World Crisis: it’s Time for Uprising! / Crise Mondiale : l’Heure du Soulèvement

Greece police violence against students 2011

Greece: police violence against students 2011

While the Republic of Ireland is sinking down the loo with the “new” government raiding private pension funds it seems that citizens are happy surfing on the wave of deceit.
Thus, the Holy Hell Empress Elizabeth II of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and CIA-banksters front man Barry “Barak Obama” Soetoro received a great deal of appraisal both from the media (that’s normal), but from the people too.  Right at the moment when these very same leaders are participating actively in destroying the human species – after all you have to understand that what The Agenda of the Illuminati is about – with financial terrorism, warfare, chemtrailing (not contrails), weather modification (look up for HAARP)…

Who’s reporting about the greatest civil nuclear catastrophe of all the times at Fukushima? No-one.

Who cares about people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, etc, being slaughtered by the New World Order Army? Nobody.

During that time some are fighting for survival, see these videos from a Spain and Greece.


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