Republic of Ireland to exist Euro soon! / La Republique d’Irlande sur le point de sortir de l’Euro

Update: unfortunately it was a false rumour.


End of the Euro and a Return to National Currencies Imminent? Watch This Space!

By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

On July 1st The Sovereign Independent reported that the Irish Punt was being printed and that there was a distinct possibility that it would be reintroduced as Ireland’s national currency within 3 weeks.

Calls to the Central Bank at the time resulted in the usual ‘No Comment’ response

Information has now come our way that the Punt has been printed and that a political announcement is imminent within the next few days. This may perhaps take the form of a surprise Bank Holiday with banks closing for an extended period to facilitate such a move. If you need cash it might be a good idea to get a hold of it before this happens.

This ties in with further information we have from a Central Bank insider who has told us that the Euro will finally collapse within a few days; this weekend?

Again, we have phoned the Central Bank and been given the ‘No Comment’ brush off. If this was not happening it would be denied easily.

What this will mean for the members states of the deeply flawed and illegitimate European Union one can only surmise but it appears that we are in for a rollercoaster ride and further turmoil.

Perhaps this will work in our favour or perhaps there is another motive by the power elite?

Who knows but we better brace ourselves for serious problems ahead and just hope that we are perhaps seeing the beginning of the end for the international banking criminal cabal that has manipulated our
planet for centuries and that our politicians are simply reverting to national currency to save their own skins.

The collapse of the Euro, the beta test for a world currency, would mean no chance of such a currency in light of the failure in Europe without the people’s consent. That I will become a very hard sell for even the most brilliant of liars and fraudsters of the criminal banking cartel.

If they do make this move towards state produced currency it is hard to see how they could pay the supposed debts to the crooks in the IMF without some form of repercussions.

The IMF and World Bank would not take such a move lying down and would no doubt retaliate if this isn’t in their game-plan.

However, a return to national currencies would overnight solve all economic problems in nations who could then print sufficient amounts to cancel all austerity measures imposed by the IMF criminal
elite and allow governments to instigate economic activity by activating a program of infrastructure and development projects to get people back into full time employment and reduce the vast amounts of money paid out through the benefits system.

This is obviously rather simplistic but it’s a start.

This should not however prevent us from bringing to justice for the charge of treason amongst others, those who have colluded with the criminal banking cartel, not just in the present but in years gone by.

IF this is going to start a real revolution against economic and genocidal tyranny then we must bring to justice every single politician, bureaucrat and business person responsible.

Nothing short of a completely new system can replace the utterly corrupt one we have in place today.

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The end of the Euro is here! Maybe..To Be Confirmed..

Simon Murphy – Sovereign Independent

We have received information from a banking insider that the banks will be returning to the Punt in Ireland as well as all other nations in Europe to their respective currencies within the next 2-3 weeks. At this time we cannot confirm this but we have been trying to get more information.

Apparently the Irish mint have fired up the printing presses again and started preparing for the roll out of the Punt across Ireland, but to do this they will announce the closure of the banks for one week to allow for the change. The Euro will become worthless so any cash stuffed under mattresses (as if) would not be worth anything.

This insider has told us that they are stacking the Punt in a warehouse in the Sandyford Industrial Estate and they have been working flat out over the last few weeks in preparation.

This tends to add up when you consider that there is a grab for resources happening across Europe including Ireland and particularly Greece. If they are about to pull the rug from under the Euro wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have assets rather than worthless currency?

Personally if I was the IMF or European central bank and I had the fore knowledge that the Euro was about to be eradicated worldwide then it would make perfect sense (as a greedy heartless scumbag) to try and exchange my euro for some valuable assets like utility companies etc.

Again we cannot confirm this information but if there is anyone who has information related to this or other hot topics then please contact us. We promise anonymity for anyone who can provide us with information and more importantly, evidence.

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