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22 July, 2012

London Olympics: Rockefeller Sees 13,000 Already Dead; BBC Says Over 100,000

London 2012 Olympics NWO symbolism (zion & eyes)

London 2012 Olympics NWO symbolism

“All we need is the right major crises and the nations will accept the  New World Order”. -David Rockeffeler

Rockefeller’s Dooms Decade: Who Are The Victims?

For many months, the security situation at the London Olympics became an issue of great concern to the British people, the government and the international community as a whole. Many anticipate that terrorists’ attack could mar the beauty of the entire game and put the security of tens of thousands of people at risk. As a result, unprecedented military expenditure has already been exhausted as billions of the taxpayer’s money has been spent on security arrangements that aim to prevent any such incident. The initial budget has thus multiplied in ten folds!

In an article written by Dave Zirin, he states:

“Londoners were first told that the Olympics would cost £2.4 billion. Projections that include ballooning infrastructure costs are now looking at £24 billion, ten times the original bid’s estimate”. Last year, the Guardian reported that there are 1.85 million CCTVs cameras across Britain, closely monitoring every movement at every corner. In the Article: “Three places to avoid this summer: Kabul, Baghdad and the 2012 London Olympics”, Simon Jenkins, writing for the Guardian, paints the picture of some breath-taking developments around the friendly Olympics games.

A week-long “military exercise” is currently under way in the capital. RAF Typhoon jets are to scream back and forth over the Thames. Starstreak surface-to-air missile batteries are being set up in East End parks and on flats in Bow, with 10 soldiers manning each one. Army and navy helicopters will clatter back and forth, with snipers hanging from their doors “to shoot down pilots of terrorist planes… Yet, not one defence spokesman has come up with a plausible scenario for the jets and missiles.

Was this an indication that London is expecting terrorists attack at the 2012 games? “For now, it looks as if a noble movement has been hijacked by a monster that is plainly out of control”, the writer concludes.

Shockingly, the Rockefeller Foundation in a remarkable narrative has already confirmed the fears of a terrorist attack at the 2012 games dating back 2010. This places the actual incidence in a historic perspective. As far as this piece of research is concerned, the incident has already been documented. This seems to suggest that those victims who would be going for the Olympic Games, though currently alive, are already dead.

A small portion of the research document titled: Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, (Page 34) published in May 2010 by the Rockefeller Foundation, conveyed the following chilling piece of information:

“…The years 2010 to 2020 were dubbed the ‘doom decade’ for good reason: the 2012 Olympic bombing, which killed 13,000, was followed closely by an earthquake in Indonesia killing 40,000, a tsunami that almost wiped Nicaragua and the onset of the West China Famine, caused by a once-in-a-millennium drought linked to climate change. 

Is this prediction simply hypothetical speculation or could this be a warning regarding a terrorist attack that has been planned for the 2012 games? If this critical scenario about such an important event turns out to be true (just as previous scenarios have been), then it means that about 13,000 people including the fastest men on the planet have already been given their death sentence in advance. This to me is something serious for those people to think about.

The world can still remember related scenarios such as, the “Project for the New American Century”, a report published in the early 2000 as “projections” by key members of the Bush administration. These were the men who had called for a “New Pearl Harbor” in order to facilitate the authoritarian changes we currently see in America: the Patriot Act, Home Land Security, NDAA, among others. In the end, all those projections came into effect, exactly how it was ‘predicted’. Since then, America has never been the same again. Similarly, a document titled: “Which Path to Persia?” a handbook for carrying out regime change across North Africa and the Middle East, was merely written as imaginations or projections. The 156 page report focuses on effecting regime change within Iran, starting with ‘unfriendly’ regimes which include Syria and Lebanon, with Russia and China being the ultimate target. Today, the events in Libya and Syria and Iran cannot be seen as mere coincidences.

‘We can see that the stratagems and methodology defined within this report have played out not only in Iran, but in Libya and Syria as well, with preparations and posturing being made in regards to targets further along China’s “String of Pearls” and along Russia’s vast borders’, writes Tony Cartalucci, editor of the Land Destroyer’s Report.

Olympics Explosions, BBC Already Has The Shocking Video

Perhaps the most chilling piece of information to emerge regarding the upcoming Olympics is a prediction made by the BBC itself in August 2008, regarding the Olympics and the coming explosions. A BBC’s video  documentary, captioned: “Code 9, Predictive Programming”, envisaged a nuclear attack on the London Olympic Stadium. The shocking video  depicts how the terrorist attack at the Olympics would look like. The video begins with the following words:

“In the summer of 2012, an event was to occur that would change the United Kingdom forever”, a clear reference to the Olympics Games.

In a vivid narrative, the narrator (the BBC) suggests…

“…In bomb terms the blast was relatively small but the death toll wasn’t. Over a 100,000 incinerated (burnt) and many more given a death sentence by a nuclear radiation. For some people outside of the blast zone, life continued almost as normal. But after the attack, nothing in our country would ever be the same again”.

Predictive Programming – Attack on London in 2012?

Video: BBC’s Footage Confirms “Big Brother’s” Possible Agenda

Whether or not an attack occurs, we can all be certain of one thing: governments around the world will continue to use the threat of terror to further consolidate their power, and to strip the citizenry of their rights and civil liberties. This agenda was stated at the end of the above video as the media clearly reported, after the supposed incident:

“…The government has introduced controversial new security measures, as well as ordering a complete restructure of the security services”.

I have a strong conviction that these plots of “terrorist attacks” can be stopped if the people of the world become aware of this piece of information and force those “terrorists” behind the plot to cancel their plans. It will also put responsibility on the security agencies, having received the needed financial support, to prevent this attack from happening at all cost. The world would be better off, if the lives of these 13,000 or over 100,000 men, women and children could be saved from the hands of these terrorists. Everyone must get involve, spread the message and together let us act and prevent this disaster from happening. It is time to join the information campaign.

“May future generations look back on our work and say that these were the men and women who, in a moment of great crisis, stood up to the politicians, the opinion-makers, and the establishment, and saved their country and the world”.

-Dr Ron Paul

Source: London Olympics: Rockefeller Sees 13,000 Already Dead; BBC Says Over 100,000

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Terrorism: it's OK when the government does it

Terrorism: it’s OK when the government does it

20 July, 2012

Do not disarm / Ne désarmez pas

The more one will read about how Hitler and Himmler ran Germany in the 30s, the more one will recognize that the US Government is now a carbon copy of that regime. The ONLY reason that you, American reader, and I are not dead or in a slave labor camp right now is because enough of us are armed.  The Germans gave all their guns to Hitler in 1933 or so–I think it was after Hitler had the World Trade Center, er, I mean The Reichstag destroyed and successfully blamed commies for it.

— Don Croft

Dictators agree on gun control

Le plus vous lisez comment Hitler et Himmler dirigeaient l’Allemagne dans les années 30, le plus vous vous rendrez compte que le gouvernement états-unien est maintenant une copie carbone de ce régime. La SEULE raison pourquoi vous, lecteur états-unien, et moi ne sommes pas mort ou dans un camp de travail en ce moment même c’est parceque nombre d’entre nous sont armés. Les allemands rendirent leurs armes à Hitler aux alentours de 1933 – je pense que c’était après que Hitler ait détruit le World Trade Center, heu, je veux dire le Reichstag et blamé, avec succès, les communistes.

— Don Croft

17 July, 2012

Le cas de la Libye transposé à la France

Puisqu’une grande majorité d’entre nous ne parvient toujours pas à comprendre ce qui se passe en Libye, ni pourquoi nous n’aurions pas dû intervenir, transposons les évènements en France pour plus de clarté.

Imaginons qu’un petit groupe d’indépendantistes bretons, par exemple, ait accumulé depuis de nombreuses années une terrible rancœur à l’encontre des différents gouvernements français qui se sont succédés sans jamais écouter leurs revendications. Excédé, ce groupe n’a plus qu’un souhait: obtenir l’indépendance de la Bretagne en se soulevant contre le gouvernement en place; et ce, même si leurs idées ne font pas l’unanimité au sein de leur propre région.

Malheureusement, ils savent bien qu’étant minoritaires et sans appui, ils n’ont aucun moyen de parvenir à leurs fins.

Mais voilà que l’ambassadeur des États-Unis en France entend parler de ce groupe d’activistes qui secoue de plus en plus l’ouest de la France. Il en fait aussitôt part à ses supérieurs et attend sagement ses instructions.

Les américains réfléchissent à la situation et en arrivent à la conclusion qu’il pourrait leur être très favorable d’aider ce groupe à renverser son gouvernement afin de déstabiliser la France et de prendre pied dans ce pays. Une fois alliés aux activistes – arrivés au pouvoir grâce à eux – les américains pourraient dicter leurs volontés au peuple français, régir de nouvelles lois, racheter les entreprises à bas coût, exploiter les richesses du pays, piller les immenses exploitations agricoles, extraire du gaz de schiste, etc, etc.

L’ambassadeur américain sait alors ce qui lui reste à faire: rencontrer les indépendantistes, leur proposer l’aide des États-Unis en leur fournissant des subsides et des armes, en échange de la garantie de participer -dans l’ombre évidemment!- au prochain gouvernement.

Les activistes, sachant qu’ils n’ont pas d’autres solutions pour atteindre leur objectif, acceptent le marché.

Quelque mois plus tard, les activistes auront très largement agrandi leurs rangs grâce aux subsides versés par le gouvernement américain. Beaucoup de bretons sans le sou auront accepté de devenir “des mercenaires pour la cause” en échange d’un peu d’argent. Tous seront armés jusqu’au dent!

Viendra alors le temps de la rébellion à proprement parlée!

Après avoir commis deux ou trois attentats terroristes en Bretagne, les médias commenceront à parler d’eux. On interrogera le chef de la bande qui demandera au Président de la République de démissionner, sans quoi il viendra le sortir de l’Élysée de gré ou de force.

Surpris par ce tapage médiatique et ces revendications farfelues qui – il faut bien le dire- feront rire tous les français, le Président enverra tout de même une petite délégation et des gendarmes pour voir de quoi il retourne exactement.

Arrivés sur place, les gendarmes ne seront pas accueillis avec les jets de pierres habituels, mais bien avec des armes tirant à balles réelles!

Face au danger de cette rébellion armée, le gouvernement enverra alors l’Armée en urgence.

À cet instant, pas un français – exception faite des rebelles bretons – ne sera contre cette intervention militaire pour le bien de la stabilité du pays!

Et il y aura malheureusement des morts dans les deux camps…

Les médias étrangers s’intéresseront alors largement à la question, alertés par la presse américaine qui sera, bien évidemment, la première à rapporter l’histoire “de cette nouvelle révolution française”. Car il s’agira bien d’une “révolution” pour les médias étrangers qui ne filmeront et n’interrogeront que les rebelles.

En plan serré, ils donneront bel et bien l’image “d’une immense foule se rebellant contre le pouvoir français”. Lorsqu’on leur donnera la parole, ils déverseront leur haine du gouvernement et du Président, prétendant s’être fait tirer dessus alors qu’ils défilaient “pacifiquement”. Les images des cadavres de rebelles “désarmés” morts pour la cause, étendus dans une morgue, feront le tour du monde. Et vu de l’étranger, on ne pourra que se dire que le gouvernement français est effectivement “abominable et sanguinaire” et qu’il faut absolument “aider les pauvres français en détresse.”

Cependant, aucun de ces “journalistes” – habitués à orienter les esprits dans la direction qu’ils souhaitent – n’aura pris la peine d’interroger tous les autres français restés tranquillement chez eux en attendant que la crise passe, persuadés que leur gouvernement n’aura aucun mal à mater cette folle rébellion!

Lequel de ces pays étrangers se demandera alors si cette “révolution” est réellement souhaitée par la “majorité des français”?

Face à l’urgence de la situation, l’ONU prendra très vite “les mesures qui s’imposent!”

Un ultimatum sera donc envoyé à notre Président: démissionner et laisser la place au chef des rebelles – que l’on aura par ailleurs pris soin de reconnaître comme “chef du conseil de transition français” sans demander l’avis du reste de la population (vive la démocratie!) – sans quoi il sera “poussé dehors” par les forces de l’OTAN!

Évidemment, notre Président, soutenu par l’ensemble des français qui ne voudront pas voir leur pays se diviser, ne pourra que refuser la “proposition” de l’ONU.

Nos journalistes, affolés, auront beau essayer de hurler notre détresse au monde entier, les autres pays resteront persuadés que notre presse, soi-disant contrôlée par le pouvoir en place, ne reflète pas le véritable état d’esprit des “pauvres français brimés par leur gouvernement tyrannique.”

Les membres de l’ONU, menés par les États-Unis, garderont donc (volontairement) les yeux et les oreilles fermés. Le résultat escompté étant bien trop alléchant, tant pis pour les “dommages collatéraux”!

Mais quels seront les “dommages collatéraux” causés par cette intervention onusienne qui se muera bien vite en guerre?

Nos monuments millénaires, nos hôpitaux, nos écoles, nos habitations seront ravagés par leurs frappes “chirurgicales”! Nos militaires, considérés comme les ennemis à abattre, seront décimés! Et des centaines de civils mourront!

Comment réagirons-nous quand les “dommages collatéraux” seront nos enfants, nos mères, nos pères, nos frères, nos sœurs ou nos amis?

Et tout cela pour “nous sauver” en mettant à la tête de l’État un illuminé dirigé en sous-main par les américains!

Que restera-t-il de notre France dévastée lorsque l’OTAN aura “gagné”? Quand notre Président, qui aura tenté de défendre son pays, sera jugé pour crime contre l’humanité par un parterre de juges qui n’aura même pas pris la peine de venir constater ce qui se passait réellement en France au début du conflit, et qui ne se fiera qu’à des ouï-dire pour établir son verdict?

Les rares ressources qui nous permettraient de reconstruire notre pays seront pillées par les américains qui resteront sur place pour “contrôler le bon état de marche de la France”!

Sans compter que la Bretagne aura obtenu son indépendance et que l’illuminé à la tête du gouvernement risquera bien d’accorder leur indépendance à toutes les autres régions qui en exprimeront le désir; sans se demander si cette envie est partagée par la majorité des habitants des régions concernées!

Il ne restera plus que les américains pour se réjouir de l’état déplorable dans lequel se trouvera la France d’après-guerre. Pourvu qu’eux profitent de nos richesses et qu’ils demeurent la première puissance militaire mondiale capable d’imposer ses volontés à la Terre entière ad vitam!

Voilà à peu près ce que pourrait être l’équivalent français du cas libyen…

Quelles que soient les “atrocités” commises par Kadhafi, vues à travers le prisme de “notre belle morale occidentale”, sommes-nous bien sûrs que la majorité des libyens souhaitent son départ? Sommes-nous bien certains de connaître tous les tenants et les aboutissants de cette “révolution libyenne”? Avons-nous pleinement conscience des malheurs qui vont frapper les libyens pendant et après cette guerre?

Une fois de plus, l’Occident a montré son éternelle arrogance, en imposant par la force ses volontés à un pays africain souverain!

Il ne faudra pas s’étonner qu’à force de brimades et d’insultes répétées, les pays “du sud” finissent un jour par se révolter pour de bon et par nous faire ravaler notre vanité mal placée!

N’oublions pas, par ailleurs, qu’il a fallu près de 2000 ans à notre pays pour devenir ce qu’il est aujourd’hui. La Savoie n’a été rattachée à la France qu’en 1860!

Nous n’avons même plus conscience du nombre de rébellions que nos rois ont dû réprimer dans le sang pour générer et maintenir une “unité française”. Toutes ces révoltes se résolvaient après de longs combats armés: épées contre épées, et canons contre canons. Combien d’hommes sont morts alors?

On peut, bien sûr, se remémorer aujourd’hui ces conflits sanglants avec horreur; ils étaient néanmoins nécessaires à la stabilité de notre pays.

Pourtant, si des nations étrangères avaient bombardé notre pays toutes les fois où nos rois ont dû résoudre ce genre de problèmes, la France que nous connaissons aujourd’hui n’existerait tout simplement pas. Il n’y aurait à la place qu’un agglomérat de régions indépendantes les unes des autres, avec des individus hagards sans langue et sans histoire communes.

Ne serait-il pas équitable de laisser à la Libye, qui n’a obtenu son indépendance qu’en 1951, le temps de se stabiliser comme tout autre pays? Comment croire que ce pays ait pu accomplir en seulement 60 ans, ce que nous avons mis près de 2 millénaires à réaliser?

Le conflit actuel reflète bien la fragilité de la Libye, malgré l’effort de Kadhafi qui, en 42 ans de pouvoir, a tout fait pour unifier son pays. À présent, il se heurte à une rébellion armée qui va grandement ruiner ses efforts, d’autant plus que nous l’avons volontairement empêché d’étouffer ce soulèvement dans l’œuf.

Il ne faut pas se leurrer, nos bombes tueront bien plus de civils que Kadhafi qui se défendait contre des rebelles armés! Si nous n’étions pas intervenus, ce conflit serait sans doute déjà fini depuis longtemps et les libyens n’auraient pas eu à compter autant de morts et d’infrastructures détruites.

Au bout du compte, la société tribale libyenne, que Kadhafi avait tant bien que mal tenté d’unifier, se déchirera pendant de nombreuses années. Le risque majeur étant son implosion pure et simple, à l’image du Soudan. Lorsque la Libye sera séparée en 2 ou 3 états, les libyens auront tout perdu. Les occidentaux à l’origine de cette abomination, quant à eux, se frotteront les mains; puisque la seule chose qui les intéresse est le contrôle de la Cyrénaïque, région de l’est de la Libye la plus pétrolifère du pays. Et tant pis pour la population libyenne!

L’expression “diviser pour mieux régner” est en train de prendre tout son sens en Libye.

Source : Le cas de la Libye transposé à la France

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  • 14 July, 2012

    Syria: bloody bandits and western lies, what’s really going on

    Everything you’ve heard about Syria is a lie says Ankhar Kochneva, a Russian journalist who has seen first hand the realities of the Syrian civil war. Kochneva told RT she has proof a Western invasion of Syria will be launched by summer’s end.

    ­RT: While visiting Turkish camps for Syrian refugees, I was told that the Syrian army was shooting at them.

    Ankhar Kochneva: There are a large number of videos from those camps showing people walking upright, not ducking down even though you can hear shooting. The options are that either the sound was added to the video later, or that people knew that they were only shooting in the air without any intention of actually hitting them.

    The Syrian army has no reason to shoot up these camps, as Syria is doing its utmost to ensure these people return home. And in fact they are doing just that if you go by the official Syrian data; 16,500 people have returned. Meanwhile, Turkey and the Syrian opposition are strongly interested in having those camps. If it weren’t for these camps, who would believe in the regime’s atrocities described by the opposition?

    By the way, many of these camp residents had to flee due to the atrocities committed by bandits. For instance, in the city of Jisr ash-Shugur on the border with Turkey, 120 policemen and a large number of peaceful civilians were murdered in a deadly incident last summer.

    All Syrians have a large number of family members who live across the entire country in large, spacious houses. When they have troubles at home, they go stay with their relatives rather than in camps in strange countries. The bandits, however, blocked all the roads except for the ones leading to Turkey. People found themselves caught in a trap, just like Israelis shooed Palestinians off their land by building them a ‘corridor’ to Jordan.

    RT: Where will refugees resettle within Syria, as only 20 thousand of them went to Turkey and there’re many more of those?

    AK: The majority of refugees mainly stay with their relatives or rent apartments. It’s very difficult to find an apartment in Damascus, Tartus or Latakia. For instance, in Homs, the previous school year was disrupted as people had to move to areas where their children could go to school. We see that people run to the government, rather than from the government, for protection. Getting these people to settle is a huge burden for the state treasury as they have to establish new schools, to provide food, healthcare, and so on for hundreds of people. And this is what the government is doing. There are a large number of volunteers who work for free helping people resolve their problems as they get settled.

    People are returning to Homs, to areas that have been cleared of bandits. The army guards their homes. I have pictures showing soldiers in one of the streets taking pot flowers out of houses and placing them outside so that they can water them until the locals return home. None of them had any idea that some journalists would show up – we appeared totally out of the blue.

    RT: Why do you keep calling people fighting against the Syrian government bandits?

    AK: Because I have seen what they do to the kidnapped people. I have been to the torture chambers; I have met mothers who saw their children die. The whole country loathes them as bandits. There is nothing worse than being loathed by your own nation. They killed a mufti’s son, they kill Christian priests, and they kidnap and torture children. A few days ago they killed two elder brothers of a five-year-old boy to take vengeance on him for reciting poems at rallies to support Syria. They massacred the whole family of an MP. I have been to homes turned into bandit hideouts. I have seen empty liquor bottles; how does it square with Islam? I have been to churches destroyed by bandits in Homs. I have been under their fire, with grenades dropping right next to me. I have been targeted by snipers who could perfectly see I am a woman, not a soldier. In the bustling street where I lived, near the marketplace, they blew up a few cars. Why blow up civilians shopping for food?

    RT: The opposition and the insurgents have sought to assure me that this is all the doing of criminals released and hired by the Syrian government. The insurgents also claimed it was the Syrian government that staged explosions in public places.

    AK: This theory is ridiculous. The government has announced nine amnesties for criminals and opposition activists never implicated in any murders. Yet now the government is blamed for these amnesties! Let me remind you that the bandits would first set court archives on fire with files of criminal cases and smuggling. A few terrorist attacks targeted buildings that stored the intelligence and police archives. For example, on December 23, 2011, suicide bombers set the intelligence archives ablaze before blowing themselves up in a car.

    RT: Are the escape of the Syrian pilot to Jordan and the Turkish aircraft incident related?

    AK: When the aircraft got hijacked on July 21, I was in Beirut, at the Al Mayadin TV channel which was headed by Ghassan Bin Jiddu, the former chief of Al Jazeera’s bureau in Libya. He was the one who caused a scandal by quitting the channel due to lies that the channel had been broadcasting for the last year and a half. On that day, this channel was the first to report the jet hijacking in Jordan. The first question was, how quickly Jordan would return the plane, which it was obliged to do according to the international laws. It wasn’t as much about the aircraft itself, but rather about the friend/foe enciphering system. According to military experts, it takes about a week to decipher it. The fact that the aircraft wasn’t returned immediately gives a reason to doubt Jordan’s neutrality. There are reasons to suggest that the incident was thoroughly staged. On 23rd June, a Turkish reconnaissance aircraft flying at an extremely low altitude intruded into Syria. Some experts believe that by then, Jordan could’ve deciphered the codes, and that Turkey made an attempt to use them.

    RT: Turkey denies its plane was flying over Syrian territory. What do they say in Syria?

    AK: The aircraft was flying at an altitude of 1,000 meters. It deliberately performed several circles over neutral waters and land. It was then shot down with a weapon of a range not exceeding 3,000 meters. A machine gun was used, rather than a missile launcher, as the world’s media insist. Immediately Syria proposed establishing a bilateral commission for investigating this incident. But Turkey refused doing it. And now, the latter has been declaring that it was Syria that didn’t want to do it. It gets even funnier than that: Turkey says that it will not let Syrian provocations go unanswered. They are bringing a large number of armored vehicles to their border, even though provocations, arms smuggling and militants infiltration are happening on the part of Turkey, with the consent of the Turkish government.

    RT: Reports say that Burhan Ghalioun, a Syrian opposition leader, has sneaked into Syria and there are already areas in Latakia and Homs beyond the control of Damascus.

    AK: The Benghazi scenario is impossible in Syria. So in order to justify a possible intervention, they spread sensational yet false information. It is only recently that the media have stopped huffing and puffing over the takeover of an air defense base in Al-Rastan. A video even claimed the missiles would target the presidential palace in Damascus. The next day I was in Homs, which is within a distance of some 10 km from Al-Rastan. When asked about the seized base, the officers joked and treated me to tea, while the province governor was holding a conference to restore the affected regions and provide aid to citizens. If the information on the seized base and weapons were true, they would only be concerned about the air defense base rather than compensations for destroyed homes. This is copybook deception. When you hear that the presidential palace is under fire, you will believe it, because you have already been brainwashed that there are enough weapons to open fire. They used the same method of preemptive lies in January. First they said that hostilities were rife in the center of Damascus when there were none, next they doctored rumors of the president’s allegedly fugitive family.

    When it comes to control over territory, please bear in mind that “territory” in Homs amounts to three districts cordoned off by the army. There are indeed up to 10,000 bandits inside, military experts say. The army has stayed out of the districts and refrained from combat operations at the UN’s behest. In Homs, the insurgents have been keeping a living shield of around 2,000 civilians, including women and children. Many need urgent medical aid. Some badly need dialysis; others suffer from diabetes, while more have no disinfectant for their wounds. The UN and the Elders are negotiating their evacuation, but it would be out of synch with the insurgents’ intents. Here is yet another example of how the army is trying to avoid victims; otherwise they would have eliminated this hornet’s nest long ago.
    But when the insurgents start provoking the soldiers and barraging the surrounding quarters, the military has to react. The government suggested opening six humanitarian corridors and getting the people out on the Red Cross vehicles, but the insurgents have no intention of releasing them, as they would like to walk out with the civilians. Latakia is under total government control. The forested mountains harbor militant groups who attack towns and leave bombs in the streets, which have recently killed two teenagers.

    RT: Is it true that generals, officers and whole army units have changed sides and join the rebels?

    AK: This is a lie. All the military I know sneer at these messages. Naturally, they’ve intimidated some people into doing that and paid others. They made other people choose between an officer’s honor and familial honor, but 90 per cent of videos that feature desertion cases show soldiers abducted by bandits. They read a text someone else wrote.

    I will never forget a military pilot with his hands bound and two dozen insurgents behind his back. If they bound his hands, it means he fought to the utmost. They kidnap soldiers from their homes; they attack their cars and capture the passengers. Sometimes bandits would stop a regular bus and take the military hostage. First they make the soldiers claim they are deserters, next they torture them, and finally kill and play them off as victims of the army. Kidnapping people is a major business of the so-called revolutionaries. Lately, they have kidnapped 12 Lebanese pilgrims on their way home and two Iranian drivers on the same day.

    The opposition claims that the people do not support the government, even though it has to use mercenaries from Iran and Hezbollah. They claim that there are 15,000 soldiers in Syria, but so far the opposition has only been able to show the world a video with five Iranian electricians. They must have killed the sixth one to intimidate the rest. Wait and see when they show us “Iranian mercenaries” and twelve “Hezbollah mercenaries”, they have to make use of the kidnapped people after all! I have seen what they do to the military captives. This is the price they pay for having chosen this job. The military are one of the main targets for attacks. They can be killed for wearing a military uniform. So why flop over to those who can kill for wearing a uniform?

    RT: Does Damascus still have the situation under control?

    AK: Due to the commitment to suspend fire, the army has slowed down slightly.

    But if necessary, all areas can be quickly brought under control again. The bandits “supervise” the places from which the army has been withdrawn upon the order of the United Nations. So, these territories were not occupied by military operations. They can’t and they don’t know how to fight the army. I have information that a military invasion of Western forces into Syria is expected to take place in August-September. But there’s hardly any reason for justifying such invasion. They’ve searched for this reason for the whole year. But they didn’t give any information about the exact deadline. Now it’s done – and we should expect new provocations and new information during the time that is left. If the world believes this, it will empower the aggressor.

    RT: What kind of information regarding this decision is there? What is the reaction to it in Syria?

    AK: I’m not going to reveal my sources. I have no doubt about their reliability. In Syria there’s no panic or certitude about such an attack. People in Yugoslavia, Libya and Iraq didn’t believe in the possibility of such invasion until recently. One of the indirect pieces of evidence regarding the information I have is the widely spread news that Russia and China allegedly agreed to remove Assad. This is as much a lie as all the trash that the media sells to its audience.

    RT: Who takes part in pressurizing Syria and how is it done?

    AK: Iraq, especially in light of the fact that about 2 million of its citizens live in Syria, supports it, in particular, by helping combat smuggling. Lebanon helps the struggle against smugglers, but Saad Hariri’s Mustaqbal movement is one of the major stakeholders in the anti-Syrian campaign. This person finances the militants, supplies them with weapons and manpower. His media empire leads the information war against Syria. We’ve recently witnessed the turmoil in Beirut. Hariri’s people tried to pull the forces from the border by inciting the riot in the capital as the army almost overtook the smugglers. As for Jordan, its state can’t be envied. On the one hand, the country is much dependent on its relationship with Syria – economically, in food supplies and transit, but, on the other hand, if Jordan isn’t much of a compliant ally of the USA an NATO, the King isn’t likely to save his power during the “Islamic awakening”.

    Civil war and instability in Syria are very profitable for Israel. Apart from this situation, nobody raises the issue of returning the Golan Heights and Jerusalem. The specific characteristic of Israeli mass media is making up sensational news. As for Qatar, one could speak for ages about this nano-aggressor: they provide weapons and money supplies in an attempt to solve their own internal problems.

    Source: ‘Bloody bandits and Western lies: What’s really going on in Syria’

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