New French Law allows Police to Fire 7.62 War Bullet on People

7.62×51mm NATO war bullets

7.62×51mm NATO war bullets

By passing quietly decree no. 2011-795 dated 30th June 2011 “French” president Nicolas Sarkozy, prime minister François Fillon, minister of the interior / home affairs Claude Guéant and minister of defence Gérard Longuet, have legally equipped French police forces to fire 7,62 × 51 mm OTAN war bullets on to its own(ed) population.

This new law will legally protect the government, administration and suppression forces in the case they decide deliberately to wound or kill people in coming demonstrations or on crackdowns, for instance, should any lower  class citizen try later to bring these before the “justice”.

This now apply as standard law and of course is the first and only step that I know of before implementation of martial law should sever unrest occurs.

In the light of recent events in Greece and Spain, were repression forces attacked the population we can expect the worst in the next few years.

France is, too, slipping into tyranny.

En application du V de l’article R. 431-3 du code pénal, outre les armes à feu prévues à l’article précédent, est susceptible d’être utilisée pour le maintien de l’ordre public, à titre de riposte en cas d’ouverture du feu sur les représentants de la force publique, celle mentionnée ci-après :

Fusil à répétition de précision de calibre 7,62 × 51 mm et ses munitions



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