Mobile phone: get cancer, get spied on


Did you know that every email, telephone and mobile call you make in the US and most of Europe, is tracked by BIG Brother and placed in numerous databases for who know what purpose? Yes that’s right, big brother is listening to you even when you make calls from a public phone booth and your own mobile phone.

Echelon is perhaps the most powerful intelligence gathering organization in the world. It spies on everyone’s telephone calls for the biggest brother of them all, Uncle Sam! (See Echelon Watch Organization for details.)

Even worse is America’s NSA, the National Security Agency. This is a top secret government agency based in a military base in Maryland USA. The NSA is so secret that even US Senators and Congressman know little or nothing about the NSA.

What you hopefully realize is that your government wants to spy on and track your every move and whereabouts, every call and financial transaction regardless where you are and at ant time! And you know something? There’s doing it. Hidden in all mobile phones sold in the USA and most of Western Europe, there is a little spy chip embedded inside. It’s called a “clipper chip” in the US and was first brought about by former President Bill Clinton long BEFORE 9/11/2001.

That spy chip has been inserted inside all mobile phones sold in the US and Europe under threat of severe financial consequence to the mobile manufactures. There can only be one purpose for those chips; they’re for tracking purposes and tracking purposes only. Big brother doesn’t like it when they can’t keep tabs on you.

All electronic and telephonic transmissions in the US (Europe isn’t far behind,) are listened in by the super secret governmental agency, the biggest brother of them all, the NSA (National Security Agency,) operating out of Fort Meade, Maryland USA. Every conceivable transmission is scanned searching for keywords. All this data is then stored in a huge database forever at Fort Meade. This is accomplished by one of the governments 300 super computers,” the fastest computers in the world.

In the event you are talking on your mobile phone and just by accident happen to mention one of their secret keywords, all the bells and whistles go off and a severe investigation into who it was that triggered the keyword search gets underway.

For instance; you could be discussing a recent terrorist attack somewhere and mention the word bomb. Bomb is certainly one of their secret keywords, though only government insiders know for sure.

That innocent mention of “bomb” in a normal mobile phone conversation could lead to very serious consequences for the caller or receiver of that mobile call.

“Do it yourself” anonymity – Enter The Freedom Phone™

The Freedom Phone™ is a totally anonymous mobile phone from a major and well known mobile phone manufacture. It is exactly like the models sold by this famous company in Europe and the US with one exception … there’s no tracking device!

You see this Freedom Phone™ is manufactured in Asia under very different rules and guidelines, and WITHOUT threat of punitive damages if they don’t comply by inserting the tracking device.

Former US President Bill Clinton started this mobile phone tracking device idea some years back. He tried to introduce the then called “clipper chip,” but fortunately (for a time,) the clipper chip met fierce opposition from the mobile manufactures, mainly because of the cost of the technology. Surprisingly there was little or no opposition to the chip from the general public.

Now US President Bush has taken this technology to a frightening new level.

Whenever any government discovers another way to spy on you, they’ll change the name of a previously failed program, amend this or that law, and surprise surprise; voila, there it is again, the clipper chip morphed into another name under a different law. 9/11 and George W. Bush were the catalyst for this and many other privacy stealing laws that has taken away your freedoms and civil liberties.

This GPS tracking device inserted into all mobile phones sold in Europe and the US costs a lot more to manufacture and install in the mobile phones for North American and European customers. So XXX Company is delighted when they can manufacture the near same product for less money and sell the mobile phones for the same price and make larger profits.

While there is a law that says US manufactures MUST sell mobile phones in the US with the GPS tracking device, there is no law that says you HAVE TO purchase a mobile phone in the US. The Freedom Phone™ isn’t sold in the US or Europe. The Freedom Phone™ is sold OUTSIDE the US without the spy chip. Therefore no laws are broken if you acquire it elsewhere and use it in the U.S., Europe or anywhere for that matter.

Hello loophole, goodbye snooping!


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