There’s a little bit of Israel in all of us. Come find the Israel in you. ISRAEL

You shall live in peace through the ages only if you love you neighbour.

I almost puke my guts when I saw this ad.

Israel was founded by Illuminati to bring havoc into Middle East. Ashkenazi Jews (often Yiddish speaking people), which have no “racial” or blood bonds to what was used to be called the Jewish people in ancient times, constitute an overwhelming majority of the people of Jewish creed. As they are white their leaders have made sure brownish Sephardi Jews or black Beta Israel Jews are treated the worst (exterminated as many as possible).

Ultimately it is thought the Illuminati plan is to sacrifice Israel/Jewish people on the altar of Satan (the religion on the Illuminati). Don’t you wonder why people like big TV Evangelists and the Bush family, that are known Satanist worshipers (rapists, child rapists, mind controllers, high rank drug dealers, etc) are received like the kings of Babylon by Israel leaders?
Beware Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, etc, as these rigorous confessions are led by heads whom relate to the obscure forces of the univers. No wonder why these religions tell you what should be your spirituality, how women should be badly treated, how you should always fear God, etc.
You won’t find any luck with New Age movement, the Mormons, Sientology and other sects either. Stay away from Freemasonry too. As doing otherwise will only make you a slave of negative forces.
If you investigate you will find this reality.

Now, knowing it’s up to you not to follow religious leaders who want your misforture, but your money, listen to the higher and positive vibrations of spirituality. It’s not bad evolving in a religion but do not follow blindly scriptures and words; rather respect and love people, and pass the message on.

Read more about Israel barbaric acts sponsored by the US, the UK, France, etc:

Have a taste of zionism:


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