all under. Look out for a very special Article on the back page, all we can say is WOW!, we are honoured to have been given it for our first edition.

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And please remember, this is not all about profit, its about funding a resistance and ensuring that The Alternative Media like One World Chronicle Magazine and The Sovereign Independent Newspaper continue to exist, and exist in such a way that they remain true and faithful to the truth, and thus faithful to you. We firmly believe that its very important to get this information out to you all, and though many may say we are all doom and gloom, we see our job at OWC as being the Guardians of the truth, and thus by being able to bring you the truth, we know that the inevitable goodness of humans will rise up and we will find the best solutions for all of us, because the truth and only the truth will allow us all to make decisions which are in all our best interests. We the Fourth Estate, the Alternative Media, will keep our leaders in check and responsible to you, and for that, we ask that you support us, you research what we say, you verify what we say, you discuss with your friends and family what we say. You draw your own conclusions, and we in return will endeavour to bring you the truth, and soon we will overtake the dinosaur Media, those “Presstitutes” as Gerald Celente calls them, and the Alternative Media will be the Mainstream, it will be a free independent entity, not beholden to shareholders and beholden to profiteers, but beholden to an old Ancient Tradition, not found in the MSM any more – A thing called Truth, Honesty and Integrity.

As a foot note, remember that The Sovereign Independent 6th Issue is currently nearing completion and they too will require distributors, so please contact the editor there at for further information on how you might be able to help them spread the truth news on their latest edition far and wide also.

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Many Thanks

The One World Chronicle Team.

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26 October, 2012

Caisse d Epargne vire les clients qui demandent du liquide

Alerte generale !

Aux endormis : le systeme banco-financier est fini, c’est une question de jours, semaines ou mois avant l’effondrement.

Pour sur vous aurez droit a vos emissions debiles favorites dans l’ecran hypnotiseur et laveur de cerveau (la television), un durcicement des lois afin de renforcer l’Etat policier et la tant attendue guerre nucleaire des gentils petits bons hommes bleus de l’Axe (OTAN-Israel-Qatar-Arabie Saoudite-etc) contre les mechants iraniens (avec frappes “chirurgicales” qui ne tuent que des millions d’innocents).
Pendant les festivites votre compte en banque sera probablement vide. Ou plus gentiment dit les fonds seront ‘bloques’ pour cause de bug informatique de l’an 2012/2013 – la faute aux Mayas.

Nicolas Bailly, c’est lui-même qui le dit, n’est pas un grand fan du système bancaire. Il a même eu de petits soucis en la matière dans le passé, qui l’ont amené à être en signalement à la Banque de France. Mais comme chaque Français salarié, il a l’obligation d’avoir au moins un compte-courant pour toucher son salaire, percevoir des prestations sociales…

Salarié de la microélectronique à Rousset, par ailleurs travailleur handicapé, ce quadragénaire aixois avait donc le sien à la Caisse d’épargne de Saint-Mitre, assorti d’une carte de crédit. Le 8 août dernier, il se présente à son agence pour retirer 1 900 € en liquide. Comme la veille, il a déjà retiré 750 € avec sa carte, le système bloque automatiquement. Le client s’en va donc, confiant, trouver son banquier.

“Je pensais qu’il s’agirait d’une formalité”

“Comme j’avais l’argent sur mon compte, je pensais qu’il s’agirait d’une formalité” confie Nicolas Bailly. Cartes de retrait à usage unique (les Cartes Tempo à la Caisse d’épargne) ou remise de liquide au guichet, “même avec un délai de 24 ou 48 heures comme ça se faisait dans mon ancienne banque”, l’Aixois n’a pas de système préféré, il veut juste retirer son argent.

“J’arrive au guichet et on me dit qu’on n’y délivre plus de Cartes Tempo, raconte-t-il. J’ai insisté pour qu’on me trouve une autre solution, parce que je voulais mon argent. Comme le ton commençait à monter, on m’a pris de haut, on m’a demandé ce que je voulais faire de tout ce liquide.” Choses qui, de l’avis du client, ne sont pas les oignons du banquier tant que le compte est crédité.

Finalement, devant le blocage du guichet-accueil, c’est la directrice de l’agence qui prend le relais de la guichetière. Mais l’arrivée d’une nouvelle tête ne change pas grand-chose à la donne, assure Nicolas Bailly. “Elle a dit à haute voix, devant tout le monde, ‘Alors comme ça, vous êtes un habitué des retraits en espèces ?’, je trouve ça incroyable“, s’énerve-t-il.

“Me chercher une autre banque”

En outre, la conversation se conclut de manière pour le moins définitive. Car si le client parvient finalement à obtenir deux cartes de retrait à usage unique, l’une pour 900 €, l’autre pour 1 000 – “Comme quoi, ils en faisaient encore des Cartes Tempo“, note Nicolas Bailly -, la sanction tombe dans la foulée : “La directrice m’a dit qu’elle ferait partir un recommandé dès le lendemain pour me dire de me chercher une autre banque“, résume-t-il.

Et effectivement, il reçoit une lettre de la Caisse d’épargne Alpes-Provence-Corse datée du 9 août lui annonçant, sans plus d’explications, la clôture de son compte avec un délai de deux mois pour trouver un autre endroit où poser ses valises bancaires.

“Nous ne nous exprimons pas sur les situations particulières de nos clients”

La version de Nicolas Bailly est-elle conforme aux faits ? La Caisse d’épargne régionale se montre pour le moins peu diserte sur la question. “Nos clients doivent avoir accès à leurs fonds, même en liquide, explique-t-on à la direction régionale. Il arrive qu’un petit délai soit nécessaire pour préparer la somme, mais pas pour 2 000 .” Dès lors, pourquoi le cas de Nicolas Bailly a-t-il bloqué, puisque l’argent était effectivement sur le compte ? “Nous ne nous exprimons pas sur les situations particulières de nos clients“, répond la Caisse d’épargne.

Fermez le ban ! Et le compte-courant…

Source via : Aix-en-Provence : viré de sa banque pour avoir demandé trop de liquide


A noter : suite a la nouvelle loi liberticide passee l’ete dernier vous ne pouvez acheter de l’argent metal que dans le limite de 1500 euros par carte bancaire francaise.
Si ca ca ne sent pas le roussi… Preparez-vous.

18 October, 2012

Illuminati The Cult that Hijacked the World by Henry Makow


Bizarre and incredible as it sounds, humanity has been colonized by a satanic cult called the Illuminati. This cult represents Masonic and Jewish bankers who finagled a monopoly over government credit which allows them to create currency in the form of a debt to them, and charge interest.

Naturally they want to protect this prize by translating it into a political and cultural monopoly. This takes the form of a totalitarian world government dedicated to Lucifer, who represents their defiance of God.

Thus, the people who hold our purse strings are conspiring against us. To distract and control us, they have used a vast occult network (Freemasonry) to infiltrate most organizations, especially government, intelligence agencies, education and the mass media.

We are being re-engineered to serve the Illuminati. They undermine institutions like marriage and religion, and promote depravity, dysfunction, corruption and division. They have orchestrated two world wars and are planning a third.

Henry Makow describes this conspiracy and shows how human history is unfolding according to Illuminati plan.


World events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse string.” (Denis Healey, former British Secretary of Defense.)

“Political Zionism is an agency of Big Business. It is being used by Jewish and Christian financiers in this country and Great Britain, to make Jews believe that Palestine will be ruled by a descendant of King David who will ultimately rule the world. What delusion! It will lead to war between Arabs and Jews and eventually to war between Muslims and non-Muslims. That will be the turning point of history.” (Henry H. Klein, “A Jew Warns Jews,” 1947)

“There have of old been Jews of two descriptions, so different as to be like two different races. There were Jews who saw God and proclaimed His law, and those who worshiped the golden calf and yearned for the flesh-pots of Egypt; there were Jews who followed Jesus and those who crucified Him…” –Mme Z.A. Rogozin (“Russian Jews and Gentiles,” 1881)

“Henry Makow is extremely dangerous. Because he is so bold and original, his ideas provoke—dare I say it—thought. Dr. Makow thoroughly explains the conspiracy for world government. That is why it is trying to shut him down. Read this book!” –Alan Stang

“This is the most important book of the year, if not the decade.” –Texe Marrs

Book Illuminati The Cult that Hijacked the World by Henry Makow

ISBN: 1439211485

9 October, 2012

Illuminati Le Culte qui a Detourne Le Monde par Henry Makow

Note du 21 novembre 2016 Anno Domini de l’Eglise Catholique Romaine Babylonienne :

Si vous suivez ce blog vous savez que j’ai avance dans la decouverte de la verite. La puissance de l’eglise Catholique Romaine Babylonienne / Egyptienne (rien a voir avec le Christianisme bien qu’ils utilisent les nom de Marie, Jesus et Dieu dans leur trinite luciferienne – IHS = Isis, Horus, Set) et leur haine des juifs (Jesus) telle qu’ils feront toujours passer des juifs pour coupables au yeux des athees, catholiques, musulmans, etc.

Non que ces juifs participant a la manipulation, tel Jacques Attali ou Bernard-Henri Lévy en France ou George Soros et la dynastie Rothschild dans le monde, par exemple, ne le soit pas -en partie au moins- des criminels, car nombreux sont les juifs qui travaillent pour l’Empire, mais ne nous trompons pas d’ennemi.

Faites vos recherches et tot ou tard vous saurez que le Vatican a des accords avec les etats de Palestine et d’Israel a certaines fins…

Pendant ce temps l’erradication de la Reforme (c’est la Contre-Reforme de l’Empire Romain Catholique) entre dans sa derniere phase.
Les vrais Chretiens (“Protestants”), c’est a dire ceux qui suivent la parole de Jesus, d’apres la Bible la plus originelle et la moins censuree par l’Empire, seront EXTERMINES par l’ancien/nouvel ordre mondial qu’est l'”eglise” catholique romaine satanique/babylonienne/egyptienne comme ils le furent dans TOUTES les guerres qui ont deja eu lieu afin de permettre l’etablissement du royaume de l’antechrist (homosexualite, pedophilie, zoopholie, avortement, sexualisation a outrance, LGBTisme, culture de l’abrutissement, immolation par le feu des nouveaux nees, esclavagisme/feodalite…).


Article originel :


“Le principe luciferien est l’art de dissimuler les tenebres en pleine lumiere, de provoquer la guerre a partir de la paix, et d’amener enfin a la servitude par la liberation de toute contrainte. De cette facon, un peuple est suborne pour embrasser son propre destructeur.” (Eliezer)

“Le Sionisme politique est une question de Gros Sous. Il est utilise par les financiers juifs et chretiens de ce pays et de la Grande-Bretagne, pour faire croire que les Juifs en Palestine seront gouvernes par un descendant du Roi David, qui finira par dominer le monde. Quel delire! Cela conduira a la guerre entre les Arabes et les Juifs et, eventuellement, a la guerre entre les Musulmans et les non-Musulmans. Ce sera le tournant de l’histoire.” (Henry H. Klein, “Un Juif met en garde les Juifs” 1947)

“De tout temps, il y a eu deux sortes de Juifs, aussi differents que s’ils appartenaient a deux races differentes. Il y avait des Juifs qui ont vu Dieu et proclame sa loi, et ceux qui adoraient le veau d’or et aspiraient aux butins de l’Egypte, il y avait les Juifs qui ont suivi Jesus et ceux qui l’ont crucifie…” Mme Z.A. Rogozin (“les Juifs de Russie et les Gentils”1881)


Aussi bizarre et incroyable que cela puisse paraitre, l’humanité a été colonisée par un culte satanique appelé les Illuminati. Ce culte represente les banquiers maconniques et juifs qui ont usurpé un monopole sur le credit du gouvernement, qui leur permet d’exiger des interets sur les fonds qu’ils créent a partir de rien.

Naturellement, ils veulent protéger ce privilège en le traduisant dans un monopole politique et culturel. Cela prend la forme d’un gouvernement mondial totalitaire dédié à Lucifer, qui represente leur mépris de Dieu.

Ainsi, les gens qui contrôlent les cordons de notre bourse conspirent contre nous. Pour nous distraire et nous contrôler, ils ont utilisé un vaste réseau occulte (la franc-maçonnerie) pour infiltrer la plupart des organisations, en particulier le gouvernement, les agences de renseignement, le système educatif et les médias de masse.

L’humanité est repensée pour servir les Illuminati. Ils portent atteinte a des institutions comme celle du mariage et de la religion, et promeuvent la dépravation, le dysfonctionnement, la corruption et la division. Ils ont orchestré deux guerres mondiales et en planifient une troisième.

Henry Makow décrit cette conspiration et montre comment l’histoire humaine se déroule selon les plans des Illuminati.

Livre Illuminati Le Culte qui a Detourne Le Monde par Henry Makow.

ISBN-10: 0968772587
ISBN-13: 978-0968772584

7 October, 2012

MUST-SEE: 666 — The Cult of Saturn, the origin of religions

Not meaning all or most of the followers of Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Freemasonry, etc, are satanist but after you will have investigated this for yourself you will comprehend better the fake world that has been built around Humanity.

666 — The Cult Of Saturn (01:02:04) i.e. 666 – The Beast Finally Identified!
Produced by xJohn i.e. xRevelator and Edited by TheHeroOfChrist (HeroOfChristArchives).

Shocking truth!! The mark of the beast and the image of the beast identified!

Link to uploader HeroOfChristArchives’ channel:

Learn more:

5 October, 2012

Chemtrails: Why in the World are They Spraying?

Subtitles in ESPANOL, RUSSIAN, FRANCAIS, DUTCH, KOREAN, click on ‘CC’ button once playback is started.

People around the world are noticing that our planet’s weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather. While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth’s natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet. Directed/Produced by Michael J. Murphy and Produced/Edited by Barry Kolsky.. Written by Michael J. Murphy and Barry Kolsky. &

5 October, 2012

Pédophilie : c’est à la mode

Ca commence avec la sexualisation des enfants et de leurs sujets de conversation.

L’enfant est vraiment mis à contribution: karaoké sur chansons d’amour, faire avancer une bille-spermatozoide vers un ovule, sentir les différentes odeurs du corps (aiselles, pieds…)

Source : Apprendre le sexe et l’amour grâce à Titeuf !
via Titeuf: une BD pour Adultes

Gendarmes, policiers

Vous avez enfin été débarrassés du caractériel à talonnettes.

Mais ne vous réjouissez pas trop vite, car vous n’avez pas vraiment gagné au change, avec votre nouveau donneur d’ordres…

(Je salue bien bas au passage le retour du criminel impunis Laurent Fabius auquel je ne souhaite que de se prendre une piqûre de seringue contaminée dans une apparition publique ou un meeting quelconque…)

Décrit par ses proches collaborateurs comme un partouzard notoire –ils doivent savoir de quoi ils parlent – il est certain que François Hollande porte « bien haut » les valeurs tant plébiscitées par notre imposture politique : Sexe, débauche, abus de pouvoir et trahison.

Ne prévoit-il pas de permettre l’adoption par des couples homosexuels ?

Je n’ai rien contre ces derniers, mais n’étant ni binaire ni extrémiste, je n’apprécie ni les effusions pornographiques publiques des gays parades, ni l’idée que leurs auteurs puissent si facilement mettre la main sur un enfant, sous couvert de l’adoption…

Sérieusement, qu’est-ce qui peut bien pousser un couple de lesbiennes à vouloir adopter une petite fille, ou un couple de sodomites mâles à prendre en main un petit garçon orphelin ?

Accepteriez-vous, quant à vous, le principe que les homos puissent adopter votre enfant, s’il vous arrivait malheur avec votre conjoint, et/ou si un juge aux affaires familiales le décidait ?

Nous savons parfaitement qu’une telle mesure permettra également le placement d’enfants dans des familles « d’accueil » homosexuelles, et dans des cercles de partouzards pédophiles.

Car, les personnes un tant soi peu averties – dont vous ferez forcément partie dorénavant – savent que la France applique une politique massive de placement abusifs. Nous parlons d’un sur deux, sur base des 150 000 enfants placés par an, des propres sources officielles.

Deux raisons à cette infamie :

Premièrement : L’Etat claque 6,7 milliard d’euros par an pour les placements d’enfants ; ce qui contribue à l’entreprise formelle de mise en faillite de la Nation (conformément aux dictats des banquiers privés internationaux)!

En outre, comme il en est des scandales des ronds-points et des HLM, ces mouvements de fonds permettent que des enveloppes bien garnies volent en formations serrées.

Deuxièmement : Toujours pour suivre les dictats des criminels de la haute finance internationale ; le noyau familial explose, à travers de véritables actions terroristes, dont, vous mesdames et messieurs, assurez la sérénité de leur mise en œuvre.

Le contexte dans lequel les enfants sont arrachés à une mère, un père, ou même un couple de parents, sans aucune raison valable, est souvent celui où l’enfant en question a eu le malheur de vouloir témoigner dans un cadre d’agressions sexuelles par ascendant, parent ou instituteur franc-maçon ou rosicrucien, par exemple.

Là encore, dans ce genre de contexte, gendarmes et policiers agissent, en général et sur ordre, non pas pour qu’il y ait une enquête avec manifestation de la vérité, mais bien pour que la terreur la plus absolue s’applique, au bénéfice de réseaux de notables pédophiles.

Si un enquêteur fait correctement son travail, le procureur classera sans suite…

Si l’enquêteur insiste, malgré tout, c’est lui qui sera « classé sans suite» …

Le niez-vous ? Quelle est votre position personnelle sur le sujet ?

Votre nouveau donneur d’ordres ne va pas prendre la défense de ces innombrables enfants, ni intervenir en faveur de la justice, que vous espériez quant à vous servir en vous engageant.

Nous vivons la parfaite application des protocoles des Sages de Sion ; ces plans maudits, écrits par Rothschild and Co, qui prévoient d’avilir les masses dès le plus jeune âge.

Avec l’ONU qui décrète que la sexualité de l’enfant entre en ligne de compte dès dix ans, la mode de la pédophilie a décidément, et formellement, le vent en poupe !

Et si vous n’êtes toujours pas convaincus, je vous invite à faire un tour à la FNAC : Vous y trouverez les dernières aventures de « Titeuf », où l’on apprend à un gosse de huit ans comment faire une fellation, ou encore le très remarquable ouvrage de la vilaine petite Lulu.

J’espère également que les cirques télévisuels des mini-miss ne vous convainquent pas plus que moi de leur pertinence, pas plus le fait que les marques de fringues fassent des strings pour fillette de huit ans…

Mais, mes chers camarades, avez-vous bien conscientisé l’infamie qui se répand à travers l’outil de manipulation mentale que constituent d’une part le « jeu de la mode » et d’autre part notre sacro-sainte télé ?

Notre société doit plonger dans les tréfonds de la décadence la plus crasse, car, comme l’avaient compris entre autres les premiers criminels de la haute finance internationale, c’est le meilleur moyen de faire de notre triste espèce un bétail bien facile à « traiter ».

Et notre prétendue élite politique agit dans ce sens, depuis belle lurette, favorisant l’ascension sociale à travers la franc-maçonnerie – par exemple- aux dépravés adeptes des « crimes sexuels sur mineurs »… … « en réunion », de préférence…

Regardez donc un peu en direction des énarques, des préfets, sous-préfets, procureurs et hauts cadres de vos corporations respectives, quelle est la réelle tendance. Ça ne sera pas bien difficile ; les détraqués accrocs des réunions orgiaques où ils amènent jusqu’à leurs propres enfants ne se cachent même plus. Ne leur garantissez-vous pas l’impunité, en courbant l’échine et en vous barricadant derrière les illusions et la notion d’ordre reçu ?

Ou, êtes-vous réellement persuadés que tout cela n’est que « théorie de complot » ?

Etes-vous si certains que vos enfants, vos descendances, n’ont quant à eux, rien à redouter de l’imposture sociétale maudite dans laquelle vous les condamner à errer ?

Pardonnez mon ton si acide. Je ne vous vois toujours pas réagir, juste donner raison à tous ces misérables qui ricanent de mes efforts. Ceux-ci affirment que je ne suis qu’un pauvre idiot en jugeant bon de m’adresser à vous… …parce que vous ne seriez tous que des lâches, des corrompus et des traîtres sans conscience !

Mais, j’ai été gendarme… Assez pour savoir mieux que quiconque ce que l’on ressent quand on réalise que son idéal est détourné, et que l’on perçoit l’écrasement de la chaîne de commandement, associé aux chaînes des crédits en cours et d’une carrière à préserver.

Je connais le goût amer de la honte et du déshonneur, que seule la rébellion, la Résistance, sous une forme ou une autre, peut laver !

Car, on a toujours le choix de ses actes ou non-actes, même avec le canon d’une arme sur la tempe. On a toujours le choix des risques à prendre, pour rester fidèle à son serment, quoi qu’il en coûte !

L’O.C.C.U.L.T.E (Organisation Clandestine Civique Universelle de Lutte contre le Terrorisme d’Etat) est le camp de notre – de votre ! – Résistance face à l’imposture qui vend votre âme au diable.

Un camp qui n’attend plus que vous !

A très bientôt, mes amis !

Stan Maillaud. “Gendarme un jour… …gendarme toujours !”

Source : Message 3/2012 de l’O.C.C.U.L.T.E aux membres des forces dites publiques (Attention ! A la suite du texte en version imprimable, message spécial 4/2012 !)

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4 October, 2012

Exopolitics: David Griffin & Douglas Dietrich on Whistle Blower Radio

Whistle Blower Radio, Kerry Cassidy interviews David Griffin.

21 September 2012

Whistleblower Radio with Kerry Cassidy

Guests: David Griffin with additional input from Douglas Dietrich

In 1982, the disagreement over the Falkland Islands began between Argentina and the UK. What is not widely known is that it is alleged the war started and ended 800 miles away on Thule Island. The war lasted 74 days with the Argentine surrendering on the 14 June 1982.

It is alleged the British ‘took’ a ground base but that they also located and retrieved technologies from an underground ET base. One such technology was an ET ‘nano-substance’ which was handed to Marconi, after which, 22 deaths occurred.

Keywords: Exopolitics, Falklands War, Space ETs & UFOs, Disclosure, Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot, Whistleblower Radio,, Revolution Radio,, Alien Nano-Substance, DUMBS, Marconi Deaths,, David Griffin, Douglas Dietrich

David Griffin

Douglas Dietrich

David Griffin was born in the Midlands and currently lives in Nottingham in the UK. He studied for a ‘Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution’ degree at Bradford University.

He has worked in virtual learning and learning innovation after obtaining an MSc in Interactive Media and Education, with emphasis on Human Computer Interaction, but also a variety of areas including NHS support for people with chronic addictions and public policy research with the Joseph Rowntree foundation.

His interest in UFOs came from it being ‘the best lens or framework with which to view everything from anthropology, geo-politics, the sciences, psychology and so on.’ His research brought him into the field of Exopolitics and he founded Exopolitics UK in 2006. He lectures on Exopolitics & Disclosure at conferences in the UK and abroad.

3 October, 2012

Why jewish leaders meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York??? / Ahmadinejad rencontre des dignitaires juifs a New York…

Why jewish leaders meet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York???

3 October, 2012

The Cult of Saturn ‘Saturnalia’ by Jordan Maxwell (full)

Jordan Maxwell at The Republic Forum talking about the Cult of Saturn ‘Saturnalia’.

Although this conference was recorded in 2001, the information is valid and even more so for today, as the actions of those behind the scenes are being outed and exposed.

At “The Republic Forum” Jordan Maxwell gives us information regarding the “Cult of Saturn” believed to be the belief system of the elite-Illuminati. The Illuminati isn’t so much one private group, but is a name used to refer to many groups who control the lives and commerce of all of us on this planet.

Also covered are connected topics, such as the New World Order, mind control, Egypt, Babylon, bankers, and “El” the God of Saturn ‘Saturnalia’.

Link to uploader IMMORTALTRUTHZ0’s channel: