FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders

Demonic souls

Should you challenge zionists on the fact the State of Israel is no more than a fascist satanist theocracy (not so far from a mix of nazi Germany and soviet Russia – both set up by the Illuminati) f(o)unded by the like of the Rothschild dynasty (amongst others) and the European & US tax money, you will be told that you are a nazi!
This is typical of the modern bullying used by the Illuminati and the masses of scums under their heels in the “non-profit” organisations and media.

Why this non-anti-jewish but anti-zionist introduction?

On Thursday 10th, November (or was it the day before?) in The Alex Jones Show it was said that a late paper had reported about a decade ago that FEMA had ordered industrial incinerators. Why this choice over cheaper shredders? Oh, perhaps they don’t only want to burn secret documents?
So, this hit not only my curiosity but stimulated my willingness to write up about the proven FEMA concentration camps. See some footage here, or look up “Jesse Ventura FEMA camps” for an exposé from episode ‘Police State’ in Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, denied by the establishment.

Of course we didn’t and won’t hear from the zionist’s media arm how what has been being built is horrible and how much it resembles nazi’s camps.

FEMA concentration camps

FEMA concentration camps

I came across an interesting piece of document about the FEMA concentration camps at this address: http://www.apfn.org/apfn/camps1.htm. It’s all about the gradual expansion of powers, while gradually dumbing down the population over decades.
This will not come to your amazement when you know the US constitution is suspended and that the USA is not a country but a corportation – as a US citizen you are nothing more than owned by this Luciferic enterprise which trade you on the NYSE, you are a slave of the NWO. Hence the groping by TSAs, the VIPR teams, the border patrols hundreds of miles from the border and the army’s checkpoints on the motorways – no laws apply but those of the supreme ruler Satan.

Rewinding a little bit History

It was not enough to have the best nazis working for the US and British governments following Operation Paperclip. When the iron curtain was finally removed in a timely fashion and grand show the Illuminati jumped on the occasion to hire former East European’s secret services members such as Yevgeni Primakov (KGB) and Markus Wolf (Stasi).
These men would be employed to bring their methods to the USA. To which aim? Draw your own conclusion…

East Germany Stasi Illuminati badge

East Germany Stasi Illuminati-Freemason badge

And what governments are the lead in the War of Terror againstst the people of Earth? Israel, the USA, the UK, France.
How weird they were the victorious counties or those who benefited from the end of the nazi’s 3rd Reich?
Why the Jewish people is always used against those investigating the ultimate conspiracy?


Ex-KGB and STASI Chiefs To Work Under Chertoff KGB and STASI reinforce Homeland Security

Ex-Stasi Spy Chief Markus Wolf Hired By Homeland Security?

What may interest you:

Synchronization and Integration of State and Federal Military Activities in the United States

Former Stasi Cryptographers Now Develop Technology for NATO

Besides, I found a similar article to mine: http://dutchpatriot.wordpress.com/extermination-camps/


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