Toulouse shootings: Merah, a mind controlled double agent? “The services recruit guys like him.”


Merah, a double agent?

“The services recruit guys like him.”

The ruthless killer Mohammed Merah has become a veritable plethora of mysteries. Open horizons initially was unthinkable, the Toulouse newspaper La Depeche du Midi, Alain Hamon, who specializes in police matters and terrorism: “A former director of services told me that this story is very significant of the new working methods of the DCRI (the services after the reorganization by President Nicolas Sarkozy, who are under the Ministry of Interior). At the time of DCRG (before the reform), I said, we tried to recruit among our Mohammed Merah as a boy, so that it becomes an infiltrated Islamist organizations.”
Everything in the profile of the killer who wanted to cripple France, according to the expert, helps to draw the perfect picture of the “double agent”.

Unaxe note: the service recently created after the merger of French secret and intelligence services DST and RG is called DCRI. Here is what had to say the French Minister of the Interior in its press release « DCRI tries to be a “FBI a la française” in term of intelligence » (source). Spooks!

THE CRIMINAL CRIMINAL’S RECORD AS A TOOL OF BLACKMAIL. A criminal record already dirty from the very young, that would have tied inseparably to the French authorities: “The fact that it was known that he had earlier with the justice and police, made him even the fittest. ” The former head of services, said the expert, said: “The former owner of the services explained to me that the person would have to decide: either they decided to collaborate with the police, or would be guarded constantly. According to him – said Hamon – the services have recruited dozens of young people who were in conditions of Mohammed Merah. Practically, this is what the DCRI has been lost with a guy like that. “

A MYSTERY, A LOT OF QUESTIONS. The anonymous former head of trust, perhaps a message to Hamon to understand something that is not to say openly? What was the real role Merah? How could a penniless boy, and still a teenager in the files of police, to have amassed that arsenal of weapons at home?
And, not least because after waiting 32 hours to take him alive if they are missed by shooting with at least 20 shots, according to preliminary autopsy results, two of them fatal – a head and an abdomen – instead of join him in the leg, one arm, and capture him alive without having had surrendered?
VIOLENT PRISONER? Opinions differ. A second area concerns the mystery of several stays in prison Merah petty criminal, who – according to a news went almost unnoticed in the newspapers but given officially by the French prosecutor Francois Molins – had shown “violent attitude with their classmates’ in addition to having attempted suicide. The journalists of the weekly magazine Marianne, who went to inquire into prisons where they have been the killer, repeating the same refrain: Anonymous Merah was a prisoner, any one who has never been pointed out, neither in good nor bad, not has ever come forward to the tasks that facilitated life but has always viewed the discipline.

MISSING FROM THE DOSSIER INDEX Merah. As for the alleged “indoctrination” that would have occurred in prison, no one knows anything about the boy made his walk then locked himself in his cell, almost always alone. The guards say they do not read religious books, that his cell was searched and his email constantly monitored and there was nothing to report “quiet behavior,” the judgment of prison guards, in the absence of his dossier, disappeared Register on the last 15 days since he became a fugitive. The mystery of his sudden shock to radical Islam and the drift towards terrorism, therefore, should not be tried in the prison walls, but outside.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Translation: Google

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