RTÉ television & radio licence scam


RTÉ, the national money-hungry broadcaster of the Republic of Ireland

There is no obligation to pay the RTÉ television and radio licence in the Republic of Ireland.

The Broadcasting Act 2009 is not a law.
It is a stature: given the force of the law by the consent of the governed.

When was the last time you were asked for your consent to this protection racket?

The television and radio licence is essentially a legalised protection racket: “Pay us for your own TV or we will have you locked up”.

RTÉ have been lying to you for years to their own financial benefit.

Using An Post as their personal debt collectors and using Gardaí and Commercial Courts to enforce their demands.

Under the law: Failure to differentiate between STATUE & LAW is gross negligence and gross negligence is equivalent to fraud.

Legal and lawful are not the same thing.

(transcript of the begining of the following clip, with some alterations)

RTE (Irish) Television Licence scam


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